Sunday, June 1, 2008

Wasted Day

I wasted a perfectly beautiful day. As I get closer to my Friday which is tomorrow, I get more and more worn down. It gets harder for me to get up and to stay awake in the afternoon. After J told me that Miss Peanut Butter had slept in to 9:30 I know there was no way this girl was napping. When I got home from work she had managed to destroy the living room again. I really need to get working on making the porch a playroom. I tried to lay her down, but it wasn't happening. I laid down in her room and just didn't want to deal with anything. J sent her back up and she came over and tried to open my eyes by pulling on my eyelashes. J came up and sat with us trying to get her to lay down which she must have since I fell asleep and when I woke up over 2hrs later she was napping and the boys were gone. What a wasted afternoon. We did walk on over to the park this evening, but she managed to stink up her pants and I forgot to bring reinforcements so we had to head home a little early. We passed by this house that is up for sale. It had just been completely gutted on the inside because the previous owner had and indoor swimming pool and was away in florida or somewhere warm when the husband died and she decided not to return home, so place was completely covered in mold. I looked it up online and I had to laugh when it said a well cared for home. Ha, maybe for the last 3 mos since it has been completely redone.


Zoe said...

i pretty much wasted my day for clothes for the boys...with the boys.

Tranny Head said...

That reminds me of those Carmax commercials where people say "This car is HOT!!!!!" and you see the shot of the car burning up in a fire.