Thursday, March 26, 2009

PhotoStory Friday: Kicking and Screaming

PhotoStory Friday
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This is Miss Peanut Butter at the start of a scream fest. I lose every last ounce of patience when these episodes start. There are days I think I act as bad as she does and there are days I really try to get to the bottom of things. Some days I scream as loud as she does and kick myself for doing so. Some days, I try and have her sit on my lap as I hug her and try to get her to talk and tell me what is wrong. Some days, I have to put her in another room upstairs because I cannot take it. Some days I sit and rock with her. I wish the good days out weighed the bad. I wish she could communicate better what she needs so I could communicate better with her. I wish there were some days when I didn't deserve a timeout myself. I really wish we didn't do this every day.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our CoSleeping Issues

I am having huge issues getting Peanut Butter to sleep in her own bed, well just to fall asleep in general. When it starts to bother J it becomes a huge issue. I had always said no child of mine is going to sleep in my bed, but co-sleeping started out so innocently. I'd bring her to bed now and then because I get up for work at 4:30am and listening to the crying down the hall would not let me sleep, I no longer have this issue. She was then a great sleeper from about age 1 until we took her out of the crib. Then she would come in our room in the middle of the night and crawl up in our bed. Fine, I can deal with that for the most part. Some nights I'd even take her back to bed after she fell asleep. But now we cannot get her to stay in her bed. I have tried the door knob thingys and I dont' feel comfortable putting a lock on the door per se. I know other who have, but I can't. I did get her to stay and fall asleep in her bed last night, but around 4ish, she climbed in. She already stays up until 9 so pushing a later bed time is not much of an option. If we didn't have a king sized bed, I don't know if J would have lasted this long. Though any infringement on J's 3/4ths of the bed is an issue. I do not know how for the life of me we ever slept in a queen.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

'til she's blue in the face

It was raining today, so I decided that rather than get my shopping done tomorrow when it is supposed to be half way decent out, I'd do it today. I forced The Boy along to wrangle Miss Peanut Butter, I am not yet ready to leave him with her for more than an hour or so. We did Trader Joe's, Noodles and CO., and Target. It all fell apart at Target. The Boy gave up on PB since there is a playstation to play there, so I end up spending a half an hour in the damn Easter aisle. I finally get her into the cart and go back for The Boy and tell him we are almost done and I am not coming back for him. He begrudgingly gave up the controller. He then decides that he is out of shampoo and soap. Since I care if I have to smell dirty teen boy smell, I get him some. I also found these cute as all get up sheets for PB. They even match her comforter colors so it was a bonus. She loves to do animal sounds, so I figured these were perfect. PB hit her nap breaking point and we hit the road home.

After Miss PB's nap something possessed her and she went into full tantrum mode for about a half an hour. She was screaming until she was blue in the face, yet had no idea why or at least a reason I could tell. She does this on almost a daily basis and it is usually after nap time. I would think she would wake up refreshed, but not so much. I cannot wait until this phase passes because it takes all of my being to even be in the same room when this is going on.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Big Shoes to Fill

Peanut Butter decided to try and wear Daddy's boots the other night. She is a goof; she had a heck of a time trying to walk in them.

I just finished the book Battle Royale it is supposed to be a YA(young adult) book, but I feel YA at heart and I tend to read quite a few books labeled YA. I find it humorous that many of the reviews talk about how violent it is. Maybe I am overexposed or knew going in reading a book about a battle to the end might have a little killing in it. I'm guessing the magna version with comic pictures may be more gratutious, but I read the original version. I also read about how great/violent/interesting the movie was and I actually sat and watched it in 10 minute segments on you tube. I thought it was pretty cheesey, a lot of fake blood, but nothing that would give me nightmares and I am not a horror fan. I'm a little worried that either the reviewers are sissies or I am going psycho.

I am almost done cruising through The Reader. Not my favorite and it falls in a subject I normally enjoy, WWII not Mrs. Robinson sex. But I will plow through the last few chapters to just finish it. I'd like to see the movie since I like Kate Winslet and she did win an Oscar.

I have a huge list of "to reads" on good reads, hopefully I can pick up a couple somewhere in the next couple days. I have to go through my stash and post some on paperback swap so I can get started on the fun over there.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Crazy Little Thing Called Blog

I am behind in reading everyone's blogs and I have been lacking the motivation to post anything on mine. I think Face has corrupted me in the sense I can post a sentence and be done with it.

I've been hard at it getting through a seven day stretch at work and finding time to enjoy the nice weather we have been having. Miss Peanut Butter isn't into riding in the stroller much anymore, she is insisting on walking which hampers my attempt to get exercise in walking to the library and such. The walking pace of a toddler doesn't break too many people into a sweat. We went to the park again yesterday. She made friends with a little Mexican boy she'd yell at him in English and he yell at her in Spanish, it was somewhat comical. They chased each other around the big bridge with slides. Things went well until he tried to push her down the big slide, which scared her. I decided it was time to go and Miss PB decided a full on tantrum should ensue. This basically forced me to run the whole way home, good for me, yet killed me and it wasn't all that far. We pull up to the driveway and she notices The Boy and his friend playing basketball and decides to be embarrassed about her tantrum and hide behind her jacket,I was just happy the screaming had ended. They played a little ball together, which must have totally wiped her out since she felt the need to nap at 5pm. She would not go to bed last night.

Tomorrow is Friday and I'm looking forward to my days off. I have nothing serious planned, just being off will be nice.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Still Alive

It was a beautiful day out today, almost 70 degrees out. I made the mistake of telling Peanut Butter we would go to the park after Momma changed, because in her head that meant, "Park, now!" and a huge meltdown occurred when we stopped at home after daycare. We did make it to the park and it was surprisingly pretty dry, a few puddles under most of the swings. Peanut Butter was a park pro. She did the slide like nobody's business. The was another family there and I swear they had 3 kids under 2. It seemed like the oldest might be 18 mos or so, then close to a year and a fairly new baby. I was in awe. I guess every 9-10 months. We came home and broke out the car and the basketball hoop. Her brother let her get into the dog poop soup in the back after I told him to get her out of there. I was trying to clean up the mess as best I could before it rains again. I cleaned her up, changed clothes and she was back in action. PB did not want to come inside for anything.

We are meeting with the speech peeps again tomorrow to see what type of route we want to take. Potty training picked up for 2 days when we went with the Dora potty chart downloaded from Nick Jr. But it has again sputtered and she wants a sticker for just walking in the bathroom.

J and I went out on Sat night for my birthday. We went for wings at the Lube, had ice cream from Ella's Deli, and saw Taken at the theater. I enjoyed it. Sadly my birthday kind of sucked. Up at 7 for basketball, PMSing, and I missed everyone's calls. PB was beyond ready for a nap by 2 and we laid down and skipped The Boy's last game. We then had to go to The Boy's mom's house for his birthday dinner, so it didn't really feel like a birthday.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Hits Just Keep on Coming

I had a wonderful time scrapbooking this weekend. It was a nice break from reality for a while. The ride home was horrendous. It poured most of the way home which in itself gets tiring, but I had to pick up The Boy in Whitewater on my way home and just at the time he needed to be picked up it started sleeting and then snowing and it took me over an hour and a half to drive 45 min worth of road. My Mom and brother were crazy enough to drive here to have dinner. It seemed to let up by the time we were done though.
Monday night we had Miss Peanut Butter's daycare progress update. She has been improving from the last time and seems to be adjusting to the potty there. I feel like a horrible mom since the next parent got, she knows all her colors, shapes, and potty training was a breeze wasn't it. Ugh, PB has completely given up potty training here. I can barely get her on at night before bed just to prolong bedtime. I'm glad there is some magic at daycare that keeps her interested there. I feel like a failure that she doesn't know that basic crap. I don't spend a lot of time doing that stuff. She doesn't have much interest in it when I do. She loves to do animals and food and I was at least happy to hear that the next day she was a wiz at naming the food things in group. They said she really got into it. That's my girl.
I got the wonderful news today that my biosies came back on the high end so they want to do the LEEP. I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to that. I guess it could be worse, I could have full blown cancer.
I also turn the big 3-5 this weekend, though that doesn't bother me too much. I just want a day in bed. But J has procured a sitter and we are going to do dinner and a movie Saturday night. Who Hoo.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

What I Accomplished this Weekend

For fair warning this post is of the scrapbook layouts from this weekend and a few that I hadn't posted yet.

I traveled to the fair city of Kankakee, IL, this weekend for Scrap for a Cure. A crop for diabetes. I scrapped and chatted for about 13 hours on Saturday. Here's what I accomplished:

I had finished one more, but need to cut out a title. I didn't want to go through setting up the cricut there for 2 letters so you'll have to wait to see that one. I thought I did pretty good, some freak completed 35 layout by 8pm, I don't know how she did it.

These are a few I have done over the last couple months. I get to play and hour or two here and there.

Friday, March 6, 2009

A Day Away

It is another beautiful day out. Peanut Butter caught something yesterday afternoon and coughed almost all night long. I gave her some benadryl around 1:30am hoping it would clear her nose up and it did. She felt the need to sleep in our bed making sure I was hugging her most of the night, while she proceeded to kick me and flail about like a crazy person. I got zero sleep. J was cranky just listening to the coughing. He drives me nuts that way, if any one is coughing or making some sort of noise, he gets pissy. He however doesn't care when he does it. Anyway, today I have been beyond cranky, PB has asked "Mommy?" a bizillion times, which is starting to drive me buggy, her nose is running nonstop, and I just want to get away. Then I made the mistake of stepping on the scale so I could weigh PB to see if she weighs enough for cough medicine. What the heck am I doing at the Y? Where did all that weight come from? I need to get off the sugar train. Monday, I get back to basics.
Why Monday? Why not today? Well, I am going to an all day scrapbooking crop tomorrow, which will be fueled by diet coke and copius amounts of sugary goodness. I am really loooking forward to getting away. I wasn't going to go, but I found a great deal on a hotel, and then some ladies asked if I wanted to stay with them. I was excited to save a little more money, but now I'm wishing I hadn't said anything and wonder if they would be offended if I got my own room. I would like one night of sleep by myself in a bed to myself. I want to channel surf all the informercials in the late night because I can. I won't have to watch MASH or whatever J picks or listen to him sigh over what programs I want to watch. Would it be wrong to just get my own room?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Modern Medicine and Mild March

I had my lovely colposcopy today, I was told to show up 15 min prior to my procedure for paperwork. It was one sheet of paper to bill my insurance. I then waited 25 min past my appointment time. I figured 8am was a no brainer first of the day in and out, yeah, not so much. The porcedure, I will just say it really sucked. The Dr took three biopsies and the results should be back on Tuesday or Wednesday. He said if they still turn up as high abnormality they will probably want to do a LEEP. This sounds like even more fun than what I went through today. UGH. After that torture I went to the eye doctor and wasted yet more time. Then I couldn't find a pair of glasses that I wanted, well ones that didn't cost over 100 dollars for just the frames. I hate trying to find a pair of glasses. My prescription changed in both eyes, I have been lucky and have had the same prescription for each eye. This meant one box would cover both eyes and I wouldn't have to remember right eye, left eye. I haven't had to in years, I am screwed.

But on the brightside, it was beautiful out. I decided to walk/run to pick up Peanut Butter from daycare. I always feel like such a dork pushing the empty stoller down there, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Peanut Butter decided she wanted to walk parts of the way which was fine, although I had had hopes to halfway run home and she wouldn't be strapped in. For someone that is as petrified of snow as PB is she loves the water. Splashing in the puddles, throwing rocks in the puddles. It took us quite a while to walk home, but she had a blast and her pants and shoes were soaked. We played out in the driveway for a while this afternoon running all over the place. I thought for sure she would drop for a nap after that. She did for like 15 min and now she is a whiney bear. Early bed time tonight I hope.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Speech Therapy and Irritations

We met with the speech therapist today. It seemed to go well. She said Peanut Butter is a little behind in somethings and adds in sounds as she is talking. She said she thinks PB is trying to talk to fast too. She is going to score everything and meet up again with the first evaluator to see how they want to proceed.
Tomorrow is my Friday; I have worked seven days in a row and haven't slept much during the night since PB seems to think she owns my side of the bed. At least last night she didn't come in until my alarm was going off, so I got a full night and she got the full side of the bed. I am still cranky and everything is getting on my nerves. I even warned the guy I'm working with tomorrow that sometimes on my Fridays after seven days I can be a real crank. Scarily he was happy about that. Unfortunately J is grating my nerves and is driving me crazy. I don't understand his rational sometimes. This weekend I am deciding whether or not to go to a scrapbooking crop in IL. I needed to find a decent cheap hotel, which I think I have found. The Boy is taking some friends to the Wilderness water park in Wisconsin Dells for his birthday. J said if you go to IL I'll take the girl to the waterpark, great! Well, not so much, The Boy's mom needed to know if I was going, because if I am not she wants to take her boyfriend. I said tell her to take him. He asked if I was going to IL, I said I wasn't sure, but just have her take him. He said well, if you don't go that defeats the purpose of me taking the girl to the Dells. I said you can still take her, you can spend a day with her. Urgh, why wouldn't he still take her and go, so I can still have my day.