Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thoughts for Thursday: A Complete Blank

I have nothing for you peeps but some rambling. I can't believe I cannot come up with a freaking thought to actually post about. I thought about talking about these scam artists and their fly by night mortgage companies and how they have put the housing market in the crapper, but I didn't want to just lay the blame on them. I thought about talking about how I'd take a murderer as a neighbor just about any day(exclusions are serial killers) over some of the other lawbreakers in society, but Kristi did one on neighbors and Helmet did thievin' bastards. I thought about talking about can't always getting what you want in the sense that it is beginning to be babypalooza, all these ladies getting pregnant and I want to join in, but know in my heart of hearts there is only going to be Peanut Butter. I got what I need and should be happy with that. I should have wrote about Guitar Hero, it seems to be all the rage. I'm not sure I get it, but when Lesle posted the following on her blog I had to laugh.


Helmet said...

I want them to make a game for slower people like me called blog hero. Now that would be awesome! Hey do radar detectors really work? Hehehe…sorry I had to… Not that I need one as I drive like my grandpa…its how I roll

Tranny Head said...

Man - I thought "Guitar Hero" was oging to suck - and then I tried it at a friend's house and "got it."

It's awesome.