Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekend Round Up

Friday night we spent some time being looky-loos. J is a looky-loo fanatic, he will follow police and fire engines all over. It seriously is crazy, he now lies and say he needs something and run out to find out what's going on. Anywho, the city is worried about these building's foundations giving away and falling in to the river. You can see on the lighter tan building the top is leaning in. They had someone in a bucket checking out the roof to see if that was caving in. All the businesses on this side of the street were closed and the power was cut of to them. On Saturday they were worried that the dam in a city over would breech and send all that water here, so they closed the whole downtown now. They are hoping the water will crest tomorrow, but we are expecting thunderstorms tonight.

Peanut Butter got her fair share of playing outside this weekend. She was on a tear. Unfortunately the park we usually play at was under water Friday and still pretty soaked on Saturday. It is so funny watching her run as fast as she can go with her little legs moving 100mph. She must think the jogging stroller is pretty comfy because when I pulled out our other one she cried and screamed and ran up to the jogger. Of course I gave in and took the jogger and to J's dismay I bought new nuks because all of them disappeared and I just cannot take the screaming. I am hoping she sleeps past 5:30am tomorrow morning; I would like to sleep in on at least one of my days off. Yesterday she fell back asleep when we laid in the recliner, but today I think her tummy was upset and she stayed up from 5:30. I changed 4 diapers in less than 2 hrs. We went out to breakfast for Father's Day. After we got home Peanut Butter and I napped from 11-2. It was a lazy day. I usually like to do that on my last day off, but we'll have to go shopping tomorrow. I am going to try and do it as fast as I can, since she will not sit in a cart for more than 5 min.

I did post my layouts too for you scrapbookers.


Motherhood for Dummies said...

oh well I hope she sleeps too... for everyone's sake. And oh my gosh, those scrapbooking pages are so cute

Michelle Leigh said...

Great LO's. You are a one pic wonder! I love doing one pic pages. They are nice! I have a scrapbooking retreat this weekend. I can't wait!