Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy Sunday

The 10 things I'm happy about this week are

  1. Not having to clean pee off the front of the toilet, since I don't have anyone can't aim in my house now.
  2. Gas prices are trickling down. 
  3. Finding cushions for my outdoor furniture.
  4. Hanging out with family on Saturday.
  5. Beautiful weather.
  6. Short Rib Ragu 
  7. White Cheddar Popcorn
  8. Running 4.6 miles
  9. A long weekend off with Peanut Butter
  10. Knowing I have a couple more days with PB.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Because I Can

It all started 2 or so years ago, I thought, I should start running. I would struggle doing a mile here and there. Last summer I got serious and started to try an actually log miles in hopes of losing some weight. It took most of the summer run/walking on the treadmill, but I was confident enough to run my first 5K. I kept at it plugging 3 to 3.5 miles 3-4 times a week. I ran another 5K and even got talked into doing a marathon relay in which I will have to run 5 miles. After I agreed to this my life drastically changed and I wondered if I was going to run enough to build up to 5 miles. My running has been sporadic this month of June, but I have now got back into a routine. I added some mileage on Sunday, got a shorter run in Tues. and today, I was still sore from doing Jackie Warner's DVD on Weds and hoped I could struggle through 3 miles. I got it in my head that I was just going to run and run and run. I was going to run until I couldn't. I went off my usual course after about  a mile and a half. I felt good. I ended up doing 4.56 miles. Had I know I was only a half a mile short I could have done another 5 blocks. I was very proud of myself, disappointed when I mapped it and it wasn't 5 miles, but I now know I can do it. I can run.
I may never run very fast, but I run and some days just keep running because I can.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

10 Days of You

So this little thing is going round the blogsphere, so I said what the hey. So today is 10 secrets about me. I don't know what most of my readers don't know about me, but I'll give it a go.

  1. I lived on a resort in the middle of nowhere in Northern Wisconsin from age 3-to 4th grade. I had the longest bus ride and sometimes the road I lived on wasn't plowed, so the bus wouldn't come get me. We lived on a lake and had cross country ski trails. Now a group of families from IL own the place as their summer getaway.
  2. I really miss playing softball. Maybe it was watching my former high school team play last week.
  3. I have lost 40 pounds in the past year. I would like to lose 20 more, but am semi happy where I am at.
  4. I like to go to rummage sales, but I am very picky and cheap.
  5. I think the Brits make brilliant TV shows. 
  6. Was disturbed when watching Social Network that Mark Zuckerburg reminded me of my brother. I love him, but he can come across like that.
  7. I am currently addicted to white cheddar popcorn and brownies.
  8. I realized when moving I have way too many books, but do you think I got rid of any, nope. I moved them all. I would say 40% of them I have read. I either keep them to trade on paperback swap, they are "classics," or they are ones I will or at least think I will read again. I did, however throw away about 100 or so magazines I was hanging on too. But still kept a bunch of those too.
  9. I love to snuggle with my Peanut Butter. I always thought people who co-slept with their kids were nuts, until it was 1 am and needed to be up at 4am. I see the downside of it also, breaking the habit is hard, very hard. I am using the bribe to be able to go to kindergarten you have to sleep in your own bed. 
  10. There are days at work I feel like the biggest failure, because I should be doing something career wise much better than what I am doing, yet I can't seem to get out.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Settling In

Things are settling in at the new Casa de Jelly, boxes are slowly stacking up in the basement and not scattered about the house. I even started setting up my scrapbook stuff tonight. Peanut Butter is making friends in the neighborhood. I live across the street from the lake, on a very quiet street. It is an interesting mix of duplexes on the one side of the road with what seems to be mostly retired/older folks, with the exception of us and PB's new friends, who I don't know how they fit 4 kids into one duplex. It doesn't look any bigger than ours and it is tight in here with the two of us. Along the lake side of the road are really nice houses that Peanut Butter occasionally points to and says we should get that house Mama. And I say when I win the lotto we can. 

Since it was outrageously expensive for me to have a four legged pet here, I had to leave the dog with J. I told PB as soon as we got things settled I'd get her a fish. I friend at work suggested a Beta since they are pretty low maintenance and are easily replace should one kick off. I am amazed this guy made it home alive.

We stopped for lunch after we bought him, he hung out on a chair while we ate, and she sloshed him around in Aldi's while I picked up the rest of our groceries. I set the tank up and let him go and amazingly he is still kicking. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Blog

I have decided to start another blog about picking up the pieces of getting divorced. I don't want to sully this one with the mess my life has become. I will continue to post here about Peanut Butter and our lives, but when I need to discuss the ugliness, the pain, and the awe. I will be on the other one. If you would like a link to my new one let me know and I will invite you, if you don't I hope you continue to keep up with us here.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Peanut Butter started T-Ball last week. It is a very humorous way to watch baseball. From experience there are stages of baseball. T-Ball is funny, the kids don't quite get what is going on, they get excited over little things, and by the end of the game most kids are playing in the dirt. Coach pitch and minor leagues are like watching paint dry, Majors there starts to be action and the kids are either into it and start to really want to win. After that it is all good in my opinion games get as action packed as baseball gets. I don't know if softball will be the same, because of course when you are playing it as a kid you have a whole other perspective than being a spectator. 

I'm really hoping my alma mater Hurley wins their game tomorrow night to put them in the semis for State and I happen to be off the day they would play in Madison and would be able to go watch. I went last year and it amazes me how different the game is played compared to baseball. I have my fingers crossed for a big win!

On another front, I am already the bad almost ex-wife. I completely forgot J's birthday yesterday. I even gave his d.o.b. over the phone for something and it didn't even phase me. It was my night with PB, and had I remembered I would have at least had her call and such. He said something today to PB about forgetting something yesterday and said it was his birthday. I felt horrible as much as I am mad at him at times, I don't want to deny him of PB's love on special days.

And on another front, I am starting to miss Direct TV. I haven't had it installed since I am not sure if I can afford it yet. I'm waiting to see how much my utilities are going to be here to see if it is in my budget. Seriously we have watched Sesame Streets "Let's Eat!" about 20 times in the last two days, PB now knows Cereal Girl( set to Material Girl) by heart now.  Today I am sure we watched the Blues Clues where Salt and Pepper have a baby, Cinnamon, about 15 times. As soon as it would end PB wanted it again. Oy Vey. And as soon as I get into an episode of Breaking Bad, I have to stop it and then figure out where I left off when I go back to it. And without fail PB woke up from her nap the other day just as Samantha was getting some in SITC2. I can't win.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Move

The second hardest part of my getting a divorce has been moving into my own place and having to deal with joint custody. I am still living out of boxes after almost a week, I have been slacking in my running and today it was very hard to leave my Peanut Butter at her Dad's. It is going to be an adjustment for me not having her underfoot whenever I am not working. I'm sure once I get settled and such it will be better. Right now, pretty darn hard. I am not looking forward to having someone else in "my" house with my daughter, it is weighing heavy on my mind. I know I can't control what I can't control, but I still have feelings.