Saturday, June 7, 2008

On the Storm Front

It is J Birthday today, we didn't do much, I took the family out for dinner and we had cake, which was divine. I know it must be horribly bad since I want to eat the whole half sheet.

Around 1pm today I hit my breaking point with the dog hair, Peanut Butter's toys strewn about the living room and I was past being ready for a nap. I laid PB down for her nap and surprisingly she only screamed for about 5 min. I feverishly pick up and vacuum while J keep asking what is wrong with me. What's wrong? I am a control freak on a mission, picking up all this crap every couple hours is driving more insane than the insanity of the messiness. The fact that no one else gives a damn that our house is in shambles, the dog won't stop shedding huge hunks of fur all over and no one but me will brush the hairball, and the excuse I get is this is how it will look 10 minutes after she gets up anyway, so why pick it up. After our huge blow up, I go lay down, then for some strange reason I go lay down in Peanut Butter's room. AHHH nap time.
J and The Boy come upstairs searching for me and start telling me I need to get up, I give them the shush, you'll wake up PB and they said no, can't you hear the sirens. I become aware that it is practically night time dark in the room that was blindingly sunny when I laid down. I brought PB downstairs and went out side for a gander. It had the weird clouds moving in all directions and soon the small swath of blue/green at the bottom of the sky in the photo was racing towards us and I thought it was beginning to hail. Normally I don't go to the basement, I like to watch and never think a tornado will hit us, but I decided we'd better go and j manages to get the darn dog down there too. J, the nervous nelly, who wanted us in the basement keeps running back and forth outside and in, up and down the stairs. We come up after all is clear carrying the 75 pound dog that scratched the hell out of my legs. Thankfully no tornado, but it will not stop raining, our basement is going to be full of water. Someone called in to the radio from about a block away who already had 6 inches in their basement this afternoon.


Michelle Leigh said...

Seriously Robyn, you and I would really get along. I am feeling the same way about the mess. I am so annoyed and slightly depressed about the endless amounts of cleaning I do, only to never really get anywhere. WHy do we even try? My dog is shedding too, wth?

Glad to hear no tornado. DId your basement get flooded? I hope not, that would suck!

Motherhood for Dummies said...

well thank goodness there was no tornado and a happy belated birthday to your sweetie

April said...

Oh my goodness, scary!! So glad you guys didn't get a tornado!