Saturday, February 28, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Peanut Butter had pajama day at daycare yesterday and now thinks everyday is pajama day. She would not change into regular clothes for J or the babysitter. J told me on she was still in her pjs when I called on my way home from work. She still was when I got home and didn't want to change for me either. She was up early today since J had to hold baseball registration for Little League. She tuckered out about 3:30 after a few attempts to sleep in the chair she passed out on the floor.

She had to be rousted up to eat dinner, which she was not happy about so she didn't eat. She did lose the cranky pants watching the photo screen saver on the computer. She like to yell out the names of the people in the photos. We still can't get her to say her name, she just says, "Me!" I have paid off a bit on the potty training. It was starting to frustrate the hell out of me and she wasn't going along. I ask her if she has to go and of she says no, I ask if she would like to try. I can't believe I let the Anon poster get to me.

We are going to try our hand at container gardening this year. I don't want to tear up part of the backyard to start one until I know this is something I want to invest more time and money into. A friend at work does it and is giving me some pointers and has been on my case to get my seedlings going. Tonight I planted some tomatoes, peppers, basil, and jalapenos. I might also plant some lettuce, some other herbs, and maybe cucumbers. I have seen a bush variety I might try.

Hopefully we'll have a little success and save some grocery money this summer. More we can spend in MN.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


We received a letter from the school asking us to discuss Austins behavior with him. Apparently he was walking on the back of a kids shoes and that kid retaliated by kneeing him in the tailbone. This type of middle school move has the name of Corn dogging. Have you ever heard anything so wacky. I have been laughing everytime it is said in the discussion about what happened. I am laughing just writing this,

Corn dogging. What all the cool kids are doing these days. Who knew?

Our dogs has started to be super agressive with the girl and her food. He is just taking it from her and she is starting to get really pissed. She grabs his collar, his fur, hits him, screams at him and just plain attacks him. I am afraid she is going to get bit. He almost bit me today when I was after him for taking her food. It isn't like he doesn't have a dish out. I'm hoping this doesn't get too out of control. But she still likes to give him treats.

Day 2 of potty training was a nightmare. She fought tooth and nail not to sit on the toilet. I had even stretched the time to an hour apart. I made the mistake of trying to finish something as it was approaching the hour mark and sure enough she peed her pants. Then after lunch she just plain would not sit on the toilet. I didn't want to force it too much. I put a pull up on over her underwear so we could go for a walk; it was gorgeous out. I tried to get her to go at the library, since she usually like to check out other bathrooms, but she wasn't falling for that one and peed her pants somewhere on our walk. She napped dry and had a meltdown after the nap, but went on the potty. She was pissed about it and screamed for an hour. It was fun here for a while. I'm about to take her up for a bath hopefully it will go ok.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Potty Boot Camp

We started hardcore potty training today. I am using the Potty Training Boot Camp method. Well a slightly modified version. She recommends taking the child to the potty every 10 min and sit for 5 min, until they go and then it is 20 min. I did every 30 min and 45 min if she went. Peanut Butter did underwear all day. This is a stack of her motivation.

She had an accident before the day really started. We went to the potty as soon as we got up and she didn't/wouldn't go. She watched me go from the corner and then peed in her p.j.s. We put the underwear on and timed from there. I ran off to the gym, came home, and she started talking potty when I walked in the door. I kept asking her if she had to go since I had no idea where we were on the timing since J was ignoring me while he talked on the phone. As I was asking her if she had to go she peed. The book says to have them clean it up, so she somewhat helped. It also says you are supposed to run them all over the house back and forth to the potty. I ran her up there and explained this is where she was supposed to pee. I gave rewards when she peed. She received an Ariel pez dispenser, Princess "crocs," she actually picked a YO Gabba Gabba shirt over play-dough, and Daddy made her eggs for breakfast. By 2pm she had it with the potty and she needed a nap. I had to pull out the big guns. I had to show her the collection of Princesses to get her to go. Then she wanted them all, she got Cinderella. After a small melt down she fell asleep.

I was a wee bit nervous since she only had the padded underwear on, but I did have on of those protector things on the chair. After she woke up, dry, we had yet another meltdown about the potty but she went. Culver's and Aurora was the bribe. I put a pull up over her underwear to go to Culvers another book recomendation, so they still feel the wet should they go. But she made it home dry.
She would not go when we got home. I began to prepare for an accident since it had been over an hour and #2 had not happened like it usually does in the afternoon. We played in her room for a while, then she got this look on her face, and I asked if she needed the potty and she nodded yes. She managed to do both in the toilet. I was so happy. I should have had her sit there a little longer because in my joy, as I was getting the Ariel out of the reward bag. She grunted and that pair of Dora underwear is now in the garbage. I know I can clean them out, but I can't.

We are about to get ready for bed, it is 8:50pm, and we are still dry. I consider it a pretty successfull day. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Snowy Saturday

It snowed like crazy today and we went to a basketball tournament in Cedarburg. The roads were crap this morning so we were a wee bit late for the 2nd game. There was only 4 min left when we walked in. We hadn't really expected them to win the 1st one at 8am so we were a little rushed when we heard they had to play at 10am.

Peanut Butter was in fine form until the last game. I made the mistake of getting her M&Ms when I know she just sucks the coloring off and spits the rest out, hence the orange drops on her shirt. I was a little upset since it was the first time she wore the shirt and I thought great it is ruined. But thankfully it came out in the wash.

The Boy played fairly well today.

We took a pit stop between games for lunch at Noodles and Company. We also stopped at Dick Sports to get Miss PB set for softball season. No, not really, but she thinks she is.

Peanut Butter wouldn't sit still for The Boy's last game which was very good, down to the wire, but they lost. J put PB on his shoulders which she enjoyed and kept still for a little while anyway.

What would a basketball tournament be without Popcorn!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

And Then There Were None

My Grandma passed away last night. I am happy that she is no longer suffering. I had decided that I should go visit, but didn't get the chance maybe it was supposed to be that way. My Grandma was a wonderful person, I will miss her a lot. She raised 7 kids and had tons of grandkids. I was lucky enough to be the first granddaughter and was the only one for quite a long time. I think we had a special bond in that. She would tell me all kinds of stories about growing up, my Dad as a kid, and everyday stuff. I loved the way her and my Grandpa would talk to each other he was all gruff and she was all funny. She told me a few stories about my Dad I'm sure he'd not want me to know, but I do. She seemed to be one that had a little spunk, yet was fairly proper in certain things. She loved the fact that J knew all about the places she grew up they would talk and talk about it. She was such a tiny thing, I sometimes wonder where the size came from in her kids. She liked to have her hair done, play the nickle slots, and watch baseball. Which reminds me, she got so mad at my dad for leaving his baseball cards laying around that she threw them in the incinerator. She had no idea what Mickey Mantle cards would go for these days. She always used to bring that story up. She felt so bad about it. And though it isn't the best habit, you could not take her from her cigarettes. She would pretend she was going to do something just to sneak a smoke. I thought it was funny, some of her kids not so much. But she was not going to have them make her quit. At her assisted living apartment they even posted signs to remind her she could not smoke in her room. I think it bugged the crap out of her. I always figured, hey, she's in her 80's let her smoke if she wants. She had a hard time when they took her car. She really could drive anymore, but I think it was something she enjoyed, just going for a drive. Well, that is a little bit about my Grandma. She was my last grandparent.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday Wonderings

I had a few things on my mind and decided to go with it.
My Grandma was moved to hospice care today. There is a good possibility she will not make it through the weekend. I am torn on whether or not to visit. I am thinking I probably should. It is just hard.
I am also deciding whether or not I should go to a scrapbooking crop in March. I had a lot of fun last year, but I would have to take 2 days off of work and spend around $200. Unless I find someone to room with before that. Anyone want to meet in Kankakee IL? It is for a good cause, who knows maybe the night before I'll just decide to go.
When will the girl want to use the potty. It is now almost a fight. I ordered Potty Training Boot Camp from Amazon. We'll see how that goes.
Why have so many of you have a colposcopy? I was shocked that so many had said they had one. Even a friend of mine.
I know know what is up with my weight other than it being up. I have been working out, but I seem to be on a feeding frenzy I don't know what the deal is. I have also been feeling nausea now and then. If it wasn't that time, I'd swear I was pregnant. I really need to get back to basics. I really need to drill that into my head.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Monday

Last Thursday Peanut Butter and I went to Target for some retail therapy. we didn't find any shoes or clothes, well none that were on sale, but Miss PB spotted this tackle box, while she doesn't realize it is supposed to hold lures and fishing equipment, she did notice it had the princesses on it. She puts her little princess figurines in the box and carries them around. After showing her many times how to latch the box, I think she has finally caught on. I took out the little tray, so it is basically just a carrying case right now. Some how we lost the huge flower magnifying glass in the store. It was kind of cool, but I wasn't heartbroken since it cost almost 15 dollars. I did splurge on Madagascar 2 with the Penguins, which has me a little irked since she some how got a big scratch in the DVD already. I now cannot complain about the scratched up DVDs at the library since I now know how it happens.
I got a bit of great news today too. My pap results have come back abnormal enough to get treated to a colposcopy. That sound like fun doesn't it. I also think I am losing my mind since I forgot to get a number of items at Wally World today including dropping off a prescription that I had to turn around and go back home for. You would think that making that effort to get the slip of paper would be reminder enough but no, I even walked right past the pharmacy counter and nothing registered in my brain.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Naps, Thinking, and Travel Plans

Miss Peanut Butter and I took a nice long nap this afternoon while the boys were at baseball. PB did not want to wake up, but it was almost 6:30 and I thought we should eat dinner. She seemed to think that was foolishness and screamed for 30 minutes begging to eat, yet not getting in her chair where the plate of food was sitting. She did eventually scarf down her plate, but it took bribing her with Meet the Robinsons' and sitting at her picnic table.

I am deciding whether or not to take a trip to see my grandmother. I am not sure what I want to do.

Minnesotans, we'll see you the end of August. Maybe, say, State Fair on the 27th. As of press time the Minneapolis area is where we will be spending at least 5 fun filled days.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Not So Good News

I got an email from my Dad letting my know that my Grandma is not doing very well at all. She has been pretty sick for quite awhile, but it seems she is nearing the end. We were going to see her on Christmas, but my uncle didn't think it would be a good idea. I honestly think he wants us to remember her how she was and not how she is. She has congestive heart failure and either dementia and/or Alzheimer's. My uncle said she probably wouldn't know who we were if we visited. I'm feeling bad about it and J is right in a way, that I don't want to remember her like that. J said he couldn't visit his Grandmother after awhile it was just too hard.

Here's to remembering when she could remember.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

PhotoStory Friday: Pizza Party

PhotoStory Friday
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Pizza Party

Miss Peanut Butter loves pizza. Nana found this great Melissa and Doug pizza party set for her. She is having a blast with it. She puts toppings on, she takes them off, she slices up the pizza and offers up a slice. It is a toy that actually keeps her pretty entertained for more than 10 minutes. The only bad thing is the pizza is now upstairs in her room, because she had to take up there to bake in her oven, and the toppings are downstairs. When I say downstairs I mean all over the downstairs. I find a pepperoni here, a mushroom there, and peppers where they just do not belong, there must be 100 topping pieces. I am going to have to gather them up and take them upstairs so they can be reunited with the pizza and have a party.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Work and Why it Sucks

I am more than happy to have my pretty recession proof job, but I'm going to whine about it a bit. We work on this schedule that is a PITA. We run our days off as such, work seven days, Tues, Weds off, work seven days, Thurs, Friday off work six days have Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon off(yay 4day weekend) work seven days, Tues, Weds off, and here comes the kicker, work 7, have Thurs off, work Friday, have Sat, Sun, Mon off. This going in for one day sucks. Thurs doesn't even seem like day off. A lot of people fill in this day with a vacation day or a holiday, so you essentially have a 5 day weekend, but since it is the beginning of the year and I have used a bit of leave time already I am forcing myself to work Friday. Peanut Butter is also scheduled for full day daycare since J has to work 1st shift too on Friday, so I can't even take the day without feeling guilty about J paying for the daycare. Normally it she is just scheduled for a half day and I get a little me time, but for some reason that extra $22 weighs on me and I can't do it. It is killing me.

I also worked the last two days in our hospital ward. I often feel guilty about working there, because I really don't have to do very much but watch the nursing staff work. But we have a guy that is just wasting away. I usually don't care to much and just look up what they did and that quells any sort of caring I did have. The bad thing about being incarcerated is that the State has to do everything in its power to keep you alive, unless you are the point you can make the sound descion to have a DNR and a power of attorney. If you should go a little off the deep end before these things happen well, we will strap you to the bed to force fluids into you, even if you are begging to die. Seeing a guy put his hands together asking you to please kill him can be a bit much sometimes, even if he tried to throw his ensure all over you that morning. I'm hoping he gets his wish before I work up there again next Friday, though I don't think he will make it the weekend.

That being said I'm going to spend the my day off, that doesn't feel like a day off, with Miss Peanut Butter tomorrow, stocking up the house with retail therapy at Target and Panera for lunch. Maybe a movie.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

25 Random Facts

Yes, I did this on facebook, but I thought it was funny how everyone doing the 25 facts on facebook made news. I think they did a segment on GMA about it, well one of those shows anyway. And since I have some readers that are not on face and I have been lacking in the post department, here it is.

1. I love to brush my teeth. I love the way they feel after brushing. I even enjoy getting them cleaned at the dentist. I wish I had never smoked so they wouldn't be stained, but I have noticed them getting slightly whiter. Thank you Jason whitening toothpaste.

2. I swore I would never dress my girl in pink. Fuchsia doesn't count as pink does it?

3. I wish I was more techno savvy. I, for the life of me, cannot figure out Photo Shop, HTML, how to make a blog banner or anything remotely creative on the computer. I am secretly craving inside to be and IT gal.

4. I had no idea what to expect when I started blogging. I have encountered some fabulous people.

5. I gained 50 pounds when I was pregnant. I lost that and 20 more in about a year and a half. I would like to lose more, but am stuck. I have even taken to running to try and helps this. Running can simply be hell, I can't run very far, yet I keep doing it.

6. I yell. I have a horrible temper and yell. I internalize, stew, and yell. I then yell and swear. It is the one thing I wish I could change about myself, yet it is the hardest to change.

7. I like to scrapbook. I wish I had more time for it. I wish I was more creative with titles and such. I will forever have 5 or so layouts sitting finished except for the title.

8. As much as I try to talk myself into wanting to have another child, I can't. Some days I barely make it through the day with the one I have. Two of my own would probably kill me.

9. I hate math, as in hard, formula related math like calc and advanced algebra. I hate the repetition it takes to learn math; I find it tedious. It is one of the reasons I switched majors in college.

10. I love sweets, especially cookies. I have a hard time resisting cookies. I do not, however, like my meals sweet. I don't like BBQ sauce, sweet and sour, honey glazed, or even sloppy joes for that matter. I will salt the heck out of sloppy joes to make them edible. I feel lunch and supper meals should be salty and followed by a good dose of sweet in a dessert form.

11. I no longer drink alcohol. I did more than enough damage to myself to last me a while and I think I have issues with it. Not Intervention type issues, just issues. This may be why I enjoy Intervention and Celebrity Rehab, I feel that could be me if I took it to the next level.

12. I really enjoy traveling. I cannot wait until Maggie is old enough to get something out of traveling, so we can see the world together.

13. I can pick up little things in other languages quickly. I wish I could get myself to fully learn Spanish.

14. The only reason I like my job is the crap hours 5:45a-1:45p, and the ability to have any day off I want with in reason. The hours let me spend quite a bit of time with the girl so I don't feel so bad about working, even though I know I could not be a stay at home mom.

15. My husband and I moved in together after dating a month.

16. I wear a size 11 womens' shoe which is why I acquire purses and my daughter has a gazillion pairs of shoes.

17. Is there a store better than target? It is my retail therapy along with scrapbook paper.

18. I do not make meatloaf or any casseroles.

19. I wish I could find a pair of "low rise" jeans that didn't slide off my ass. I like where they sit when I try them on, yet I never remember to sit and stand and have them, have me looking like a gang member, there is no whale tail here, just a whale sized tail. Other jeans sit way too high for me. It is my conundrum.

20. I like the smell of fresh cut grass.

21. I color my hair because I am slowly going grey.

22. As much as I complain about my daughter sleeping in our bed, I do enjoy it sometimes.

23. I am a stepmom.

24. I have swam in Lake Superior, yes it is cold.

25. The fact that kids sporting tournaments sell plastic bottles of everything, yet never have recycling bins drives me batty.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Freak Out

It is Friday night and Peanut Butter is supposed to be in bed, but I hear pitter patters in her room. Why will she not go to bed for me?????? She lays right down for J and stays in bed. She may come out in the middle of the night, but at least she slept in her bed for some of the night. I would like to attempt to do a little scrapbooking once she falls asleep, but until she does I'm afraid to go in my room and have her hanging out outside the door because she won't go to bed. She can climb in with me at 1 or 2 am I won't mind.

J is "up north" for the weekend. It is the annual boys drinking weekend. I took a vacation day tomorrow and my Mom is coming down in the afternoon to stay and watch PB on Sunday while I work. I had asked The Boy to clean his room yesterday since my Mom will be staying there and he put it off until 15 min before he was going to leave today, so it is a piss poor job, along with not bringing the garbage cans up from the street as he walked by them, and not feeding the dog. He is grating that last nerve. If it was up to me I'd be tempted to take his stinking cell phone instead of holding the texting option hostage until he starts getting his crap together.

The Boy's Mom must be assuming I am going to The Boy's basketball tournament tomorrow. I am probably going to go, but this is the one weekend when I really don't have to, I don't have J to help with keeping PB occupied, and when it isn't her weekend she rarely shows up. I don't know why I have these feelings on the issue. I feel I have to be at these things, because I know what it is like to not have anyone at your functions, but I think I let these feelings make me do things I don't want to. I then resent The Boy's Mom for not showing up on her non weekends when we go every weekend. I resent the fact that some weekend I would like to "make plans" that don't include sitting in a high school gym all Saturday and some Sundays. I take time off of work to go to this stuff. J tells me occasionally don't take off, but as I said before, I feel bad not being there and I know he wants someone to help with the girl. I don't know, I'm just conflicted with feeling crapped on by The Boy and not making any headway in that department. Rant over.

Peanut Butter actually halfway behaved herself at dinner tonight. I was afraid to go out, but so didn't want to cook. She was 100 times better behaved than the last time. Then we stopped at Wally World and it was a whole other story. She wanted to walk and it ended up taking us forever, I finally put her in the cart and rushed to get the 5 items we went in for. I was disappointed I was hoping to get this tricycle that Nicole's daughter has since it was on clearance for $21 and there were 3 left the last time I was in. I should have just put the stinking thing on my credit card when I saw them, because they were gone.

And I am so lame this is the second week in a row I couldn't muster a PhotoStory Friday.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Change in Plans

Miss Peanut Butter knew how to start the day right with an hour long tantrum about using the potty. But someone though it would be a good idea for her to not only have pizza for breakfast but to eat it in the recliner. Daddy is right, his bark is worse than his bite.

I filled out paperwork to have another speech evaluation and figure out what our out of pocket costs would be. I know that you find the money when you have to, but it is another bill.

J has decided to flip our va-cay plans this August. Instead of us visiting out nation's capital and perhaps a glimpse of Obama, he is now thinking Chicago. As much as Chicago could be fun, I am a little disappointed. He also led me to believe that The Boy had a vested interest in going to Chi Town, but uppon investigating this The Boy said he hasn't mentioned anything to his father on the subject. I get that D.C. may be a bit much for Miss PB at this time, but I am not doing a theme park(Great America) with the girl unless it is Disney or she is much older. I have thrown Minneapolis into the mix for my own selfish reasons, which is the possiblity of running into some fellow bloggers. A 4hr drive just seems like more of a vacation than a 2 hr drive. So I'm sure we will be breaking down the pluses and minuses of both. If any MN peeps want to give me some ideas on what to see or do there other than the Mall and Zoo, which is already in the mix go ahead and fire away, I don't think I really have any Chicagoans, but if anyone wants to give a shout out for that fair city, by all means do. I at least got him to forget about Door County. I am not doing a vacation in my own state.

Monday, February 2, 2009

A Weekend of Sickies

Friday night Peanut Butter woke up awash in her vomit. The one thing I cannot do is puke, but I some how managed the every 30 minute run to the toilet that night. But by 2:30am I was pretty sure I wasn't going to make that 4:30 wake up for work, so I took the day family illness. By 8:30am PB was ready to go. She slammed 2 cups of milk which I was not looking forward to seeing come back up, but it stayed down. We headed off to The Boy's basketball tournament.

PB was in pretty good spirits the whole day. She did nap all peacefully on my lap through one of the games. She did, however, skip the concession stand almost all day. She must have still been feeling a little rumbley in the tummy. I couldn't even tempt her with ice cream, she took it and wouldn't eat it. That never happens.

She must have passed on the bug to me. After work on Sunday I went to the gym to burn up calories that were bound to be eaten at our Super Bowl party. When I got home I wasn't feeling so hot. I figured I didn't eat lunch and I was hungry. We put out a smorgasbord for 30 people, and only had about 15 coming. J goes way overboard when he buys food for anything. Just for and idea he bought 5 things of salsa. I told him we probably wouldn't go through 2 and we didn't. But as half time came everybody put on thier 3-D glasses and after about 10 seconds I felt sick and couldn't watch with them on anymore. The Sobe commercial came on and everyone was oohing and ahing and I looked around the room and it looked like some cinema from the 50's with everyone wearing thier 3-D glasses.

But after that the nausea built and I gave it. I felt a 100 times better, yet couldn't think of eating anything. When I went to bed I still felt crummy and hoped I would make it in to work. I did but felt like I drank the whole night at our party and hadn't. J called me and the wealth had been spread to him and he was taking the day. Hopefully we'll all be back to normal soon.