Thursday, April 29, 2010

Photo Story Friday: Coloring

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecilyand Caitlin

Coloring has been one of Peanut Butter's favorite activities as of late. She doesn't stay in the lines yet or use different colors on a picture. She likes to color the whole picture one color. She also likes to think she wants you to color with her too, until you start coloring, and she then colors over everything that you colored. Our dog has even gotten into coloring. He seems to enjoy eating crayons that get left on the floor and leaves colored masterpieces out in the yard to be picked up. I haven't figured out what makes the crayons a tasty treat yet.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Little Piece of Heaven

I went and got my haircut today. I know I have mentioned it, but I love getting my hair cut. I go to an Aveda salon and it is my little piece of heaven. My stylist gives the best scalp massage, seriously, I would pay just for that alone. I find it so relaxing to get a cut and a blow out. I feel a little weird not holding a conversation with the stylist, but this is my 30 min of complete silence, no one yelling for Mama. I decided to go for a little bit of a new look today so this is what I got....

I need a little make up or something, but I think this is close to the shortest I have ever been with the longest bangs, not including high school when they were 6 inches off my scalp.

I am starting to crack under the no cookies policy. I may have to bake some tomorrow, since I have to bake brownies for J to take to work on Friday. We were watching biggest loser last night and I told him, I should be on that show, like a good husband he said, "you are not that big" to which I replied, "I'm only one cookie away." He laughed and said, you've given up: soda, cookies, ice cream, corn syrup,  there is no soda, candy, or cookies in this house and frankly, I'm missing some of that. I said we have candy, there are tootsie rolls, which only PB and The Boy like, so those didn't count in his mind.  But I have been putting in some exercise, and I'm torn what to do tomorrow, do I go do totally toned for 50 min or run sprints on the treadmill for 30min.?

Monday, April 26, 2010

A Holiday Well Worth It

Friday night J had to bowl in a tournament and I stopped down at the alley to check out the action. I forgot what it was like to sit amongst chain smokers and intoxicated peeps. I did have fun, but my head hurt from the smoke the next day. I can't imagine the damage I did to myself over the years, yikes. I took Saturday off on a holiday, and it was awesome. It was a crappy rainy day, so we slept in until 9, which for me is really late, and it felt so good. We lounged, colored, watched tv, scrapbooked, lost track of time, had a family dinner, and scrapbooked some more. It was well worth the 8 hrs of leave time I used. I am now looking forward to my 5 day weekend starting Thursday, though I am considering some overtime, I'm so broke, but I'm just considering OT at this point. 

I had a Reese's blizzard from dairy queen yesterday. I cannot believe I ate 1000 calories in 20 min. while watching The Pacific. This is after I ate close to 1000 calories in M&Ms in my scrapbook room earlier that day. I made sure to do Jillian today, and hopped back on the good eating express. 

Baseball has slowed down a bit with J's time suckage, which is nice. 

I met with Peanut Butter's Speech Therapist last week. PB seems to be doing well, she needs to slow down her rate of speech, which I'm sure she gets from me, since I can be a speed talker. She said she thought PB would do fine in 4K. I think she will too, but worry that the teachers may not think that she is getting the stuff because they won't be able to understand her. We'll see, it is 5 months off.

PB is desperate to see Mickey, yes, as in the mouse. It has now become her obsession to fly on a plane and see Mickey, oh and swim in the pool at the hotel.  I may have to start working a lot of overtime. Damn those Disney dvd previews of how great the Magic Kingdom is.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Touching Base Tuesday

I finally figured out what was plaguing my internet. We had issues with freezing, drop boxes not working, and any sort of video taking forever. After deleting some extensions on Firefox, we are all good. Now I can get back to blogging again or at least more than once a week, maybe, well at least I can get my photos to upload now. 

I had a semi bad couple days last week. Some baby mama drama coupled with J's being absent turned into quite the breaking of the flood waters. I think things will get better in the coming weeks. The Boy's mom and me well, I can't say the same. When I am in a rush, have lost my patience, am frustrated or the like, I yell. I do, I yell. I bottle it all up and it spews out. Last Thursday as I'm running around getting ready to leave to go to the gym and take Miss Peanut Butter to the Y for swim lessons, The Boy is on the phone with his mom, and as I'm getting ready to walk out the door, "how am I going to get to practice?" is placed upon my shoulders. I told him,"It is not MY problem." You have a bike and two legs, either ride the bike or walk." I didn't think this was a harsh option, I rode my bike to baseball practice when I was a kid. Apparently I was a little harsh in his mother's eyes. She told J yelled at him and said it wasn't my problem. Um dear, when I am walking out the door and someone has known about having practice that night for sometime and decides at that moment to try and get a ride from me, isn't MY problem. Failure to plan doesn't constitute an emergency on my part.The Boy needs to learn some type of responsibility on his part at some point in his life and I'm trying to instill some now before his college roommate wants to kill him.

My house is a disaster. I think Hazmat may need to come in. I am at the point where I really need to do something, but I just dread the whole thing. I also have the I want to repaint the whole house bug and know that is nearly impossible with PB running around like a crazy person.

I cannot believe I have gone without cookies or ice cream for 20 days now. Have I lost any weight, not so much, but I have been walking more and I did the last chance workout this morning and was surprised to make it to the last circuit without really dying. The last circuit sucks though, which brings me to PB's  Dr appt yesterday. PB needed a check up to be enrolled in 4K. Sigh, I know, 4K. Anyway, the Dr said that PB was on the borderline of being fat. And gave me the spiel about not letting her eat junk food and soda. Yeah, doc, I'm a complete moron. I wonder if he would have been so concerned if I had been a mom 30 lbs lighter. The kid is lucky if I buy her fruit snacks and even those are considered candy at our house. I am a much healthier person since I gave birth to her, just because I still have issues doesn't mean I don't try to curb those issues with her before they start. I hardly think she is heavy anyway. I don't know why this bothered me so much.

The people who do the scheduling for the networks need to get together. Thankfully I have 2 dvrs in this house. Glee, Lost, Biggest Loser, Deadliest Catch, Justified, Survivor(on BBCamerica), all on Tuesday nights. I am so happy to have Glee back. I can't get enough of Jane Lynch, I love her. I was playing the Vouge video 

and PB was trying to get all the moves down it was hilarious. 

Well to end out today here is a video of Miss Peanut Butter. The daycare she goes to had a program the other night and this is them doing Laurie Berkner's "We Are the Dinosaurs."

Monday, April 12, 2010

Where Does A Weekend Go

I am always amazed how fast my four day weekends go. I have no idea where it went. Friday, Peanut Butter and I saw How to Train a Dragon. It was very good. Peanut Butter is begging to see it again. We did some spring/summer cloths shopping at Old Navy, did lunch, and after a trip through Target, PB slept the whole way home. 
Saturday, J had baseball registration in the morning and since he thought it was going to be so busy, he enlisted me to help while The Boy watched PB. After and hour J decided they didn't need me and I got some grocery shopping in PB free which was awesome. J and I went out to dinner by ourselves at a mew Mexican place we have in town, the food was great. 
Sunday was the big garage clean up. J, The Boy and PB did that while I vacuumed my car. I also finally painted an old dresser we has sitting in the garage to get J off my back about it. It is now up in PB's room and she had to fill it with random toys. I made lasagna and we had an actual dinner at the table. 
So far today. PB and I went to the library and have been chillin'. It is a little cool outside, so I'm not in any rush to be out there.
I also caught up on a couple of movies that have been sitting in my Tivo. I watched Angels and Demons and I remember hearing the reviews that it was bad, but I liked it. I got through a bit of Milk, but I will have to finish that one at some point. I saw Julie and Julia, that was a wonderful movie. I think I will have to read the book. I really didn't know if I'd like it, but I really did. I even checked out a Julia Child biography today. I had no idea what her life was like. 
I have been doing fairly well in my April goal of cutting back the sugar. Today, not so much, but in general pretty good.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Photo Story Friday: Eggs and Easter

PhotoStory Friday

 This is an egg, in this form, it is still an egg and is fine to eat. Once it gets placed in dye and dries, it is no longer edible. After we dyed eggs I asked Peanut Butter if she wanted an egg for a snack the next day and she said yes. She meant yes, until I pulled a dyed egg out and started peeling it. She screamed, yelled no, and grabbed the rest of the carton from the fridge and protected it for dear life. Thankfully, she hasn't noticed them disappearing the past couple days.
J and I got in a huge blowout about the Easter Basket. I, to be honest, was going to skip the whole thing. I didn't know if she really cared, did she really need a bunch of cheap toys that will be forgotten in a day, and why go I have to be the one in charge of this stuff all the time. J thought she should have one and said we can't just celebrate the holidays I want to, but to his credit, dare I say.....
he was right. I put together a basket for her and didn't put the cheap toys I didn't want in it, but a couple of small things I knew she would like, such as, the Princess and the Frog necklace, a dvd, a puzzle, a bubble gun, since she has been begging to do bubbles, and a flashlight, which she finds strangely interesting. The bubble gun did break that day, but she was pretty darn excited about the whole thing.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lucky Me

I've been on a bit of a lucky streak. I won the basketball championship "test" that landed me some cash that I really could use. I was a huge Duke fan for quite a while, I still like them, but I don't find my self watching as much college basketball these days as I used to. But that was one heck of a game! Since I was feeling lucky I bought a scratch off this morning and won 20 there. I'm hoping my luck continues with the powerball or megabucks ticket I bought after work.
Unfortunately, I have had some bad luck too. I got a horrible cold Saturday night that is still lingering a bit. I just want to breathe fully again. Though, with all the pollen my sinuses have been pretty stuffed anyhow. If I had not called in sick on Sunday, the most I think I would have seen my husband this week is about 10 hours. 8 of those would have been on Sunday. It is the first week of April and baseball has consumed every waking hour. If he is not gone, he is on the phone or on the computer doing baseball related things. The most we have talked is a huge fight we had on Friday night over getting Peanut Butter an Easter Basket. I have been told things will be better next week when teams get split up, we shall see. I hate to bitch about it since he enjoys doing it and seems to do good things, but with his work hours it gets very empty here. I also run out of patience with Peanut Butter a lot faster when there is no one else for her to bounce off of, which isn't fair to her.  Here's to hoping my good luck continues with those lotto tickets.
I have also been doing fairly well on cutting back on the sweets, but it is very hard. I had some peeps the other day. I have switched from ice cream to yogurt, and haven't baked any cookies yet, though I could really go for some. The Kashi bars are not cutting it.

Friday, April 2, 2010

PhotoStory Friday: April 1st and it is 80 degrees.

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Life With Kaishon

It has been an outstanding couple of days. Just beautiful and hot. I made a deal with Peanut Butter that after my eye appointment yesterday that we would stop and get some sandwiches and picnic at one of the parks. So we did.

Peanut Butter had a blast. She questioned my choice of park at first, since it isn't our usual one, but I think she had a good time, don't you?

Yes, we did eat lunch too. Unfortunately, this park didn't have picnic tables, but we made do.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

No Foolin'

I decided to make the first of April my start date to get some sort control back over eating and exercising. I started off the day with a little Jillian and the 30 day shred level one. Honestly, at the end of the 20 min I was asking my self why I shelved my girl for so long. I felt great. Yeah, it was only level one, but considering I haven't done any real exercise except walking here and there. I need to make a real effort to keep in check the stuff I  am putting into my mouth. I have been on a sugar binge for about a month now and it has to stop. I know I write about this semi often and I'm sure, "jeeze girl, put the cookie down and just workout." has crossed a mind or two. I know it does mine as I am writing, I'm working on it.
Speaking of walking. I tend to try to walk around town whenever feasible. Peanut Butter jumps in the stroller and we go to the grocery store, the library, the bank, and various other places. Most of these places are at the most a mile and a half from my house and I figure I'm getting a little exercise in too, But I think people find this odd. A girl, about 5, the other day asked PB why she was in a stroller. While PB does a lot more walking herself, 2-3 miles can be a bit much. Which makes me think of a photo of Sarah Jessica Parker tooling her 5 year old in a stroller in NYC, I didn't find it odd, but the tabloid did because of his age. I wonder if because I don't live in a Metro city that more people think the same, since walking to get around isn't the main form of transportation. I don't know, but I'd like to give the finger to the a$$ who blared on his horn while screaming around the nice woman who stopped at a pedestrian crossing to let me cross the road.
Well, I should jump in the shower and get going. Since I have to walk to the eye doctor and then PB and I are going to get some sammies and picnic at one of the parks. I might even hit 80 today. Who knows maybe the zoo tomorrow.