Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thoughts for Thursday: Planet Green

Yep, you are all in for another of my fine tree huggin' posts. So there is this new channel, Planet Green, and I have been watching quite a bit of it. J went postal about it, saying something along the lines of,"You mean to tell me these pot smokin' hippies have their on damn channel now?" I asked him if he considered me one of the pot smokin' hippies, and he said, "no, you just get way more into the "crap" than you need to be." That being said, I am in love with Living with Ed.

Ed and Rachelle are almost exactly like J and I only I am more Ed in being green, but I sound a lot like Rachelle attitude wise. In one episode Ed gets on Rachelle about a bag she got with a purchase and went round and round with her,"When they ask paper or plastic what do we say? Neither!" it made me laugh because that has been our big battle lately, the stupid plastic bags. I also asked if we could get solar panels when we redo the garage roof and J just shakes his head.

The nice thing about this show is it also shows some of the little things that we take for granted that are so easy to do. I live about 5 blocks from a library and a grocery store, I cannot tell you how many times I got in my honkin suv and drove to these places ran in, ran out, and drove home. I now walk, and yes I'm sure they get sick of me in the grocery store since I'm there everyday, but I can only fit so much in the stroller basket and I rarely plan meals more than one night in advance. I love seeing how Ed is going to get somewhere.

Another cool show is Wa$ted. It shows families how they can reduce their carbon footprint and save a bunch of cash in energy savings. I thought today how desperately I wanted to be on this show, only to look around to see I already do most of their suggestions: cfl lights, recycling, no plastic bags, programmable thermostat, and if I could my honkin' suv would be downsized.

If you get Planet Green try and check out these shows, hey it's rerun season anyway. Since there isn't a whole lot of programming yet on P.G. these shows are in fairly heavy rotation. Maybe you'll find a little thing you can do.


Cecily R said...

I have to admit that I don't do a whole lot of extra stuff to be green, but our carbon footprint isn't bad...I know, I know. Its not enough. But its a start. :)

imbeingheldhostage said...

Funny funny funny. My Hubby and #1 son always call me the bunny hugger (I'm not a fanatic, I just request that we don't waste-- lights, food etc). A few months ago, I was given a link to a Youtube video that was pretty powerful and I was sold on changing the way we live, but dreaded approaching the Hubby. I showed him the video expecting the same rant you get, but instead he said, "Wow. we really suck". I was vindicated. :-)

Amy said...

Thanks for the ideas!