Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

I walk in to day care on Thursday looking forward to having the next four days off, except for the fact I am doing a rummage sale. I check out the memo board and Miss Peanut Butter has one, an accident report. At first I'm like great, she bit someone again, since her biting me sure had increased since the removal of the nuk, but no she apparently walked behind someone swinging and took one in the kisser. It said she had a cut on her lip and that it had bleed about "1/4 of a cup." I don't know how they would measure that, but that is what was written. I'm prepared as I'm about to walk into her room, but she comes running out of another. She does have a cut and her mouth on the inside is still pretty bloody, yet she seems to be in good spirits. I get home and put her on the changer when I notice that one of her front teeth is a little shorter than the other and I'm panicked. They said nothing about a chipped tooth; I keep looking at it to see how bad it is when I realize it isn't chipped, but it is jammed up in her gums.
I tried to contact our dentist, he happens to be taking and even longer labor day weekend break and is out until Weds. but the very kind receptionist told me they just had something like that happen to a little boy and it should be fine unless the tooth changes color or she seems to be in pain. They are going to follow up when he gets back on Weds. She seems to be fine, the lip was looking pretty nasty yesterday and seems to be healing up today. He tooth doesn't seem to be bothering her and sadly all I can think about is the photo session I have booked on the 9th. I'm sure her lip will be healed, but I think we are stuck with a jammed up tooth. She just looks like she's been cruisin' for a bruisin'.
I did better than I had hoped at my rummage and I should do the responsible thing and save or pay bills with the money, but I'm going to stimulate the economy a little tomorrow. Nothing outrageous, I was going to buy an elliptical machine, but I think I'm going to hold off and buy a few small things, I normally wouldn't get and put the rest to the responsible things.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Photostory Friday

PhotoStory Friday
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A Rising Star

Miss Peanut Butter is getting ready to continue our baseball/softball dynasty. She sets up the tee like a pro and is ready to get down to business. She did get a little confused thinking she needed the catcher's mask to bat, but we straightened that out.
She got a batting helmet on and walked up to the batter's box.

She made sure to line the bat up. A short, little swing, but she did get the ball off the tee.

She is now contemplating her rising star status, hoping the Olympic Committee gets their head out of their hinders and brings back softball and baseball.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Aw shucks, I was awarded the "Nice Matters" award my my fellow blogger at In the Gutter. I love her blog since she gives me insight on all these English things I have a thing for and she is a wonderful, I'm putting it out it out there for ya, blogger. So Thanks.
I would like to pass it on to the following bloggers, who are also very nice: Jessica Poltzie Kathryn and Michelle. I think you guys are great.

Get On With It.

I am in 2 fantasy football leagues and I used to enjoy it. I now don't really care. I hate drafting; we did my first draft last night. You basically go up and down an order and pick players to fill a set roster. I do not understand why the last two rounds have to take 40 min when you are basically picking your back up defense and kicker. It is basically pick one that does not have the same bye week. I cannot believe how long it took grown men to decide this. I just wanted to scream, " Get On With It." I can't wait to do it again on Monday when we have to do it with the biggest spoiled man I have ever seen. I really like the guy until he doesn't get his way and then he is almost like Peanut Butter. Speaking of which, she decided to go berserk in the library today and bit me so hard. I am amazed she didn't draw blood.
I am doing the rummage sale this Fri and Sat. I hope I make more than the 30 dollars it cost to place the freaking ad. J talked me into it today. We also had our closure talk on Sunday morning. We have decided no more kiddos unless we should win the lotto. It was an interesting talk. We discussed a lot of pros and cons. I had thought J was totally a no, but it was a hesitant no. He really just wants to move forward and in reality I do to. In fantasy land, I'd like another, but I find it daunting enough dealing with PB and as I told J there are days I feel like the worst mom. I have little patience and tend to yell. As much as I try to curb this it is still and issue for me. I do want to thank the peeps who suggested the 1-2-3 method. I took out the book and have been using it. It is somewhat working. I got how it said it was just as much a cooling of for me as it is for her.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Birthday

It was a beautiful day to play out side. Miss Peanut Butter found a Sponge Bob umbrella in the garage that J had brought home and would not put it down. I wanted to get some nice birthday shots, but she kept dragging the dang thing around. My Mom took this one.

My Mom also showed PB how her camera worked.

I tried to take one of her and me, but this was the nicest she'd give me. Apparently the whole carrying her for 9mos and a c-sect doesn't warrant a smile on demand. Can you feel the love.

J's dad got her a very cute panda bear.

Nana gave her some books, a doll and a necklace.

We got her a baseball glove which is a tad big, but she'll grow into it. Hopefully she doesn't turn into a southpaw.

We also got her some Dora alpha magnets, a Dora dvd, and a mac and cheese kitchen set.

The Dora cake was a huge hit. I think she liked the figurines on top of the cake more than any of the toys she got. She didn't eat much cake, but thought it was fun to play in the frosting.

A Little Excited

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Miss Peanut Butter

For those of you who have an extra eleven minutes and 30 seconds on their hands. It does include photos from today, which I will probably post more of tomorrow. Enjoy.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I Think We Have Made It

We are officially 4 days into no nuk, and honestly it has gone a lot better than expected. We had some major tantrums, but she has gone to bed at night really well. I thought that was going to be the deal breaker. Maybe the fact that she didn't nap the last 2 days and was dog tired had something to do with it. I just hope she doesn't find a lost one. The only downside is we have extra drool and some biting. Hopefully both will clear up.
Big Birthday tomorrow! I'm curious to see how the Dora cake turns out.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Photostory Friday

PhotoStory Friday
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I Miss It
Don't tell J, but I am actually missing baseball. It quite possibly is my favorite sport of The Boy's to watch. He really started to become a good player this year. He started smacking the crap out of the ball even as his Dad is yelling the whole time. As much time as I spent chasing Peanut Butter around, I still got to see a lot of the games. As he moves up to another level next year, I hope he takes in what we tell him about becoming a leader, keeping a level head, and just plain playing the game. Right now I'll watch the Little League World Series for my fix and I will sit through football and basketball knowing baseball is around the corner.
A final thought, what is up with the Olympics trying to do away with softball, seriously if they are giving medals for BMX, I think we can keep softball, my future catcher has to have a dream.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thoughts for Thursday: Letting Go and Not Giving In

I have been meaning to have a rummage sale and get rid of the baby gear stored through out the house. I have all of Peanut Butter and The Boy's outgrown clothes tagged and just need to pick a day and do it. I never pick a day. I don't know if I'm scared to let go of the bigger items just in case. What if some sort of magic happens in the next year and we can afford to have another baby? What if there is an oops before my deadline date for J to get the big V. Why do I even have hopes? Realistcally we are done, J has made it pretty clear he doesn't want another. I am happy to be getting somewhat of a life back and with the unbelievably terrible twos going on up in here, I don't know if I'd want to go back and do it again. Do I do this purge next weekend or do I wait until next summer and know for sure? I need to just let go.
Peanut Butter is on day 2 without the nuk. It has been interesting. We have had 2 major blow ups that I know could have been ended with the nukker, but I will not give in. J did retrieve the only nuk we have from daycare, should I break down. I almost wish he had left it there so it isn't even an option. We haven't had a nap either and it is starting to be a battle. So, here's to not giving in.
Is there anything you know you need to let go and/or something to not give in on?

What did You do This Morning?

Peanut Butter and I went rummaging. We put in over 3 miles walk/running and spent 29 dollars, no super bargains to brag about though. We hit the Dora motherlode at one home. We got the Backpack with the accessories, Dora, Mami, and the Van, and a tree house set. It is a good thing I stopped to get a water and took out some money at the atm.
We also got Big Bird, abc blocks, some books, a barbie, a Dora game, and some clothes. I had to get a hard cover of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince for myself.
I probably didn't need to get all this stuff, since her birthday is Sunday, but as Jessica collects shoes, I get toys. Well, I do shoes too.
I now need to shower and get the girl some lunch. I will be back with a very thought worthy, thought for Thursday.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Treadmills, Trials, and Time Away.

I have been trying to run on the treadmill at work. This seems to be pure torture at its finest. I can't get a pace I like. I go crazy staring at the wall. I have tried to read, but it is extremely hard. We aren't allowed our mp3 players at work, which I think might make it bearable. Attempting to run in my work clothes sucks too. Polyester pants do not breath real well. I get some sort of workout since I end up sweating profusely. Thankfully, my coworkers only have to put up with me for an hour more after I attempt kill myself on the dang thing. I almost think it is easier to run pushing the stroller. Tomorrow morning Peanut Butter and I will get back to the stroller as we search out some rummage sales. Hopefully there is a bargin out there.

Peanut Butter is now going on over 7 hours without a nuk. We are breaking records here. She even went to bed without one. Not by choice, she did ask, "Nuk?" as we were giving our good night kisses. I laid across from her for a little while and she went to sleep. J brought the only nuk we can find in the house to daycare and failed to mention to me that he left it there until 8 o'clock this evening. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise since we said 2 was our cut off. Hopefully she makes it through the night.

J is leaving tomorrow for the deer hunting land. They have to get oats planted to lure the deer in and be real hunters. I about flipped when he said he was going this weekend since it is PB's B-day Sunday. He says he's going to be back Saturday night. My Mom is coming down Fri night to watch Miss PB while I work on Satuday. I have to figure out a way to get to Madison for a gift with out killing myself dragging her along. I might have to put The Boy's babysitting clinic to work.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Long Way Down

I am seriously in love with this show. So far it is not as good as Long Way Round, but they just started their adventure and I'm sure things will get interesting. For those of you who choose not to check out the linkies, Ewan McGregor and his friend Charley Boorman travel on motorcycles from the tip of Scotland to Cape Town, Africa. It is incredible the things they go through. On Long Way Round, I seriously didn't know if they were going to make it sometimes. I think it would be so neat to have the guts to travel like this at least once. Not necessarily by motobike, but just kind of lay out a general plan and see how it goes. One of my fellow bloggers from In the Gutter just posted about travel similar to this the other day. I am very anal when it come to travel plans, once I would like to get a Europass and see where the train takes me across Europe. Maybe someday.

Note to self

Waking a child at 5 am will cause said child to have bi-polar disorder from the time you pick her up from daycare at 2 pm until the very early bedtime. Do not try and grocery shop with this child even if you have to order her a birthday cake beacause you have no skills like Jessica. I do, however, have a soon to be two year old with an obsession with Dora, so Dora it is. Realize that once you walk away from the extremely bright cake book featuring Dora child will scream and pitch a fit. She will also go to trantrumville when you take away the lunch meat she is trying to eat through the package. You will leave store without anything for dinner because you cannot take it anymore.
After returning home from disastrous adventure at the grocery store, do not nod off while watching Toy Story 2, even though you are still lacking sleep from 2 nights ago. Should you nod off, the child on your lap will try and pull off the scab on your leg. It will definitely wake you up.
Do not assume your child is done eating even though she has thrown her milk cup and demanded the tray be taken off her chair. Do not try to push child back to table when you realize she isn't done. She will then proceed to scream and cry for 5 min.
Do not let the lovey dovey swings fool you she will soon turn and make your life miserable. You will think the worst is over as you are fawned over with kisses, but she is just resting her pipes for another scream fest.
Your wonderful husband for whom this is all possible because he had to be at work at 6 am also will only endure about an hour of this and think he has been tortured.
It will not be all bad, she will take a bath like a champ, sit and be read books, and be so exhausted that she falls right asleep.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sleep, Shotguns, and Shopping

If someone could tell me what in the world Miss Peanut Butter was thinking last night at 1:20 am, please enlighten me. She was crying, I checked in on her, gave her a change, and she was not having being put back in the crib. I brought her to bed at which point she decided that it must be play time. Mama's hair is so fun, ooh an ear. "HI!" Then I hear her sliding off the end of the bed and running down the hallway. I catch her and put her in the crib and say by the love of sam, you will just have to cry it out. Cry it out she did. J couldn't take it anymore after about 30 min. He says it was an hour, but I refused to look at the clock and realize just how much sleep I already lost. He ended up sleeping on the twin bed in her room. I have a feeling we are in for some of the same tonight. She moved to a new age level at daycare, surprisingly she seemed to manage ok today, but she has a full day tomorrow, we'll see how that goes.
I had to shoot some guns for work today. I used to be so intimidated by the shotgun, I now prefer to shoot that one than the one you really have to aim. I think my site was off on that one they were all clumped together to the left of where I was aiming. It was a little weird this year, before I had PB, I was on the response squad and we shot guns all the time and which is why the shot gun no longer has my #. But I quit after Miss PB and only shoot once a year now. I am actually feeling the effects of not being as familiar with the guns.
I must head over to amazon and order some B-Day presents for Peanut Butter. I'm sure she is going to love Pacifiers are not Forever and Teeth are Not for Biting. I'm sure I'll find some good stuff too.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

One Week

Until Miss Peanut Butter's 2nd Birthday.

You Never Know What Your're Gonna Get

J finally decided to come to his senses and rip out the nasty carpet we had in the living room. He wanted it done ASAP. Yesterday afternoon we toiled and ripped the sucker out. As we got part way, we realized the finish on the floor wasn't as good as the potions we pulled up to see how the floor would look. There actually is no finish left at all on most of the center of the room. Let us just say J was not a happy camper. I, on the other hand, was just relieved the carpet was gone. Yes we'll have to get someone in to sand and refinish the floor. Yes, it will cost a couple hundred dollars. It won't be done today, but I'm sure once it is it will look 100 times better than the dog hair trap of a nasty tan carpet that looked dirty 2 days after you shampooed it. We have an area rug covering most of it for the time being. I hope it is a while before I have to dig staples out of a floor again. What am I going to use my Kirby for now?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Photostory Friday

PhotoStory Friday
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Since we are fast approaching year #2, I decided to go back to the same time last year. Miss Peanut Butter is a curious little thing. If there is something new, something that is placed out of reach, something her brother may have left laying around, she will get into it. The Boy brought home his football equipment and for some reason that only he and his dad understand left the bag on the dining room floor.

Peanut Butter trying to appear innocent as a football helmet has started to work its way out the the equipment bag. She really wants to say,"I'm just sitting here minding my own business." But since she is only babbling at this point, I'm assuming that is what this look means.

Upon questioning Miss PB does famous "What" shrug that everybody knows to associate with guilt. She is not wearing the Daddy's lil Rebel shirt just because it is cute. Oh no, she has a mind and will of her own.

Turn your back for a second and she thinks the coast is clear and gets the helmet all the way out. Seeing she is caught, she just smiles and continues to play with the helmet, probably figuring, I'm going to get the most out of this trouble making episode.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Bane of my Existance

This piece of equipment, known as the jogging stroller has opened up the so-called joy of running to me. I hate running! I should say I hate forcing myself to run. When I just head out with the intentions of just walking, even in flip flops, I end up running a little bit and enjoy it. I think my quest to build miles and become a "real" runner has become tedious and heart wrenching. I don't seem to build any miles and I have yet to feel like anything other than a fat mom pushing a freaking heavy-a$$ stroller. Push-Run-Push-Run. There is usually a purpose to my running, a destination: the grocery store, the library, the baseball field. Now that baseball is over, maybe I can use those nights to do more add mileage and such. I am going to not concentrate on getting the mileage, but to enjoy the time. We'll see how that goes.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stressed, Shoes, and Scrapbooking

I think I am married to a deaf man. I don't know how he can just sit by as I struggle with Peanut Butter. How he cannot hear my cries for help is beyond me. I even said as he was 3 feet from me maybe Daddy can take you outside for a bit. What does he do takes her over by the tv and puts noggin on. So she runs back over to the door and I take her outside to battle over the edge of the driveway and the street. J comes out 20 min later to see what we're up to. I understand he worked today and I didn't, but come on a little help. I'm trying to get dinner cleaned up, the dishes done, my lunch for tomorrow made, laundry. On his days off he stops doing a lot of the parenting stuff as soon as I get home. I on the other hand still have to do everything. I am beyond pissed right now and I just know he is going to ask for something tonight, and that my friends just isn't happening.

On an other note, since I cannot buy adorable shoes for myself because of my wonderful 11 wides. I live vicariously through my daughter. Since Leslie found a great deal at Kohls yesterday I had to go today. I was going to get the skechers, but even with the extra 30% off they were a little rich for my blood, they must have had a better sale there. I did however get these and a cute pair of nike sandals on clearance for next year for a total of $16.66. I spent way too much time in there and Peanut Butter was more than ready to leave. Especially when I wouldn't get her the Dora sandals.

Since I have been actually sitting down and scrapbooking, yesterday I said to myself, "Girl, you need some of that new Basic Grey and you can always use some more My Minds Eye. You will have no problems making the perfect pages then."$75 later I came out with an inch of paper and a new paper trimmer, that so far is awesome. I completely lost my mind. I wanted to take home half the freaking store. It had been probably 6 months since I bought anything. I said I was going to use up some of my stacks of stuff and I did fairly well until I saw the Euphoria stuff.It is a good thing they didn't have any Eva that would've been another 10 dollars. I did buy some of the new Bo Bunny Press too.Now I should be crankin' out pages. Ha Ha. It is a good thing the store is a 40 min drive and Peanut Butter is way more than I can handle in there. The Boy watched her as I did my damage.

I'm heading off to bed now, I am dreading the alarm clock for work tomorrow. I actually have to work seven in a row this week, plus and extra 2 hrs at the shooting range. Can you feel my excitement?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We May Have a Catcher on Our Hands

J was putting some baseball equipment away last night, when he decided to stick a catcher's helmet on Peanut Butter. She quick ran away a bit, turned around and got in the catchers position; she would even stick out her hand like it had a glove on. I guess she did watch some of The Boy's games. J is hoping she'll be a catcher now. We both caught in high school; The Boy wanted no part of it. I think he caught one game just to try it.

Not the best photos, but she kept falling over from the helmet as I tried to take her photo.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The End of the Baseball Season

Last night the baseball season came to a close. We had a tournament here in town, it was nice to walk down to the field and be able to go home between games. I have hardly seen J since Friday, but he is home now. Here are some highlights of the weekend.

Miss Peanut Butter is into driving just about anything with a steering wheel. She has been sitting on this bad boy off and on for the last couple weeks. She also loves to point to planes overhead and wave to them.

The real reason Peanut Butter loves "ball," it is for the "eye-key." Everyone thinks she is saying ucky, but it is ice cream. She had issues with this stuff since it wasn't the standard malt cup we have been getting, it was a fancy sundae cup with caramel and chocolate cow pieces. She also has a new princess sippy cup on which she points to Snow White and says mumma.

The Boy finally got to play first base yesterday, he usually play the outfield on this team. The coach finally got sick of one of the regulars. Why you ask? Let me tell you, first of all this other kid hardly put out any effort and why it took til the last game of the season for this to sink in is beyond me. Second in our first game of the morning we start and inning in the field and a ground ball get hit to second and the second baseman goes to throw to first and yells, "Where's our first baseman?" At the concession stand of all places. Yep, not even in the dugout, at the concession stand getting a doughnut. WTF.
I hope he doesn't play next year. But next year we don't have to have the "everyone" gets to play rule either. I don't think there isn't a parent except his own that wants him back either.

The Boy had an awesome hit here. Smacked himself a 2 run double. It was a Beautiful hit. They were beginning to look like they were coming together, but they ended up losing. They always seem to have one inning that kills them.

Can I talk to you about sportsmanship. A coach from one of the teams *cough* Janesville Heat, decided since somehow times got mixed up and they played at 12:30 and not 9:30 like they thought, he decided to take it out on our 11 year old team, which to be honest isn't very good. They ran up the score 21-0 in 2 innings. They game got called for time limit. He told the 3rd baseman as he was sending his players home on passed balls, his team sucked. WTF. Even the mom's from the Heat on the sidelines thought it was uncalled for. I guess he showed us.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Argh That Darn Car

The girl is obsessed with the car I found. This morning bright and early at 6:30 am she gets up and after coming down stairs hand me a shoe to put on and then another one. She then hands me one of my sandals and tries to pull me outside to play with the car. She was disappointed when I got her dressed and wrangled her into the stroller to go watch The Boy's last games. When we get home after a nap, Peanut Butter is all about playing with the car. I put a pair of shoes on her and we went outside. After one trip down the driveway, I thought, "Oh crap! She's dragging her feet." So the wonderful cute little shoes that I loved ......

Are now this.....

I am kicking myself for putting them on her. I'm glad I only paid 3 dollars for them. Maybe Target still has some left...

My New Masterpieces

I have actually been sitting down and scrapbooking. I am a slow worker, probably because I tend to get caught up in watching Veronica Mars on DVD. I have even been using more than one photo, that rarely happens. That and I am a total lifter and need to peruse for ideas. Should you want to see more of my lifted pages they are here.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Don't Be a Hater

I did not think I could ever top my Five Dollar find until today. I'm not sure if I posted about going to a rummage sale where they had the little tykes car in the garage and I literally drag her out of the thing, which was not for sale. I had decided to get her one for her birthday, unless I spied one at a rummage somewhere. As I'm driving the pharmacy I couldn't believe it a little tykes car in a yard having a rummage. I quick turn around and stopped. My heart sank as I saw no there was no tag on it. I asked if it was for sale and they said yes. I asked how much and they said..........


I asked again, a dollar? and they said yes. Here's your dollar; I almost told them to keep the five. I was thinking I was going to be forking over $45 for a new one, but I will take the dollar one, it may not have any of the stickers for the headlights and such, but Peanut Butter had to be forced inside after playing this afternoon. I hope no one is hatin' on my awesome finds.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Photostory Friday

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

The Little Things

Miss Peanut Butter was entranced with trying to put rocks through the hole in the stairs of the slide. The rocks we a big hit with a lot of the kids. But she just sat there and tried like heck to get the rocks through the holes. Which allowed me to take this....

I actually took a cool photo. Well I think it is anyway. I fell in love with it as soon as I downloaded it. The sky is so blue and she just seems to pop. It is just the little things.

Not much of a story, but that's okay, I hope.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wits Ends

I don't know what to do with Miss Peanut Butter. They tell me she is being aggressive on the playground at day care. I don't know what they want me to do. She is hitting, scratching, and biting me during her tantrums. Today she screamed for at least 40 min until I wrestled her into her swim suit and put her in the pool to cool her off. She was fine after that. She doesn't seem to listen to any sort of reasoning and yes I know she isn't 2 yet, but I would think she gets No, you can't hit, it hurts when you do that. Which I think leads her to believe good let me do it some more. Then J gets on my case at the baseball game tonight how I handle things. I was a wee bit pissed. I was like how do you want me to do things. He was more mad at The Boy's team choking and taking it out on me. I wasn't having it and left. It is amazing how much easier it was to run home since I was mad. Then she had to be an angel when we got home.
At work I actually watched a guy pull out handfuls of cereal out of the garbage and proceed to sit back down and eat it. I was dumbfounded I hadn't seen that yet. I think he was going to do something similar at lunch, but I nipped that in the bud.

I had to.

As much as she annoys me, I really thought this was good. I'm sure you've seen it by now, but here it is anyway.

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tantrums of Different Sorts

I can't believe what taking off a couple days does for the endurance. I really had to push to squeak out a mile to the field. The run home wasn't much better, but I did it. The Boy's team won tonight in their regular league tournament. I think they play again tomorrow. Peanut Butter was in rare form by the end of the game. She was trying to run around with one of my shopping bags on her head. When I took it from her it was full on tantrum and she never really recovered. J said this is what happens when she's up at 6 am. She could use a bath, but I don't even want to fight that battle, but I do and clean her up as best I can as sha screams for mercy. For some reason she is now terrified of taking a bath. I did pull out the kiddie pool I found on clearance last year. It was 4 dollars well spent. It took awhile, but she actually had a pretty good time playing.
Can I bore you with another reason I will be glad the baseball season is almost over. I am sick to death of battle of the ex's. I understand your husband had an affair THREE years ago. I gave your props when you called his girlfriend a F#%ing Wh0re three years ago, albeit totally wrong place. It shouldn't have taken place after your kid's baseball game, but you did take it away from the field for a bit. Year two, I and everyone else in the stands understand you are bitter we get it, but the middle of games really isn't the place to be harping on the woman, he is obviously still with her and now they practically make out in the stands to rub it in your face, because they know it gets a rise out of you. I don't know which is worse to watch at this point. Year three, you have moved on, remarried, your husband is still with the other woman, and appear happy, because now it is a contest on who is more lovey dovey in the stands. Truly gag worthy. Even after you have remarried and say you are much happier now than you ever were with your ex, you still have to call her a $lut in the middle of a freaking baseball game because her underwear happened to be showing. And then your mom, who I really do like, has to harp in too. I'm actually starting to feel for the other woman. Give it a rest already. You are doing these things in front of your kids. What kind of relationships do you want them to have.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Weekend Round Up

It was another baseball filled weekend, well Saturday anyway. The Boy's first game was in the dead of the over head sun at noon. It was beyond hot. We have one of those nice canopy things, but it does me no good to lug the sucker out, set it up and sit under it in complete shady wonderfulness because there is no sitting when the girl is on the run.

Peanut Butter and her "friend" played in the willow tree which provided the only oasis in the scorching sun, but she wasn't intent to only play in the shade. There was a rocky hill and a creek to attempt to injure ourselves in.

The did have a small slide playset and two swings. Peanut Butter swung on a regular seat for the first time. She did really well hanging on. She fell off in the first tries since she was trying to read a book she found and swing. Already a trying to be multi-tasker.

Normally I am psycho about anything containing corn syrup, but it is summer and the freeze pops were cool and kept her busy. I just take a deep breath and say it is full of corn syrup goodness and J laughs. He knows it is just eating me inside, as she proceeds to eat at last count, 4 of them. I am trying to let go a little on this since it is almost impossible to find anything with out it at concession stands.

At The Boy's second game in which there was ample shade in the early evening. As they boys received a whooping from the team they beat last week by 15 runs. The girl stole a chair from some other kids that were at the game. She decided she would like a front row seat to the debauchery. The Boy had an awesome hit which I missed, I caught him running from first to second and heard J cheering so it must have been good. Little Miss PB then decided she needed and even closer seat and proceeded to try and place the chair inside the fence. This of course happens as something else is catching my attention to the side of me. I hear a dad to the right of me you might want to get her. Oops. How J didn't see her is beyond me. He was sitting closer to the break in the fence than I was. Note to self buy some goofy character kids chair and it will keep her entertained almost a whole game. I wish I had known this before we were going into last tournament of the year.
We ordered pizza on the way home to be picked up I don't know if it was because I was literally starving or what, but it was so good. I ate way more than I should have. Seeing as I have done nothing in any way of exercise in the last 2 days.
Since the boys lost we had a free Sunday to which J said "we are having a lazy Sunday." We did breakfast and the guys hung out on the couches. I scrapbooked until PB found me and started to destroy my room. At the point I dragged her out of my room she was ready for a nap and surprisingly went right down and so did I for an hour. If I get a chance to finish some pages I will try to post them. I even attempted to use more than one photo, which is a reach for me these days.