Saturday, February 27, 2010

It Figures

I decided to work today and not use leave time to go to The Boy's basketball game. Apparently, I missed a heck of a last game that got way out of control and the refs ended up calling the game with 5 min left in the first half. I guess the folks from Middleton take their basketball real serious. After discussing it with J, I though hey, is that the team who's kids wouldn't give up seats to parents wanting to watch their kids play, and J said, "yes, those are the ones." 
I went to the gym after work and am now up to 2.64 miles in 35 min. I am going to keep track for a while to see if I start improving any. 
The boys worn Miss Peanut Butter out she slept for 3 hrs this afternoon. I hope we can get her to bed tonight. I need to find some sort of nightlight for her. She says she is scared in her room. I can't take much more of the co-sleeping. There needs to be some sort of resolution.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pillowcase Fight

I wake Peanut Butter from her nap at daycare today and she tells me her blankie is stuck. I wonder what blankie she is talking about. I ask her what blankie and she is pointing. Her teacher comes over and says oh yeah, the pillowcases were naughty today they were hitting other kids. Apparently Ms. PB and 2 of her friends decided it was a good idea to whip each other with their pillowcases and had them taken away. All I could think was good lord don't let the boyfriend Jasper be involved in this. So I ask PB who she was having the pillowcase fight with and Jasper wasn't one of them. Apparently, he just likes to spit and shake hands.

At the gym yesterday I struggled on the treadmill since my shin splints were acting up and then my calves started to hurt. After it was said and done this guy said to me, you put in a good work out, keep it up. I don't know if he was patronizing me, but he seemed sincere and I actually felt much better about the pain I was in. I talked it over with my physical therapist, the one who works at the big house with me, and he suggested making sure to stretch out where the muscles meet the heel. I will give that a try and hopefully that will help some.

My nursing friends at work are going to do this crazy hgc diet where you take hormones and then go on a 500 calorie a day diet for 3 weeks. I was like hell to the no. 500 calories that is like a half pint of milk and 2 cookies with maybe a piece of chocolate. Seriously, I said to these medical professionals, this cannot be safe and she said well the folks in my church are doing it and are losing like a pound a day. I still don't know how this could be safe.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Some Randomness

I haven't just written in a while so here goes  some spew. 
J laughed at me when I told him I was going to get my thyroid checked like I was thinking it is going to be a magic cure. He seems to think that the Dr will find some reason to put me on some sort of medication because that is all they do in his mind. I'm sure this is the reason he hasn't gone in to get snipped is because they will of course find something to prescribe him on top of the painkillers.
We are almost done with Basketball, tomorrow is the big city tournament and next weekend is the last away one. I don't think I am going to take off of work for it though. It will be different next year not having somewhere to be almost every weekend for some sort of sport since The Boy moves into High School. But as J says, the girl isn't too far from starting, good lord.
Peanut Butter is on to the spitting, giving raspberries phase and truthfully I am so sick of it. The only funny thing that came out of it is she came up to me one day and grabbed my hand spit in hers, spit in mine, and shook it. Like we were making a deal of some sort. I asked her where she got this from and she said Jasper. Jasper is a boy in her daycare that she was afraid of because he had pushed her or something when she first started in the room she is in now. J asked her about Jasper today and she very quickly said, "boyfriend" and hid behind me. I asked her if she said boy friend and she said, "NOOO." Hmmmm. She showed J the spit hand shake and he said that's what boys do. So I don't know if the whole handshake thing is related to the spitting in general as in another cool boy thing Jasper showed her or what. But you tell her anything she doesn't like and she spits.
Is Peanut Butter the only 3 year old that enjoys Harry Potter? For some reason she likes to watch any of the movies. I don't know what kind of damage I am doing by letting her watch, but I think most of them are PG anyway.
A old friend got in contact with me via face and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I had abandoned the relationship when I felt it was getting toxic for me, as in I could not give anymore. I don't know how far I want to take this. It has been about 10 years so maybe things have changed, I don't know whether or not to put it all out there to her how I feel or just tread lightly.
One would think if they had their cell, playstation, and computer privileges taken away they would make some sort of effort to get their grade up, or at least turn in their missing assignments. The Boy just doesn't get it. We have been on his hinder for 3 years now trying to get him to understand the importance of getting his homework turned in on time. I also don't understand why the teachers continually let him turn it in late. What is this teaching him. He also did horribly on a math test which I don't know how much he can make up. Math was one of his best subjects and he bragged about how high he tested on the aptitude test and now his grade is in the crapper. His excuse was he isn't understanding the material. If you aren't getting it, say something, then we might not be in shock when we check grades. I might be less pissed if he actually did something other than go to school, watch tv, play playstation, text on his cell, and play sports, but he doesn't make any attempt to help out in any way. He won't even make his own bed.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Photostory Friday: Disney Princesses on Ice

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Lolli

2 ticket to Disney on Ice $48
Parking $6
1 Princesses coloring book $5
1 Ariel necklace that broke before the show was over $18
1 Bag of Cotton Candy with plastic Mouse Ears crown $10
1 box of popcorn $7
1 pretzel $3
A wonderful night with my daughter, priceless.


 This was the only good photo I got of Peanut Butter while we were there and it was on my cell phone, I wanted to text a photo to my husband while we were there. She is in the I'm not going to let you take my picture phase. I wasn't sure how good our seats were going to be, but ....

 They were pretty darn good. See those people there 2 rows in front of me, they paid $56 a ticket. We had a great time. At time Peanut Butter thought the music was too loud, but she was enthralled the entire time. I am really glad I decided to take her. 

We saw all the Princesses, except for Tiana, but I didn't think she was going to be there. Peanut Butter didn't even notice her favorite didn't perform. We did get to see Snow White up pretty close, as everyone screamed for her not to eat the apple.


We even got a good view of Prince Charming's Lord trying to find a Cinderella.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Getting it Together

I have just been dragging as of late. I have barely been getting through this week. Thankfully I have had a short work week this week and tomorrow is Friday and I have 4 wonderful days off after that. I have been keeping a pretty good workout track record in spite of being so run down. I actually impressed myself on the treadmill today being able to alternate 1 min of walk 3.6mph and 1min of run 6 mph for 25 min. I can finally do 2 miles in less than 26 min. I'm sure people think I'm a little crazy going up and down on there, but I've heard doing the spurts is good. Some day I'll just run, someday. I have been doing classes as I can fit them in on my days off and doing the  last chance workout dvd. I think I am going to have my thyroid checked since I have been actually working out more since Sept, with the exception on December when I had my pity party month and haven't seen a significant change except up. I have quite a few of the symptoms, so I figure why not.

Friday, February 12, 2010

PhotoStory Friday: What a Toddler Finds Interesting

For Christmas we got Peanut Butter a kids digital camera, since she started to take a liking to mine and I was worried about her dropping it. She likes it, I wish we would have looked into it a bit more, since unless it is really bright it doesn't seem to take very good photos even with a flash. Peanut Butter does find some interesting things to photgraph though.
 This is Backpack, one of two that Peanut Butter fills with items she is going to take with her on the airplane to the North Pole to see Santa. Almost 2 months since Christmas and she is still obsessed with Santa.

A shot of Mama before she leaves for a little bit.

This was one of a few of Miss PB's foot. I have no idea what intrigued her about her foot, but it is now documented.

Surprisingly she actually took some fairly good shots during her brother's basketball game. The boys seemed to like the camera themselves and took quite a few photos themselves. They also found it fun to roll the camera trying to get it to stand up. I think they were even playing the 2 games that come on it. 

We had about 50 shots like this. Peanut Butter seems to like to shoot photos of the floor and her feet.
PhotoStory Friday

Friday, February 5, 2010

PhotoStory Friday: What is Cooking

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Robyn

A fellow blogger, Fishsticks and Fireflies was discussing one day how she has become a pizza snob because she  makes her own pizza most of the time. I thought, hey, maybe I should do this. The first couple times I used store bought dough. But I have found a whole wheat crust recipe that I can make in the bread maker. Less kneading for me is always a plus. Peanut Butter loves to help put the toppings on.

She also tries to eat all of the toppings before they get on the pizza. I have to keep my eye on her or she will have half of the ones on the pizza eaten as I get another type to put on. She will just say, "mmm that's good Mama." and you know she has eaten 4 or 5 of whatever it is.

A shot of our jam packed pizza, with sausage, peperoni, green peppers, black olives and half green olives before it hits the oven.

The finished product. I really like making our own. I just need to find a sauce recipe that I like and it will practically be all homemade. Peanut Butter, our resident topping only eater, even eats some of the crust on this bad boy. 

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wake Up Call

I had to go to the Doctor yesterday for a follow up and when I got on the scale I about died. I must have be delusional thinking I had only gained back 10 pounds from last year, not even close I was up almost 20. I don't know what to think. I had thought I was exercising more and building more muscle, but apparently not. I went to the Y today and did Totally Toned which was a 50 min program, which I thought wasn't too hard since it was easier than doing Jillian, and then I walked for 25 min on the treadmill. Holy cow did I get sore after about an hour of being home. I am going to try and take some more classes and hopefully mix things up a bit. A friend of mine at work wants to meet when we can to do some of them and get our girls together for swim lessons and maybe tumbling. I do know I have not been walking like I used to a year ago, I used to walk a lot on my breaks at work and get almost 3 miles in there. I think I'm going to have start doing that again. I may also take tai chi at the Y. I should probably get more out of my membership than I have been. I was hoping that giving up the Diet Coke would have made some difference since I felt like it had, maybe it did maybe I weighed even more at the beginning of Jan.

On another note, the same friend I mention before asked if I was going to take Peanut Butter to the Princesses on Ice in Milwaukee. I sadly said I didn't think so since cash was a little tight. But I looked it up again online and they are going to be in Green Bay next weekend and the tickets are actually cheaper there and I should have our tax money back and a payday so I think I am going to take her next Thurs. The drive to either one is comparable so I don't mind having to go to Green Bay. Parking is probably cheaper too. PB has been begging me to take her skating before I had even brought up the Disney on Ice. I may have to look into if they have open skate at the family center here in town. She thinks she wants to do ballet on ice.