Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wednesday Wonderings

I wonder why Blue's Clues is like crack for Miss Peanut Butter, all day long "coos, coos." She even know we have them tivoed and grabs the remote and points at the buttons "coos coos". There are worse shows, but the love I have for Blue is turning into loathe.

I wonder when I'll get of my arse and run again. I just haven't had it in me. I have done my prerequisite walking in place of the running. Jessica's talking about rollerblading has me itching to rollerblade. My Dad said he is going to send me mine.

I wonder what I should get J for his birthday on Saturday? I have no idea.

I wonder what my dog would look like shaved? I am sick of the dog hair. I may have to have him groomed at the kennel next weekend.


Michelle Leigh said...

I don't think it will last, Annika was obsessed with Blues Clues too at one point and boy did I get tired of it. Then she'll move on to something more obnoxious! Fun stuff!

jessica said...

i'm terrible, i haven't even gone rollerblading! two days of rain right now though... ugh.

jules said...

Isn't funny how you can love watching a show with your child and then you hear a song one day and your disgusted.... Emily LOVES the wiggles and I loved singing and dancing with her......But now I would die Happy if I never heard another wiggles song :)

Does your daughter like Caillou?? He drives me nuts, he's so whiney.

Amy said...

Don't shave your dog!!! Shaved dogs look scary! Have you been running?