Monday, June 16, 2008


Miss Peanut Butter woke up at 5 this morning, thinking nothing of it, I handed her her nuk and went back to sleep and so did she until about 7 when J brought her into our bed and she was full of hi's. I took her down stairs and changed her to realize she probably needed changed at 5 and had the runs again, but not only that, she then broke out in hives all over her body. it was crazy. Her nose looked like someone broke it; it was purple. I'm in a panic and ask J if I should take her to urgent care, or wait til the dr's office opens in 15 min. He says wait and call. I take her in and by the time we get in, it has pretty much subsided. The Dr figures it's food related, but I have no idea to what. And she had this before when she had the runs. I'm racking my brain to think of a common food it could be, I know it's not strawberries or peanut butter. (she didn't eat either yesterday.)
I then attempted to shop with her and man o man I don't think this is going to happen very much anymore. Why I try to keep an on the go kid in a cart is beyond me. I even tried the huge, monster cart at target and that didn't work. Thankfully all the food samples at whole foods kept her busy in there. She was double fisting strawberries.


Amy said...

I hope you get everything all figured out with respect to her hives. =)

Cecily R said...

Food allergies are hard. It's so hard to figure out where the problems start!! I hope you figure it out soon!!

I can't shop with my kids either.

She is adorable.

jessica said...

oh crap. food allergies. could she have had something with peanut oil in it? argh! sorry, that ain't any fun!

Michelle Leigh said...

Poor thing! I hope you figure out what she had. That sucks.

April said...

Oh no! Did you possibly change a detergent or something along those lines? Maybe that could be irritating her skin?

Cassandra said...

We take hives seriously! I get them in my nose and on my lips (so does my mom)-- my cousins have hereditary angioedema. It is severe. My 19 year old second cousin died 11 days ago from it while in the hallway of the hospital ER. Seems they "lost the protocol" on how to deal with that type of hives/swelling. What is worse is that his mother worked with a task force to establish the protocol at that hospital since it is such a rare disorder.

I hope you figure out what triggered her hives. Spenecr got them once from my Dad eating crablegs and then picking SPencer up out of the highchair without washing the "crab oil" off of his hands first. Weird, huh?