Thursday, August 30, 2007

Not too much is happening here. We found someone to watch Peanut Butter in November so we can go to a Notre Dame game. I'm pretty excited. I can't believe how much hotels in south bend were going for. The holiday inn was $329 a night, with a 2 night minimum. That's insane. Any other night it's probably $100. Though I guess the Dells is like that too. It's like they know when schools have in service because those night during the week are twice as much. I really need a vacation no mater how small. I'm getting a little down being here all the time. I tried to get out for a while on Monday, they neighbor girl watched p.b. and she screamed the whole time I was gone. I had to come home early. Then she was all smiles when I walked in the door. I felt horrible she cried the whole time, and the neighbor wouldn't take any money because I had to come home. Her birthday is in a couple days. I'm going to send her a card with a gift card, since she goes back to college tomorrow.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Peanut Butter's Party

We had Peanut Butter's Birthday party yesterday. I think she had a lot of fun! She was still going strong at 9:00 pm. Quite a few people showed up and she received lots of toys that make noise. Thank god some of them have on\off switches. She got this interactive chair, it is so cute when she just walks up and sits in it. She has also figure out how to stand on it :) My Grandma came, it was good to see her. She is the only great grandparent left.

I ordered way too big of a cake. The size didn't look that big when the bakery person showed it to me, but in real life, huge. Now I have a bunch of cake, or sugary goodness as I'm been calling it, just sitting here begging to be eaten. I did have some for breakfast.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Rain, Rain Go Away!

It's been raining for 10 hours straight now. I can stop anytime. I had an empty bucket outside and I swear there is three inches of rain in it. I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow for Peanut Butter's party I just don't have enough room in the house for that many people. If it does rain we're going to try and work something out between the garage and canopies. I made one pan of lasagna tonite. It looks pretty good. I hope I have enough sauce for 2 more. It will be close.
Dog hair, I cannot take it anymore. I brushed the darn dog two days ago and got a shopping bag full of hair out. Yet it's still flying all over the house I have vacuumed 2-3 timed in the last 2 days and I will have to again tomorrow after the dog goes to the kennel. I think I might shave him. We had the carpet in the living room shampooed on Friday. What a waste of money; it looks horrible already. Maybe it will look better after I vacuum tomorrow, because I can see dog hair all over it. I can't wait to rip the crap out. It just doesn't stay or look clean after 2 days.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

So, I’m in a creative funk. I’ve been trying to scrapbook the last couple nights getting nothing accomplished. I end up watching more of Sex in the City on DVD; I’m though season 5, than scrapbooking. I think I’m just feeling over whelmed. I have so many photos that I want to do something with and the pressure to get something done. I did buy some new stash last week, which I hadn’t done in months. I love the new basic grey perhaps, very pretty, pinks and greens. I also bought a chipboard album. I wish I knew what to do with it.

On the home front, Peanut Butter’s birthday party is this weekend. I’m kind of stressing about it. I don’t know what to make for lunch. I don’t want to do the same ole hamburgers and brats, but I don’t know what to make for 30 people. I think I might go with lasagna since I can make 2 big pans fairly easy and I don’t really have to tend to it like the grill. I’ll have to talk it over with J and see what he says.

League baseball ended last night. They won their first game and lost the second in the league tournament. I might take a walk by the championship game tonight since I need to get out walking.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Out with a bang

The boys came through and won their last game today, 10-3. They really looked good and everybody was hitting. It seems they save their best for last. They did the same thing last year.

Peanut Butter seemed to have a pretty good day. She played most of the morning with our friends' boy. She babbled they whole way home, ate lunch, chilled in the stroller on the way to the fields and took a super nap after the game. The only bad thing was is another little girl pushed her down off a step. I was steaming. Her mom scolded her though so... but she's always a little meany.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

You win some you lose some

The boys won their fist game this morning, 10-5. Thing were looking up. Then they just couldn't hit the ball and lost 0-10 the second game, and lost a close one this afternoon. Their last game got rained out until tomorrow morning, but I have to work. There is a chance something might happen and they will play in the afternoon.

Peanut Butter was her usual busy self, running all over the place. I was afraid she'd never nap, but she finally took a nap at 4:30. But now at 8 she won't go to bed. She's yelling/babbling at J and the boy. They deciphered it to mean they're lazy. Must be because they are chillin' in the chair and on the couch.

I got a walk in earlier today, down to the fields and back. I've been slacking a bit on walking or any sort of exercise lately. I need to get back in the groove.

Friday, August 10, 2007

first post

Well, I’m blogging. Whether this is a good thing or not is yet to be seen. I’m hoping that this will be a place for my rants and raves. I suppose you’re wondering about the title. It’s a little thing between my daughter and me; I say, “Hey Peanut Butter, where’s Jelly?” and she laughs.

Where to begin? I think that is the hardest part of blogging. What do you start with? I guess I’ll just ramble off the top of my head.

Fourteen days, that’s when my Peanut Butter turns one. I can’t believe it’s been a whole year. It has gone way too fast. She’s a little mover, ever since she started walking she has been going nonstop. I have a feeling she may be a gymnast or something. She’s always trying to get higher, do somersaults, and lately it seems like she’s trying to do handstands. The ladies at daycare think she might be a star in the X Games because of all the crazy things she tries. She does try and use her car like a skateboard sometimes. Just as long as she doesn’t try that one jump, that I’m sure everyone’s seen where the guy just does a free fall after his skateboard gets away from him. Yikes!! I can’t believe he didn’t get hurt worse than he did.

This is our last weekend of tournament baseball and we’re hosting. I really enjoy watching the boys, but it gets to be a long summer going somewhere every weekend for baseball and since J(my husband) coaches, it’s every week night too for practices and league games. The tournament team is a bit like the Bad News Bears, they could be so good, but something just always goes wrong. It’s heartbreaking and frustrating all at the same time. I hope they pull it together this weekend. It’s supposed to be in the 90’s, so it will be HOT. I’ll probably walk down to the fields, so I’ll be sweating. Hopefully I can get some photos of the boys. It gets hard chasing the girl while trying to take pictures. Wednesday night she found the dugout and kept trying to run on in there. It could be she just kept hearing her daddy yelling and wanted to find him.

Well, how’s that for my first post. I don’t want to ramble on too much. I haven’t figured out the whole protocol on how long is too long, so I’ll sign off here.