Monday, June 2, 2008


I don't know if it is because I smushed a couple of these suckers yesterday or what, but I had a weird dream about them. It wasn't a full on arachnophobia house full spiders like a lot of my spider dreams are, but they popped out of no where. It was winter one moment and the next J was walking though a bunch of webs to get in the door our vacation home in gooberville. We don't even have a vacation home in gooberville unless you count the deer camp, and anyplace without running water doesn't count in my book. I was complaining about paying people to clean and the darn spiders still take over. YUK I hate it, it was all I could do to not think about J having a face full of spiderwebs all day. The other grossness I got to witness today is seeing the aftermath of a guy, who is older than Moses, get his skin wrung off his arm and have it just hang there. It was so gross.


April said...

Ok I totally can't even finish reading your post..I opened up your blog and as the spider image started to crawl I shrieked and had to get out of that screen.

Tranny Head said...

Man - I made the mistake last night of watching this show about killing vermin last night before I went to bed. I mean - it was about a bee infestation in which the guy had 75 lbs of honey in his roof because therew as such a huge colony. And there was a woman with bed bugs due to the fact that she bought a bed and sofa on Craigslist. Anyway, it thoroughly grossed me out before bed.

jules said...

YIKES...I flinched at the spider too!! I also hate spiders, Em & I found a HUGE one in the shower this morning...we sent him on his merry way though-UGH!!!

PS I saw that 'verminators' show last night...EEEWWWW

Amy said...

Matthew freaks over spiders - FREAKS!!!