Sunday, September 30, 2007


What ever happened to reading books? I am usually pretty good about reading books, but lately I just haven't had the attention span for a whole book. I've been a magazine junkie. I think I am up to date with all my favs at the library. The last two days I've read Book Lust and More Book Lust hoping to get some ideas for some books to read. I'm going to try and post my list of picks on
my 'to-read' shelf:

I've noticed the boy will not read unless he is forced and his grades are revealing that fact. His complaint is it takes so long to read. I tried to explain like anything else you have to practice to become better. I really wish I had pushed this earlier, but so should have his mom and dad. I was thinking about making him read for a half an hour after school here and then I believe his mom makes him read at home. We'll see. Peanut Butter loves to flip through her book and any magazines she can get her hands on, but she won't let you read them to her. I know Mr. Brown by heart so I can read that one to her as she flips, but she's more of a "my book" attitude right now. I feel horrible that I don't read more to her. I will have to try to read to her more.

Friday, September 28, 2007

5 years

It's J and my anniversary today. A whole five years, though we've been together for about eight years. It doesn't seem that long, which I'm guessing is a good thing. We're not bored with each other yet:) My sweetie gave me a certificate for a hot rock massage. He's the best.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Go Brewers

We went to the Brewer Game Monday. It was a pretty good time. There was a lot of hitting. The Brewers won. Peanut Butter was go, go, go. I took her up to the concourse a few time just to run around and boy did she run around. It's a good thing Nana and Papa were there to help chase her. J and the boy watched the game. My dad's friend caught a foul ball, while my dad was up getting something. He swore he was going to catch one and he probably would have if he was in his seat. You can click on the photos to see them larger.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I went in to work at 2 am Saturday morning so I would be able to leave at 2 pm, since my dad was was visiting. I napped for 30 min when I got home, so I ended up having one of those tired headaches that are just a pain. Badgers won, I was a little worried I couldn't fall asleep until I heard them score and go ahead. Peanut Butter ended up having the beginnings of the croup. The doc said we caught it before she got It seems like it has been a long weekend. I went into work at 2 am on saturday barky so it should be cleared up by tomorrow. She sounds a whole lot better already. I've been on the boy lately. I feel bad, but I also feel like I'm talking to a brick wall sometimes. I don't really know where to go from here. We are going to the Brewer game tomorrow night. My dad put together a group of the family to go. It should be a good time even though I don't agree with what goes on in the Majors. I had Tues and Weds off, hopefully I can get some stuff done. I got a inspired by the Sept/Oct issue of Simple Scrapbooks, and I rarely get that from that magazine. I bough outside the borders and wished I hadn't. I don't really like memory makers to begin with and this book by them was bad. I should've bought the dares book. Peanut Butter has figured out how to get up on the coffee table by pushing her car up and climbing up on top of that to get to the top of the table. She's a goof.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Early to Bed

Peanut butter went to bed so early tonite, About 7pm. She only had an hour nap at day care, so she was tired. She has some kind of cold thing, a really raspy voice and cough. She is into pointing at everything and always wanting up. I have a hard time saying no to her big brown eyes. She's pulling the dogs hair more and more. I'm surprised he puts up with it as much as he does.
I'm beginning to feel like the days are flashing by. I feel like nothing is getting done and I'll never find the time. I just had five days off and I didn't really accomplish anything. I did enjoy shopping with my mom, though. I don't know, maybe I'm just in a funk.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Oops! It's been a whole week since last posting. I wish I could say we've been really busy, but we haven't. Put some stuff in a rummage sale, made a little cash. I'll definitely have to do it in the spring. Peanut Butter and I went shopping with my Mom yesterday. A birthday celebration for the both of them. I think the girl has more clothes than I do. It's a shame they grow out of them so darn fast. We hit a pretty good sale at the children's place, so we stocked up. The boy had football yesterday they lost.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Today is the start of NFL football. I used to get excited, have my fantasy teams all set and have what I was sure were the winning picks. Now I haphazardly draft my team, I look at the picks and wing it. Though winging it did make me some money last year. I barely stayed awake for the first half of the Badger game last night and I cared about that. I’ll probably nap through most of the games today. Though I won’t even get home from work until 2:00 pm. Hopefully Peanut Butter will want to curl up with momma and we’ll take a little snooze. She’s been funny lately. She is really into peak-a-boo and giving things. She will not sit in a cart anymore. I have to put her in the basket. I feel like everyone is judging my by having her in there, but I’d rather have her standing up in there than trying to stand up from the seat, buckled in, as I’m grabbing an item. How she twists and turns to get out of that buckle. The boy had his first football game yesterday. It seemed to go well, but I was to busy chasing the girl to really get to watch it. I won’t get in to school yet, I’ll give him one more week to get adjusted. I just don’t know how one person can be so forgetful.

Monday, September 3, 2007

It’s Labor Day and here I sit laboring. Yes, I’m at work. I’m making time and a half and there isn’t really anything going on, but someone has to be here.

Peanut Butter has been running a fever. I had to come home from work on Friday and she still had it on Saturday. We took her in to urgent care, but they couldn’t find anything really wrong. She seemed to be a lot better on Sunday. She does have some back teeth coming in and I think it’s making her a bit cranky. She won’t let me put orajel on or give her Tylenol. I feel bad for her.

The boy starts middle school tomorrow. I’m a little worried for him. I don’t think he gets it. He hasn’t caught on to the fact he’s going to have to be more proactive and that people aren’t going to remind him to do things all day. I’m hoping he will be fine; he smart enough he just needs to apply it, or realize he is smart.

I attempted scrapbooking last night and all I did was watch 2 episodes of Carrie Bradshaw. Berger just broke up with her on a post it. I think I need to get the girls together so I can accomplish something. I’m so stuck right now.