Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Get the Lead Out

Can anyone explain to me how to get the darn lead out of my legs. I tried, really tried, running today and it felt like my legs were lead. Maybe it was all those donut holes I ate today, but I really had to push myself and I barely made it to the ball field, I even took the direct route, which is less than a mile and going home was worse, but I forced myself. Maybe I'm just not a runner. I'm really trying and I cannot break through this plateau. I don't know if it is because I'm pushing the stroller or what. I'm just really frustrated, I thought I would be further along by now. Pity party over.
Did any one see The Outsiders on ABC last night about the Amish and rumspringa when the kids in the late teens decide whether to stay or leave the Amish community. I forgot to tivo it. I hope they air it again. I know there is a documentary called the Devils Playground, but I haven't seen that either. I just thought it would be interesting.
Back to work tomorrow, it was a decent two days off. I think I might try the Zoo again next Thursday; The Boy said he wants to go, but had hunter's saftey this week.


jules said...

Oh I missed it too. I think it's going to be a summer series, maybe they will play it again. I know sometimes ABC replays things early in the am (like 1 or 2am) sound interesting.

April said...

I can't even get my ass to the gym (which is less than five minutes from my house!) so I would not be the best person to give advice.
Ooh, I wanna see that tv show! I LOVE watching the shows on the amish...I watched a documentary years ago about amish teenagers and it was very intersting!

conniecl said...
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conniecl said...

On the running --- you have been doing great --- you get out there and try, that's the most important aspect --- is being able to get yourself out there. I don't like running all that much -- I've tried it and just don't find it that fun--- therefore I bicycle or roller blade, which I find more fun -- or some other way to exercise. However, the benefit of running for you is it is easy to Peanut Butter. Maybe you need a bike and a trailer.

Motherhood for Dummies said...

I have never heard of "The Outsiders"

Dana said...

I can't run at all... My knees hyperextend... so when I stand, my knees bend slightly backwards. When I run, this causes all types of pain. I haven't tried to run since I was diagnosed, almost 10 years ago. I can run short distances, like down the block, but haven't tried to run a mile.

I caught part of the Outsiders... the part that I caught was interesting. But my bf was in control of the remote and I didn't get to watch much of it.