Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gooberville, A Perspective.

Since there is interest in where/what the hell Gooberville is I will give you my take. My Gooberville is Hurley, WI. I grew up there and have since move far away, well 4 hrs. I went to school there, The combined towns of Upson, Iron Belt, Pence, Montreal, Gile, Gurney, Saxon, Oma and Hurley make up one school which since my Senior year is now a K-12. Yep we all fit in one school and our mascot, the Midgets. I will admit for the most part growing up there wasn't too bad, except for everyone being in everyones business. It is small and while it is beautiful it is pretty much cut off from everywhere. It is 2 hrs from Duluth,MN, Wausau,WI, and Marquette,MI the closest "bigger"cities. For the most part it is know for its debauchery, ie drinking and whoring, and that still rings true, there are at least 20 bars in a 4 block stretch and the 4th block, known to locals as the lower block because it is at the bottom of a slight hill that runs into Michigan, is basically strip joints or as refined establishments call themselves, gentleman's clubs. This was all fine and good in my drinking days, but alas, I have given up the sport due to the pounding it has already taken on me. That being said there isn't a whole lot for me to do there anymore. I am not in touch with any of my friends from high school and my parents no longer live there. We do however own land there for J's deer hunting. He owns it with a guy that my brother graduated with who happens to work with us. It really can be a small freaking world. This said land is adjacent to the guy's parents house, which is where we end up staying. This is in the middle of no where. J is basically feels like one of the family, I however do not. They are extremely nice and generous, but I don't have the family fuzzies that J does. And our friend is the one that came up with the name Gooberville, because he, like me know the nostalgia wears off after a day or too. I am really craving Bell Chalet pizza, so I'm on the side of going and they are having the Third Annual Snake Hunt this weekend. Our weekend is to consist of dinner at the Bell on Friday, out to the campground on Friday after dinner to meet up with the guy's parents. I hope Peanut Butter isn't drawn to fire. Sat the boys are working in the woods all morning, I have to find a way to amuse ourselves I hear the new super walmart in Ironwood is the place to be. And a graduation party Sat night. I hope I haven't given too much fodder for Tranny's T.I.T. whenever she decides to do WI.

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jules said...

WOW, I can't imagine that. I guess being from CT, we're a little state with a lot of people.