Friday, October 30, 2009

PhotoStory Friday: Duck, Duck, Goose

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Carissa

Duck, Duck, Goose


Miss Peanut Butter enjoys waterfowl, she does not, however, differentiate the different species. She thinks they are all ducks. I will correct her and tell her the ones with the long necks are geese. "No, Mama. Ducks." We went round and round one day and I gave up. After seeing these guys up close and being told they were geese it started to sink in. I think.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Fun

J was out of town this past weekend and The Boy was watching Miss Peanut Butter while I was at work. His Mom had a Halloween party for work Sunday afternoon and took them both to it. PB had a great time. She could not wait to dig into her goodie bag when she got home. They had a fabulous set of wax teeth. She also felt the need to open every piece of candy she got. I opened a little box of nerds and she dumped them out all over as she was trying to pour them in her hand. She was also loving the stamps that they handed out. She had mummies, bats, and vampires all over her arms.

Friday, October 23, 2009

PhotoStory Friday: To Infinity and Beyond

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Kelli

There once was a little girl who loved everything princess. She could not decide what princess she would like to be for Halloween. Mom asked and asked again. Mom went on the Disney costume site with her every single day to look at the princesses and pick one, only to have her change her mind the next day. Princesses can be fickle sometimes. One day in a costume search of Ebay, the girl saw something that caught her eye. She saw a costume that would make her day even if it wasn't what she wanted to be for Halloween. The girl begged, "Mama." with her big brown eyes. Mom saw the price and said for six dollars I can make a deal.

Who knew we'd go to infinity and beyond?

Yes, this princess loving girl also has a thing for Buzz Lightyear. Can you blame her?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thoughts for Thursday: Homemade or Store Bought

What kind of costume are you doing this Halloween? I whenever Halloween comes around I love getting the parenting magazines with all the neat homemade costumes, but never think that I could make something that would look as good. I have to be honest and say I love the Old Navy animal costumes. Miss Peanut Butter was a monkey for her second Halloween and a skunk last year. This year Peanut Butter initially wanted to be a pirate and I found a cute costume online that I was going to order, but a couple weeks later a catalog with costumes in it came and PB was hell bent on being a princess. She didn't know which princess, but it was going to be a Disney princess. We ran through them all: Aurora, Cinderella, Mulan, Ariel, Belle, and Jasmine. She even took a stab at Tiana the newest princess, that costume, however, was 90 bucks, so that was not going to happen. It had seemed we might be going with Mulan until we were trying on costumes at Wally World and she wanted Ariel in THE worst way. I did not like any of the mermaid costumes I saw until I came upon a homemade one going for $55 dollars on Ebay. I thought hey, I can make that one and I did. Peanut Butter is pretty excited about it. I still need a few finishing touches, but I'm pretty happy with it.

I just hope it isn't truly freezing where she will have to wear more than a long sleeved shirt under it. So are you taking a stab at homemade or going with store bought? I won't be hatin' if it is store bought.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Saturday we braved the wind and headed out to the pumpkin patch. We tried a new farm this year, a coworker told me that we'd probably like it better than the one we usually go to. We drive almost an hour and what does Peanut Butter want to do? Play in the "sandbox."

She also attempted to feed the goats single kernels of corn. This farm didn't have feed to feed the goats.

They did, however, have a very neat Cinderella type carriage to play and pose for photos in.

The best part was a hayride out to the pumpkin patch, even though Peanut Butter thought the horses were stinky.

We trekked though the patch to the very top of the hill were most of the pumpkins were not picked over yet.

We picked out what we thought were the perfect pumpkins and waited for a ride back.

It was a nice change from the farm we usually go to. It was nice that our admission price included a pumpkin each too. They also have Wisconsin's largest corn maze, but we skipped that, 2 hours in a corn maze with PB might have been a bit much.

Friday, October 16, 2009

PhotoStory Friday: Any Ideas

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Carissa

This morning Peanut Butter asks if she can go swimming, which means she wants run around in her underwear like a crazy person. As I help her get her shirt off I see this:

She has scratched herself raw again. Yes again, she scratches herself raw at least once or twice a month. I am at my wits end on how to alleviate the itching. I have tried almost every cream under the sun. I have seen a dermatologist, who's famous last words were, "you have to live with it." I am going to try some primrose oil and go from there. If anyone has any other ideas let me know.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thoughts for Thursday: A Little Help Here

I find myself always just doing things because I figure I might as well do it and get it done with, or do it the way I know I want it done. I also can be impatient and well if I can do it now and not have to wait around for someone else I will. This nearly got me in more trouble than it would have been worth at work the other day. I went down by myself to deal with a person in an area where no one can really see you or hear you unless they are watching on camera. This woman didn't like what I had to say and ended up trying to punch me and such to where I had to wrestle her back in her room. There was a point where I should have got some help, but I was like I can just get this done myself. In hindsight that was really dumb. Do you find yourself doing things just so they get done or do you say, a little help here?

Friday, October 9, 2009

Photostory Friday: What Happens

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Angie

What happens when a not so girly girl has a girly girl.

That Mom embraces pink and pretends it is fuchsia and is slightly amazed when some of this color starts showing up in her own basic grey/black/brown wardrobe.

That Mom expands her princess knowledge to know most of the songs, due to constant rotation, uses the shimmer princess barbie collection as potty bribery, and is considering just a Mom and Daughter trip to Disneyland next year. (Yes, Land, we are not ready for the whole World yet and Florida just might be too humid for me.) This trip will I'm sure embrace all that is Princess.

That Mom gets a kick out of the dance moves the girl picks up from Glee and will probably put her in Movers and Groovers at the Y, even though her Father doesn't think that is such a good idea.

That Mom shakes her head when the girl puts on a menagerie of clothing and tries to show it off.

That Mom wears crowns and other such decorations to the delight of the girl.

That Mom passes of her dream of wearing all kinds of different shoes that do not come in ladies 11 or 12 on to her daughter.

That Mom is actually trying to figure out how she can swing the pink kitchen for Christmas.

That Mom happens to be me.

This Mom is also more than happy that her Daughter likes to kick the ball, shoot hoops, and try to whack a ball off the tee. She loves that she will get into the baseball equipment and go town. This Mom likes that her Daughter will get dirty in the sandbox and is proud when sand comes pouring out of her shoes from playing in one at daycare. This Mom even likes the fact that as much as she can't stand spiders, her daughter took a liking to one.

This Mom is happy her Daughter is a good mix of girly girl and rough and tumble.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thoughts for Thursday: Dying with Dignity

I have been mulling this over after taking the position I have at work where I work half to most of my days in what is considered a hospital unit. We currently have 3 full blown dementia/Alzheimer people on the unit. One doesn't even know how to use the toilet anymore and then will not get in the shower. I told J one day should I get like this PLEASE put me in the car in the garage with it running and shut the garage door. I cannot imagine having to live like that. I think if I can be of sound mind to make a decision to have a living will, I think I should be able to make a dementia/Alzheimer's clause also. I really don't even care if J should hire Jack Kevorkian to do the dirty work. I do not want to live having someone feed me, literally shower the crap off of me, or have to hide my medication in applesauce so I will take it in order not to fall any further down the crazy stairs. The only problem with this is when figuring out when, I mean I want to get the most out of this life, so I have to figure out what symptoms, in what combination, would have to qualify me for my little clause.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

PhotoStory Friday: PLEEEASE MOMMA

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Linds

See the pretty pink kitchen set in the catalog, well Peanut Butter is coveting it, hardcore. Please Momma. Please Momma. I tell her she has a kitchen set and she says, "I no like that kitchen." "See PINK!" Is this really my child? At one point I told her that she would have to talk to her daddy about the kitchen because he has the money. She ran upstairs and said, "Momma said you have money. Money please?" She had also had her heart set on being a "girl pirate" until this catalog came and now she wants to be Cinderella. Why o why did I let her look at the catalog? I will admit there is some neat stuff in it though. It is One Step Ahead or Leaps and Bounds should any of you want to take a peek.