Tuesday, June 24, 2008

22 Months

Peanut Butter is 2 months from turning 2.
Things she is up to now are:
  • Trouble:)
  • Learning words especially ones used in Blues Clues. She now loves yelling "MAIL!"
  • Climbing fences
  • Directions as which way we are going, not listening ones, maybe someday.
  • Playing with dolls.
  • Pointing at babies, she loves babies.
  • Not wanting to have her hair combed.
  • Pointing to parts of the body. She is enthralled by the cabbage patch doll's outie.
  • Throwing, the girl has an arm.
  • Not sitting in a shopping cart.
  • Pointing and saying, "wassat?"
  • No longer napping with Mama in the recliner on a regular basis, she has to be in the crib.
It is going so fast.


powerball lottery said...
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jules said...

They grow so fast. I can't believe mine will be 4 in Nov. You gotta love fighting to comb/brush their hair. Happy 22 months- peanut butter!!!

Michelle Leigh said...

It does go way too fast. Just wait, it will only go faster and she'll be talking sentences before you know it! She's so darn cute though!

Tranny Head said...

It DOES go at warp speed ... Sumo is almost one! It kills me and yet each age he is I think "this is the best age." I just hope it keeps getting better ... well ... until he's a teenager. *sigh*