Thursday, July 31, 2008

For Shady McBrady

For Mister Shady McBrady a new video.

Thoughts for Thursday: Mean Girls

After having Peanut Butter, I've noticed that girls can be just plain mean. I don't know if it is because females are just more social on the whole or what. I've noticed more girls relishing in the "we're not going to play with you." "That's mine." and the like. I don't see this as much with the boys that are playing, they seem to be more open to joiners and as long as getting dirty is the plan, they are all in. Is it something in the female DNA that gives us a tendancy to be socially mean? Is there wiring that makes us want to exclude a single person to make us feel better?
I know growing up I dealt with the "we're not your friend this week." "We're going to be mad at you for no other reason than because we can be and like to see you wonder why." I'm sure I even participated in someway or another at some point, but I related more to Winonas character in Heathers than a Heather. There were many a time I wondered, "What's your Damage?" This is probably why I ended up having more guy friends in high school. You never had to please them, they were just your friend. Sure guys have their bullies, but girls seem to go for the jugular when it comes down to it. Just take a look at sample of books on this topic
Queen Bees and Wannabees
Queen Bee Moms and Kingpin Dads
Mean Girls Grow Up
Odd Girl Out: The Hidden Aggression in Girls
Why do we feel the need to stomp on others to climb the social ladder? Is there any way out of this? I don't know, It seems to be prevalent through out time. I may have to check out a few of the books and prepare myself for the coming years.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Salad Recipe

I found it.

I was hoping I wouldn't have to type it out. I cheat a little. I use the precooked bacon chop it up and warm it in the pan. I slice grape a carton of grape tomatoes in half. I use a bag of defrosted frozen corn, I need one of those cob strippers. I haven't used the watercress either, I've used spinach leaves and arugula. I was hoping J didn't eat the rest of it today so we could have it for dinner again, but he did.

Mark Your Calendars

Harry Potter Nov. 12th. This was my favorite book in the series, I cannot wait.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I really am not a heat person and have been blissfully happy with the mild summer we have had. But of course things are heating up. I may have to get to the pool for the first time this summer in the next couple days.
I made the mistake of taking 2 days off from running. I walked 3 on Sunday and bumped my head and ran yesterday afternoon in the blazing sun. What was I thinking. I walked again today since it is pretty dang hot and muggy out. I don't know how peeps do it where it is really hot. I know they go in the mornings and evening when the sun is down. I just don't have the time to do it then. It all I can do to get up for work before 5am and by 9, I'm ready for bed.
Can I reiterate that I am read for baseball to be over. I do enjoy watching the game, but the time that it consumes from J gets to be a bit much. I'm going to take Peanut Butter down to the fields tonight just so she can have a chance to see him before she hits the hay.
I'm making Chicken salad with roasted potatoes and corn, a recipe from the Rachel Ray mag. I can't find a linky, but it is pretty good, a nice summer meal.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Weekend Round Up

It is still baseball season, my husband is nonexistent and I don't know how things ever got done before he was on the board since the people who are supposed to be in charge need him for every cotton pickin' thing. Sigh. Rant over for now.
I took The Boy and Peanut Butter to his game in Sun Prairie on Friday. J had to work on fields here in town for the Little League 9-10 District Tournament. He didn't miss much and neither did I as I chased the girl for 40 min as they got slaughtered. Saturday morning I take the 2 by myself again since he has to do fields again. The Boy's team won they had a big 15 run inning. It was pretty awesome to see them hit so well. It rarely happens like that. Before this game Miss Peanut Butter decided, she was going to make friends with one of the mean girls come hell or high water.

She states her case and says lets find trouble and they did. They actually played pretty well together seeing as they have their age difference. They decided the storage shed was a good place to get dirty and have fun. I actually got to watch a game. One dad said some thing about them being loud in there banging and I said, listen this is the first game I've actually seen more than an inning of. I took away the metal things they were banging with and all was good.

Another girl came over to join the fun and brought a cool refreshing strawberry lemonade cup and was sharing until her uber mean sister came over and yelled at her. Previously she was using PB's shortcake doll to kick across the lawn and tried to stare me down when I told her to stop. The girl was like 5. I decided to get the girls one of their own they could share, but they just sold out so I got her a cherry push pop, it was a red nightmare.

At the second game of the day the girls picked up where they left off. I though they were so cute on the table looking like they are discussing world events or something grand.

The Boy's team kept up the hitting and won 12-2. I did get to see bits and pieces of this game. They played again this morning and lost.

J made it down for this came and decided PB should learn to take book. Which is scoring for the non baseball peeps. J was all in a tizzy trying to figure out how he was going to watch PB this morning since I had to work. He hinted for me to call in sick, but I told him he could do one game, it wouldn't kill him. He managed and the girl is still alive, that is all that matters.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Haircut

Ok, so it's not that much different, maybe I can only style my hair one way, I think I'm being oh so different and trendy, but nope the same.

Reverisble Bird Seed Skirt GIVEAWAY!!!!

Reverisble Bird Seed Skirt GIVEAWAY!!!!

My daughter must have this, way too stinkin' cute.


Here's the troops after a big 15-0 win, they got all 15 runs in the bottom of the 3rd. I think it is our first 10 run rule game, that we won anyway. And I actually saw about 90% of the game. They 10 run ruled another team again later in the afternoon. It is awesome to see the bats working. They play again tomorrow, but I have to work, J is on his own with the girl. More to follow tomorrow.....

Friday, July 25, 2008

Photostory Friday

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

A Walk into New Territory

Thursday marked the 23rd month of Miss Peanut Butter's life. I cannot believe she will be 2 in a month. We are walking into new territories with this milestone. Words are forming fast and furious. We are attempting the potty training bit. Any suggestions in this area? She has a such love for babies right now. She is little miss independent, it needs to be her way. I am finding out that no is the answer for anything without a choice even if it is yes. She is always walking with purpose as fast as she can. She is my little spitfire and I love her with all my being.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thoughts for Thursday: Alcohol

I was reading Michelle's post yesterday about her wine of the week. I thought that would be a neat thing to try different wines and maybe learn the art of the wine so to speak, but it is something I just can't venture in. I know as soon as I acquired a taste for it, since I don't really like wine, it wouldn't be good.
After I found out I was pregnant with Peanut Butter, not being able to drink alcohol really made me assess my relationship with the stuff. I would not say I am an alcoholic in the sense that I have to drink everyday to maintain, but once I have one drink I find it very hard to stop. I get the sense that I have to fuel the fire until there is no turning back. I have more than likely consumed enough alcohol on instances that I probably should be dead. Can I have one drink and stop yes, but I have made a conscious decision not to even have "the one" anymore. I was also starting to get sick just by having one or two. I hate throwing up and to be throwing up after one or two the next day, wasn't worth it to me anymore. J doesn't always understand this and I don't think he could unless he's been there. Though he has mad the comment that I am like another one of our friends, who ironically grew up in the same town as I, that it has to be all or nothing. I think it does stem a bit from the way we learned how to drink. That friend and I learned by going to parties to get as messed up as you could, yet make it home my curfew and not get caught.
Alcohol is also so ingrained as part of socializing, I will say in WI not to offend any other Midwesterners, that people don't always get that "have just one," doesn't always work for some people. And it never seems to be just the one. Most of our friends know that I gave it up, the why maybe not, but I'm sure some have pretty good idea.
Do I miss it? Sometimes, but never waking up with a hangover is fantastic. I feel like an outcast sometimes, but I will deal with that. What will I tell Peanut Butter? Well, I would hope to at least teach her that slamming your way through drinks is hardly the way to go, that as alcohol has its place, it shouldn't be used as an escape or coping mechanism and having a few drinks responsibly can be done, but if you can't remember the party, how fun was it?
So do you think you "learn" how to drink? Do you think alcoholism can be hereditary? Any thoughts on the subject at all?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Plans, Potty, Hair, and Please.

Why is it that no one can tell me anyones plans? I was told The Boy would be with us all week while his mom is gone. The Boy gets a text and she says she'll be home around6-7. I answer the phone around 5 as I'm making dinner for the Boy and his friend and she asks for him, never telling me anything. Am I supposed to guess when she will be here, the boy never relays any information or it is followed by "I think" which as most people know in tween speak means: I haven't a clue I wasn't listening.
Miss Peanut Butter didn't want to wear her diaper this morning, so I decided to try having her wear the underwear and see how it goes. Amazingly she stayed dry and she ran up to me with a diaper when she had to go, so I sat her down on the potty and she went. She stayed dry until I put her in a diaper to go have lunch and get my hair chopped. I tried to get her back in the underwear after dinner but she wasn't having it. I had her in my lap and she did this head buck thing that always gets me square in the nose. Ouch. My head is pounding now.
I got my hair chopped and I think I like it. I showed her 3 photos and told her I was trying to grow out the bangs. I'll see if I can get a photo tomorrow since I never really like how she styles it and I attempted to run today. I have to walk back to the library since I forgot my stinkin' keys there. Argh. I knew something was up when I didn't have them at the grocery store.
The Boy's traveling team coach lives 3 doors down and feels the need to come by to talk to J. There is nothing like opening up the door to an older man with no shirt on who is a sun worshiper. He is all leathery and it grosses me out. He seems to think he's got it goin' on, but as he turned his back to me all I could think was are those cancer spots or moles. I think he bleaches his hair too and he has the chick magnet convertible. He was looking for some hats, I think he thought he could sneak them since he knew J wasn't home. The he was complaining about a kid being on the team that is 11 instead of 12, that we sneaked him on. Um you are the coach and you didn't look at any paperwork. The kid is good anyways and it isn't like he took someones spot everyone that tried out made it. He played with the boys last year too. This guy is one that is always trying to bring up younger kids in the regular league, I don't get it. The other thing he said that made no sense to me was he made fun of Austin riding his little bike to practice this morning, saying he should of gotten a ride with him, and then asks why he's not outside (smothered in crisco) enjoying the beautiful day. I don't get it. I thought about doing a picture like tranny does, but I don't have her mad skills.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Me and the Gang

J is off to a Union conference for the next three nights and The Boy's Mom is on vacation, so it is me and the gang for the next couple. The only thing that I am really dreading is dropping Miss Peanut Butter off at daycare Thursday and Friday. I managed to get a hour late in on Thursday, but Friday I will be upsetting some 3rd shifter by showing up just before I would be considered late. Such is life I guess. Why can't The Boy learn to change diapers?
I am going to start potty training PB one of these days. I bought the potty, she has sat on it and one day she thought it belonged in her room and that's were it is now. I think my problem is I don't really know where to start or have had the time, which is sad really, to spend a whole day on this. We'll see.
Peanut Butter kissed a boy yesterday at the ball fields. He is the cutest thing, so I can't blame her. They played together last week and yesterday they ran up to each other and stood there staring and then PB leaned in and gave him a peck. It was too cute. His mom laughed and said, "just think in a few years we won't think this is so funny." Peanut Butter was baby crazy last night too. Everyone had their babies at the game last night. "Baby, Baby!" was all she kept saying.
I don't know if I caught a bug or have heat exhaustion like J thinks, but I feel like I'm hungover and I didn't get to have the fun associated with it. Last night when I was running I was cursing myself for taking 2 days off but on the way home I felt pretty good. I was completely drenched when I got home and had a pounding headache, which led to nausea and chills later in the evening. My joints were aching today and I just can't get enough sleep. Hopefully I'll be feeling better in the a.m.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Life in the Big Hou$e

Some inquiring minds wanted to know about how I got into this line of work, what was the craziest thing I've seen, what I wanted to be when I grew up and where did I meet my Husband.
Being a cage kicker was never on my what I want to be when I grow up list, I was on a hiatus from college in which I was majoring in political science w/ criminal justice a far cry from my original major Pharmacy. I was working a temp job for the state and they were offering the test for a permanent position. I went to the test site after being encouraged by my dad to try for the job. When I got there there was about 300 people in there for the 1 job and I said forget it, what else are they testing for. Hmm corrections that is fairly close to being a police officer, I think. I scored pretty high and ignored the first offer for and interview. I got a second request and at the time I was hurting for some real money and this was twice as much as I was making so I interviewed and got a job. I had 12 weeks of training and then welcome to the department. I worked 3rd shift for the first 5 mo and hated the guy I worked with and moved to 2nd. I currently work 1st which is 6am - 2pm but we are expected to be on post at 5:45 and leave at 1:45. The pay and the hours are the only real reason I stay. I was perusing the job bulletin today and right now I am home with Peanut Butter at 2pm. The only real part of her life I miss is from 8am to noon and she naps at daycare from 12-2. If I took a different job I'd have those wacky bankers hours that most people have and feel I'd miss out on more.
I have rotating days off, so I have Tues Weds this week, next week it is Thurs and Sat. We end up getting 4 day weekend over a weekend which is really nice even though it is every 8 weeks. Working 7 days straight stinks sometimes. By days5-7 I have a hard time getting out of bed and have a short fuse patience wise. J works M-F and holidays off. His hours flex between 10a-10p, but is usually 10a-6p which works out pretty nice. Because I have to work holidays I get those hours to use at my discretion, it is like getting another 2 weeks of vacation.
If you have seen any of the shows that show what it is like inside, I have maybe seen a small fraction of anything remotely close to stuff that goes on at those places and I do work at a max and have worked a separation building. I don't think I could work at most of those places. If you have seen the Green Mile, it where I work is more like that, without the executions. One of the hardest thing I find to deal with is being watched all the time, there are eyes everywhere.
The craziest things I have seen: a guy bite a chunk out of his arm, a guy tie off his baby makers because he wants to be a girl, a stomach being pumped(disgusting), a 8ftx8ft window completely covered in poop, golf clubs made from toilet paper, and my favorite, a guy who lived for weeks in his cell, naked, peeing on the floor until there was like an inch of it that he was walking all day around in. And he never slept. But they wouldn't consider him crazy, they said he was faking. A day or two and giving up is faking, weeks on end is craziness in my book. The guy completely snapped.
In this wonderful world, I met my husband. I couldn't stand him when we first met. I hated working with him, but he made friends with my friends, and one day it was love. I have yet to figure that one out, but here we are.
So there you have it in a nut shell.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Baseball, Target, and Shoosh

I was lucky enough to get vacation days for the weekend. The Boy had a baseball tournament in Fond Du Lac. Saturday it was pouring before their first game so it was on a time delay. In the hour we sat there waiting before they said it will be about 2 hrs before we get going, Peanut Butter managed to stretch her tank top so badly she was not longer covering much of anything. We took advantage of this delay to run to Target and pick up a new shirt and another shirt follow. Just as I get into shopping mode J calls and says where are you? We then rush to get the Method Naked cleaner and get on our way. My wallet is happy that Target is at least a 30 min drive. I love Target.
The boys lost their first game and won their second. I didn't see much of either one since Peanut Butter was trying to feed her concession stand addiction. It was looking like rain again during the second game and I took her back to the car. She pretended to drive and I got to actually watch the game even though it was at quite a distance. The Boy had a great hit. He's finally hitting the ball. Maybe because I told J to back off a bit. He liked to stand right by the batters box outside the fence and yell when The Boy is batting. I told him The Boy looks freaked out after every pitch looking at you when you do this. I noticed he stayed on the other side of the dug out during this hit, so I told J about this little bit of info and he stayed back on todays game too. The "we're a baseball family." wasn't cutting it for me. I love the game as much as he does, but I feel there are better ways to explain how to do things better than screaming at him as he bats. The bad thing about his team is they have a few misfits and hooligans, and could use a good ass chewing once in a while to keep them in line.

Today I had Peanut Butter bring her Nemo pail to try and keep her occupied and it worked to an extent. She seems to think that Nemo sounds pretty darn close to Elmo and interchanges the name. As you can see by her rosy cheeks it was a hot one. She worked on a bottle of water I had bought for myself. There is nothing like watching a toddler drain a $1.50 bottle of water in pure delight. I really need to buy a Sigg bottle soon.

At the end of the game, Peanut Butter thought these 2 girls might let her play with them. They are mean to her on regular league nights, I feel bad when PB tries to play with them and they are just bears to her. But live and learn I guess. I think a lot of the problem is she lacks the verbal skills, they don't understand her and think she is a baby. That's what I'm going with anyway. I wish she had someone to play with at games so she wasn't running to her dealers in the concession stand, forcing me to enable her:)

The Boy(#12) had a beautiful hit in his game today. For some reason the first base coach thought he actually had some speed, but alas, he doesn't and was thrown out at 2nd. But he got a run in anyway. They lost and the day was over early. We tried to get some pizza after the game, but Peanut Butter was a complete bear in the restaurant and we pretty much left as soon as the pizza hit the table. I blame it on J for ordering the Chicago style that takes at least a half an hour.
She was beat after all the sun and instantly fell asleep on the ride home.

These shoosh, as Peanut Butter calls them, caught my eye a couple of months ago at Target. I couldn't justify spending 12 dollars on them when she has a "couple" pairs already. But since they were marked down to 2.98, I felt they were priced right and splurged. Peanut Butter wanted them on right away, but since it was muddy at the fields I made her keep her other ones on. This afternoon she spotted them on the table and wanted to wear them. One keeps falling off for some reason, but she has had the other one on for hours.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Peanut Butter's Arrival: The Story of a Girl

On Thursday, August 24th, 2006, I was a day shy of my due date. J and I went to the hospital for my regular appointment around 9-10 am. I was hoping they were going to induce me when I went in. My nurse practitioner had offered the week before, but I was willing to wait. This day however I was feeling horrible. I was nauseous and really tired. I was swollen beyond swollen and when I stepped on the scale I had officially gained more than 50 pounds and about 5 since the last week. I had to pee for the protein count since they were worried about preeclampsia. I had my blood pressure taken and the nurse just left the room. I told J that they usually tell me what my blood pressure is, it must be higher today. In a rush, the NP comes in and asks how I'm feeling. I said nauseous. NP, "Well we think we are going to induce you, your blood pressure is high and we don't want to take any chances." She said they were going to send me over to the ward and put me on the monitor and give me the pitocin that evening and I should deliver in the morning. Wonderful.

I get all hooked up, J runs home to get my bag, some movies, and take care of some stuff. I sleep. The RN comes in and checks on me from time to time. J comes back and we start watching a movie. The RN comes in and says, "Are you doing alright?" Yep, just fine. "So you aren't feeling any of this?" Any what? "You are having some pretty good sets of contractions, looks like around 5 min apart." Really?! I don't feel a one. J looks at the print out and says looks like you've been having them a while. She gets the NP who then checks to see how dilated I am, and decides we wont be needing to induce, but doesn't quite feel a head down there. The sonogram machine is brought in and yep, Peanut Butter is breech. I get the options: we can try and turn her, but at this point there isn't a lot of fluid to work with or a c-section. I'll let you decide. J said just do the c-sect, do you really want them to try and turn her? I give them the news and they said great, we'll call in a team and get you ready. I call my Mom and let her know the deal since she was driving down. She asked when are they going to do it, I said I don't know, when the team gets here. As the RN come back and says we're ready to take you. I then said to my Mom, I guess now and I get wheeled out.
I get on the operating table and they give me the spinal. I really hated the spinal, but the anesthesiologist was a great guy, he was very reassuring during the whole thing telling me what was going on under the sheet in front of me. After they get my sliced open and have my guts hanging out, they remember that J is still waiting to come in outside. By this time in my pregnancy I have seen enough birthing story shows to either a) scare the bejesus out of some one or b) be prepared for anything. Option a) is settling in. Since they had never shown the actual c-sect and when they were doing them it was always an emergency, I am a little nervous at this point. I ask J is they started yet and he said oh yeah, your insides are hanging out. All I feel is tugging and some big tugging and then I hear the crying. The NP said, "You have a beautiful girl." At 7:15 pm, my Peanut Butter was born weighing 9lb 6oz and is 20 inches long. J gets to cut the cord and they take her away to clean her up and get my insides back in. As they wheel me out the night RN shoves Peanut Butter in my face like I should start making out with her and is reluctant to let me hold her. She freaks me out a bit. I go to recovery and sit for what seems to be the longest period of time. I then get to go back to my room. As they are taken my down the hallways they said, "oh we've changed your room too since your had a c-sect," so I end up going from the huge beatiful birthing room for my stay to a regular small one. I then get to hold Peanut Butter and the torture of trying to breastfeed begins. I didn't have a very positive experience with it and I will leave it at that. I was also one of those crazy moms who never let the baby leave the room, except for the hour or so the RNs needed to do their checks. I wanted to be with her the whole time. J was a trooper and slept in this uncomfortable chair for 3 nights. My Mom was a huge help. By Sunday I wanted out. I desperately wanted to go home, they got the Dr to ok it and we went home Sunday afternoon.
This story is brought to you by the request of the wonderful author of Fishsticks and Fireflies.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Photostory Friday

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

The Favre Fiassco

I will admit I have lived my whole life in Wisconsin, and only became a Packer fan after I met up with my husband. And really the only reason I am a fan is because of Favre. A group of used to take trips to away games until we all started having kids. We went to Arizona one year, Carolina another. J proposed to me during the Carolina game. That is a whole other story.

This is me at Lambeau for the Sunday game against Detroit in December 2005. We tailgated in the freezing cold before and after the game. I have been at games where it was so cold the top of your beer would freeze.

We managed to score 50 yard line tickets for the New Years Day game, Jan 1, 2006. It was probably a good thing I found out I was pregnant, since I more than likely would have been a bit hung over like J and the rest of the group we went out with the night before. I cannot tell you how awesome our seats were. We were like 10 rows from the bench. They played Seattle and won. A lot of people thought this was it, this was Favre's last game. Even the way he walked off the field, alone, waving, I thought that was the last time he will play. But he didn't he mulled over his decision until the last possible moment and said he was coming back. It was a little insane for a while, any little snip it was a big story on the news. Quite frankly it got a bit old.
Then last year he said I'm coming back fairly soon after the season ended.
We all know what happened next, Favre retires somewhat unexpectedly after a better than expected season. I thought he'd give it one more go, but I saw most of the press conference, more than once and he was hanging it up. I was a little surprised the decision came so quickly he had drawn it out before.
So, this is my perspective on the whole situation. The Packer big wigs said listen, we'd love to have you play out your contract, but we can't keep doing this are you or aren't you going to retire thing for months again. You need to decide one way or the other before so and so date. So Favre did, he decided he just didn't have it in him anymore. Was he just frustrated with how the season ended, well who knows.
Fast forward to recent weeks. Favre decides, you know maybe I'm not ready to hang it up, it's training camp time, I'm feeling ready recharged, whatever, He says he wants to play. Well management has gone forward getting Aaron Rodgers ready to fill Farve's spot. Farve says fine, release me, whatever, I don't really want to sit the bench and hold a clip board. I get that, but I have mixed feeling on the whole thing. Would I like to see him play again, yeah, but is his heart really in it? Would I want to see him traded or released, Hell no. J says yes and let him get his hinder kicked playing for some other team, but I don't really want to see him play for another team. I say once your contract runs out in 2 years, do what you want. If you want to play for the Pack, fight Rodgers for the job, that's fair right? I really, really think he's a great guy and all, but I think he's starting to make himself look like a real ass in his interviews. So there you have it.
Sorry the photos aren't the best.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thoughts for Thursday: Grocery Baggers

I was going to give Peanut Butters birth story in answers to my questions, because my thoughts is lame again. But J sucked up all my computer time and I had this written already. So Birth story will be Saturday unless I get a life by then.
I am one of those anal people when it comes to bagging my groceries. I realize teen boys across the land need a job, but maybe they need a training course or something. I would much prefer you stay the heck away from my groceries and let me do it myself. I try to give guidance I usually place everything on the belt as I want it bagged. Frozen items together, veggies & fruits together, bread/crushables together. I think you get my point. I now usually walk/run with the stroller to the grocery store so I have limited room in the basket, so I usually tell the baggers I will get it. They apparently like to ignore this and bag away cramming everything into the one canvas bag I brought, which I then empty out in front of them and repack so everything will fit in the stroller, which means some of the bigger items don't get put in a bag. Today I had to tell 3 different ones I will get it myself, and even then the check out girl wants to start bagging for me. I also hate when they see that I brought my nice enviro friendly bags with me and still want to shove items into a plastic bag to put it in my canvas bag. WTF is the point of this?? This is the one thing about wally world that I like, self check out. I swipe it and it goes exactly where I want it to go and in what order I want it. Oh and the check out girl forgot to swipe my freaking rewards card and I missed out on like 10 cents off a gallon of gas. That was an extra dollar fifty for the girl's concession stand addiction.
Am I the only crazy person when it come to bagging groceries, or do you dislike the bagging chaos too?

By the way my opinions on Brett Favre will be posted during tomorrows Photostory Friday for those inquiring minds.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Whatcha Want to Know Wednesday

Since I have nothing new to report. I though I'd give anyone out there a chance to ask me questions about what they might want to know about me and mine. Yes, you can ask me about work, but it's not like I work at $an Quentin, so no, I haven't seen a bloody gang fight on the yard. Answers to follow in a future post.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back to Work After a Looong Weekend

After 5 wonderful days off, I had to return to work today. Peanut Butter being spoiled by having mommy in the mornings was apparently a nightmare this morning. I can't say that I feel bad for J having to deal with it either.
I'm debating whether or not to have a rummage sale this Saturday. I can only put it off for so long, and I could really use the funds. I have all of the kids clothes marked, I just have some of The Boys toys and the big baby items to tag.
I had to post a couple photos of the Peanut Butter from the weekend. Nana bought her the cute little dress in the first photo in Belgium, I believe. We met Nana that night for dinner and a game of chase me in the parking lot. The other is her stuffing her face with concession stand yumminess and of course has my wallet out for "more".

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Zoo and Perfect Mom Panera Hell

I took The Boy and Peanut Butter to the zoo today. It was a pretty good time. Peanut Butter walked almost the whole park. I forced her in the stroller once to get us back around without it taking 20 min since we only had 2 hr parking. Her favorite animals seems to be the seals. She can sit and watch them forever, that is until they start barking/growling. This freaked her out and the seals weren't as fun any more. On our way out the lions had moved off of their sleepy rocks and came up to the observation window. I don't think I realized how big they were until I was 2 feet from one. Huge!
By the time we got out of the zoo, Peanut Butter was not only hungry, but tired and a wee bit cranky, so why not do lunch. We went to Panera and made the mistake of sitting in the section that had the "perfect" moms with their sons who were 2-3 years old, two tables away gushing "what big eaters" they had today. Peanut Butter got a little fussy at one point and I'll admit it, she was a little loud. So one of the mothers made the point to very loudly say, "see boys when someone is loud when you are trying to eat it is very annoying!" Seriously? I really have never had a problem with someone else's kid being loud. I have felt their pain, but would never have said something loud enough so you got my point, but hiding behind my own freaking kid. I wanted to go up to that biatch and give her a piece of my mind, but of course she ran to the bathroom when we were getting up to leave. I made sure to let the other mom know we were more than sorry for annoying them.
Peanut Butter and I went down to The Boy's baseball game. She enjoys the concession stand more than anything and is a bottomless pit to the garbage they sell. Tonight knowing full well we were going down to the fields, she refused to eat much of her dinner and at the field proceeded to eat a cup of ice cream, half a ring pop, M&Ms, and a small bag of fritos and was still signing more and eat. I'm a sucker.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Tough One

We played our big rivals in the district tournament last night. It was a pretty good game. If only our boys could keep it together for a whole six innings. They had a bad inning and Waupun went up 9-1, and never looked back Our team has never beaten them, and just once I'd like to see it happen. I'm sure we'll face them a couple more times this year. They are just one of those teams you really want to beat. Our neighbor's son's Mom said at one of the games they played in Waupun this year they lost and one of the people in their stands yelled, "you can just go home now." Nice huh. Hopefully the boys will quite screwing around a focus a bit and win one today.

The boy eked out a hit in the 5th and got on base. J has this thing for the zoom and doesn't understand it makes the photos all grainy. Surprisingly, Peanut Butter stayed somewhat put in the bleachers and I got to watch most of the game. I'm trying new ways to keep her busy.
She played with the water bottles. She seems to like to try and stack them, move them from one end of the bleachers to another, and since these ones had the squirt tops, she squeezed water all over.
She ate up the frozen yogurt the day before, but today she thought the little peeps elephant might like a taste. I never would have thought to freeze the squeezable yogurts, but I am going to now.
Apparently the huge crowd of about 15 of us in the stands was too loud for Peanut Butter and she had to plug her ears. She also does this when she doesn't want to listen, I don't know where she got it from, but sometimes it is too cute not to laugh.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Photostory Friday

PhotoStory Friday
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Daddy's Girl

I know I just posted this photo on Tuesday, but I like it. This is the famous Peanut Butter on her Daddy's shoulders walking to Miller Park for the Brewer Game. She loves riding on his shoulders. She laughs, pats his head, and waves to people. She is also a little Daddy's girl, J may not admit it, but she gets so excited when he comes home from work, she runs to him when we see him at the ball field and she doesn't try to get away with as much with him. I haven't figured out the secret to the last one.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thoughts for Thursday: Choosing A Photographer

Peanut Butter is coming up on the big 2 and I'd like to get some professional shots done. I don't really want the JCPenny or the equivalent look. I was considering going back to the folks who did her year in photos, but they were not the friendliest folks on her last session. I understand that shooting a one year old who is mobile can be difficult, but to yell at me about it during the shoot, I didn't think appropriate. I have almost considered driving to Minnesota to have Jessica take some shots. I don't know if it is possible for her to take a bad photo. I have been mulling over Kayla, she is local and I "know" her from the cyber world. I should make up my mind here pretty soon. How did you find that photographer you love? Word of mouth? Searching one out? Know anyone in southern Wisconsin that I should look up?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mental Health Day

This morning around 10 I realized I need a mental health day, and by gosh, I think tomorrow is it. I was up a little earlier than normal today since J was working the same shift as me, which means we also have to get Peanut Butter up at the arse crack of dawn. She must have know what was up, since she woke up as I was about to get my shoes on and then get her going. Surprisingly, she was almost raring to go, where as I was still draggin' arse about 10 am. Thankfully J dropped her off at daycare since that is pure torture for me. After eating a delish blueberry muffin that I picked up at a farmers market yesterday, I was ready to deal with the incarcerated masses. That is until one inmate decided, hell, I'm going to get on ol' girl's nerves today, and quite frankly he did. Word of advice to peeps who might find themselves on the wrong side of the law, don't get on someone's nerves, keep yourself on the downlow and don't make waves. Once you put yourself out there, you are fair game and for the most part the "good guys" are going to win any game you want to start playing. After a fun filled day of felons, I picked up Peanut Butter and she was not getting up from her nap. I carried her out to the car and was praying we could get a little nap time together and I could catch up a little on sleep. Peanut Butter had other plans, she waited until I drifted off a bit in the chair with her, climbed on my chest and gave me a big bear hug, and decided it was time to start the cycle of play, pull mama around, cry, and a tantrum, repeat, for the next 3 hours until daddy came home, then she took a short break and continued. I told J I needed a mental health day and he told me to suck it up. After an hour and a half, he caved and said ok, I get it, make it a 5 day weekend. So I am. Peanut Butter has to go to daycare tomorrow for 5 hrs and i am going to take full advantage of it. I need to shop a bit, return a few items and maybe, possibly, a nap myself. It will be heaven. Call me a bad mom if you want, but I need a break, even if it is just for 5 hours.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Brewer Game

I knew going in that the baseball game may pose a challenge with Miss Peanut Butter, but against my better judgment, we took her and didn't fork over money for another seat since she gets in free being under two. I don't know if having a seat would have matter, since she was all over the place, but the extra space might have. I let her run around on the concourse before the game started, hoping to get the running out of her system. I even tried to shop with her; she thought it was fun to throw souvenir balls at people, I figured we'd better get out while we still could. I found a flower for her and stood in line to checkout for eons. By the time we left the shop, I was a sweaty mess and so was PB. We headed to out seats and she was fine until The Boy came and sat down with his brat, then she wanted to eat. "Eat, Eat," she kept saying until I gave in. We went up and got a brat. She was fairly good from that point. She played with her flower and got passed between our laps for a few innings. I tried to get her to watch a little baseball, but since Blue wasn't playing she wasn't having it. It was extremely hot and humid in the park, almost like sitting in a sauna. I figured Peanut Butter needed a run around break and ice cream was in order. We mowed down that 4 dollar dish of ice cream like there was no tomorrow and got to do PB's new favorite thing, wash our hands in the sink. We went back to sit and J said after the 7th inning we'll take off. The Brew Crew was down 4 runs and it wasn't looking like they were going to start anything anytime soon, that is until we got to the car and turned the radio on. They loaded up the bases at one point, but hit into a double play, but then Fielder hit a homer and they were only down by one. It also started pouring at this point, so I was glad we had left; the happy, giggly little ride on Daddy's shoulders back to the car would have been a nightmare. But that was the last hurrah for the Brewers anyhow and they lost 4-3. All of the excitement some how did not put Peanut Butter to sleep instantly; she fought sleep watching Blue's Clues the hour or so drive home. I think it will be next season before we attempt to bring her to a game again, maybe by then a little more of her wiggles with have wiggled out of her.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Weekend Round Up

For the Fourth, a bunch of us got together at a friend's house. They fried up wings in the turkey fryer. J did this for the Super Bowl and people loved it so they decided to give it a whirl. People hung out and talked. I didn't realize it until the next day that I was so busy watching Peanut Butter, that I hardly talked to anyone. When we showed up their dog pummeled Peanut Butter. He was trying to show her some love, but went over board. But once he was kenneled she went over by him and pet him through the fence. They had him out later in the evening and he pummeled her again inside the house. She wasn't amused. They shot of the town fireworks from across the street. PB had been oohing at some being shot off illegally across the way, but when the big booms when off, she curled up in my arms and wasn't having any of it, didn't even want to peek. She caught a few of the quieter ones, but it wasn't what I had expected.
I had to work yesterday and today, we finally made it to the park this evening after a bug fueled hiatus, they were out, but not nearly as bad as last week. I pick up the bad mommy award. PB was on the swings and these ones are 3 feet off of the ground for some odd reason. But she decides she needs to stand up in the one she is swinging in, before I could grab her, Boom, she fell out. Needless to say that ended the trip to the park. Thankfully she landed in the 5 inches of sand they have and no damage was done, except scaring the bejesus out of herself.
We are off to a Brewer game tomorrow night. I hope we don't get home too late, 4:45 am comes awfully early when we do.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Photostory Friday

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek


This is a photo of my daughter, @ about 20 months, that I took on out first official trip to the park. She had been on swings before, but this was her first chance to go on the slide and do her favorite thing-climb. J and I both have come to realize that this girl is fearless. She will not let anything get in her way if she wants to get somewhere. She has the smarts so push thing over to climb up on, she will flip over rubbermaid totes and climb up on those, and she seems to have super human strength in her arms to be able to pull herself up on to anything.
While we were at the park, I thought nothing of this little apparatus, I figured she wouldn't attempt it, that she wasn't even big enough should she want to try. Boy, was I wrong. She took on each beam with the precision of a skilled climber. Had I not been too worried about her cracking her skull, she was going to attempt to stand on the top one to walk over to the platform. She's not quite steady enough for that one.
I think it is great that she is fearless, she is the total opposite of her brother in this regard. I just hope as she grows up she will find kicks doing adventurous things: gymnastics, snowboarding, rock climbing. I hope she is like my brother in this department or like Shawn White, who I had seen a story on about his fearlessness and how snowboarding fills that outlet. I hope she won't need something else to test her limits.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Little Me Time

Peanut Butter is indeed a chip of the ol' block. She has to be the only kid I know who likes Salt and Vinegar kettle chips. She's eats 'em up like her Mama.

J is working 4 am to noon tomorrow and is then going golfing. He has given me the privilage of going shopping by myself when he gets done which will probably be around 4:30. I'm really torn here. I really need some me shopping time and time to actually look at the items I'm putting in my cart. I actually ordered diapers online last week just to I wouldn't have to deal with the hassle of taking PB to the store. I on the other hand feel bad that I am not spending my whole day off with her. I have to keep telling myself I am going to go crazy if I don't take a little time even if it is only a few hours. With J being gone most evenings, I've been feeling very lonely, bordering on depressed to be honest. His baby's mama tried to hold a conversation with me the other night and I had nothing. I think she thought I was blowing her off, but I was just a blank page and more worried about where PB was running off to. I haven't even watched anything not resembling Noggin in 4 days except 10 min of the 10pm news, as I fall asleep. PB and I even watched Ratatoullie again last night.
I know I need this, I have to do this, I will leave PB for a few hours and be okay with it. Remind me to repeat this tomorrow at 4.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hardcore or Delusional

I was having a pretty blah day and decided I would walk down to one of the fields J was umping at. I stopped at the library first and then was crazy and decided I should run at least to the field. As we get going, another Mom, with a stroller and her daughter walking with her, says to her daughter, " Let her through, she's hardcore and is running." Though I am far from hardcore, this little comment got me through a whole mile to the field. I stopped said hi to J and was going to let Peanut Butter play at the teeny park, but man-o-live with all the rain we got the the last month, the bugs are horrible. I had to put PB back in the stroller against her will and set off for home. Trying to save time I said just run the flipping thing. So block by block with a couple walk breaks I gaver, because I'm hardcore like that. I had to stop for a light which is right before the big uphill slope home and the bugs are buzzing and I pushed through to the top. I think I actually got what they call a runners high at the top. So either I was hardcore today by actually running 2.5 miles or just delusional.