Friday, March 28, 2008

A late easter basket

In my childless shopping adventure yesterday, I found the cutest basket on clearance at Target. I had to get it, my rational was I'll save it for next year, and 1.99, hey that's a deal from 7.99. But of course I cannot wait until next easter to give it to her. This morning she unpacked all of her hidden goodies from the seat of her car, including the plastic eggs my mom sent, and placed them in the basket and decided to go for a drive. It was hilarious. She really likes that basket, and now I feel bad since I didn't properly do the whole easter thing because I didn't think she's get it.
We trekked to Wally World today, I got my haircut while I had the boy chase after Peanut Butter, who decided the salon was the prefect place to throw as many tantrums as possible, but of course waved and blew kisses at everyone as we were leaving as to say, "I'm sorry about the screaming, love ya." We did lunch and napped it was wonderful. The best part of my days off is nap time. I love me a good nap.
We went over to a friends house to watch the Badgers get their asses handed to them in the basketball tournament. Yes, I'm a bit bitter, I have no one left to cheer for. Duke and Marquette lost last weekend. Our friends have a daughter who is 2 and PB went to town playing with all of her toys. The poor girl was at a loss on how to react. She did the normal, mine and pushing. PB brushed it off and had a great time. Our friend was like welcome to the terrible two's. I said hey, I dealt with that stuff all morning. PB ain't always this good humored. But i'm sure she'll sleep good tonite, she played her heart out.

translator please

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thoughts for Thursday: Simple or Guilty Pleasures

Ah, those little things that seem so simple, but are so rewarding in a way. They can be taken for granted sometimes and be given as a treat other times. I took off work today because I knew Peanut Butter was scheduled for day care and I would be able to grocery and Target shop on my own. It was pure bliss, no crying because her nuk fell out in the car. No eating packaging or items through the bags. No trying to get out of the cart. No pulling things off the shelf/hangers. No tantrums because it's nap time and we aren't done yet. My simple pleasures have changed a bit in the last 19 months, but here is a short list of mine.

1. As previously stated grocery shopping on my own. I don't even like to go with J. He drives me nuts.
2. Napping with Peanut Butter.
3. Books on CD. Love them, if it's a good narrator.
4. Good Dark Chocolate. I got a large assortment that I bought in France to last a year. They were so good.
5. Walking like I'm on the catwalk ala Americas Next Top Model down the hallways at work when no one is around. I'm sure some of the video of me on the security cameras is hilarious. Make it Fierce girl!
6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer tv series. I never get tired of it I watch it over and over as I scrapbook.
7. Office supplies. I don't know why, but I seem to collect them, especially cool notebooks/journals. Though I have gotten better at not buying these things, just picking them up and putting them down.
8. Finding cute shoes that fit, I wear an 11. It's almost impossible. Which is why I collect purses.
9. The perfect temperature shower, where you never want to get out. I'm usually in and out in 5 min, but those days when it's perfect. I'm a water waster.
10. Tivo, I love not having to watch commercials. It's the only way I can watch Lost without getting lost. Rewind, fast forward, pause, Love it.

What are some of your simple/guilty pleasures?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday Wonderings

My wonderings for the week.

1. How can Peanut Butter watch Finding Nemo as many times as she does?

2. Why am I feeling sick again?

3. Is it wrong to take a day off of work just so I can go grocery shopping without trying to keep the girl in the cart and from eating stuff through the packaging?

4. Why do I get the munchies so bad in the afternoon?

5. Is that 4 cents off gallon of gas coupon all it's cracked up to be? I guess the 71 cents I saved today just seems like nothing compared to the 57 dollars I spent.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

19 months

Peanut Butter is now 19 months. She's getting ready to move up another level at day care. She was drinking out of a normal cup yesterday. I've been working on the silverware, but she still prefers her hands most of the time. We've been working on words with her to no avail, well it sounds like she's saying some stuff but, most of the time it is a foreign language to me. I try to figure out what she is saying and now "more" and the hand sign means more or movie or I'm done. I'm getting confused.


I started watching Frontline last night about "Bush's War" it was very interesting so far. I had tivo it since it was going to run past my bed time and my opportunity to use the computer came open. It is a 2 parter. J was going on about what happened to Tony Soprano as he's watching clips on You Tube. I said I'm trying to hear about something real here, I don't really care about Tony Soprano, I don't even watch the Sopranos unless you have it on. He's been weird lately and its annoying me to all end. Last night he went into this bit about giving him a hug. I said you don't want a hug your just being difficult. On and on about giving him a freaking hug. It wasn't happening. Before that he was going on about sinning and I'm in total whatever stage with that, your guilt is your guilt. I'm sorry watching The Ten Commandments and that show in how Jesus was crucified is getting to you, I was just grossed out on how they crucified people. Let it go or go to church if it makes you happy.

Yesterday also confirmed that I can't take much more of Elizabeth Hasselback. She tried compare Obama and Rev. Wright to Jeffery Dahmer eating peanut butter sandwiches and eating people? WTF. She lost me again on that one. I know she's trying to keep up the conservative side on the show, but girl sometimes you need to get a grip. I get why people are pissed about the Rev, but I also get why he goes off about the issues that he did, and am not afraid that should Obama be elected that he's going to take it to the rich white man. Come on.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone. We usually don't do a whole lot for Easter. The boy spends it with his mom, and Peanut Butter doesn't quite get holidays yet. We don't really do the religious thing, since I am an atheist and J doesn't go to church, he talks about it, but doesn't go. He said he was going to take her while I was a work, and I said okay, I knew he wouldn't. Though it's funny that I knew more about the bible than he did last night. I actually had to pull it out and prove the poor guy wrong. Forcing me to attend bible study in order to get married has its perks. Since the whole Easter bunny and eggs thing has nothing to do with religion, I'm sure we'll do that for PB maybe next year. I kind of miss dying eggs. My mom did send us a little Easter goody package. I put the empty plastic eggs in PB's kitchen drawer, well see how long it takes her to find them.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Just when you thought it was over.

Just when you thing spring is on the way, there is nothing like a foot of new snow to crush your hopes. I was so happy that the sidewalks were finally clear and mostly dry. Peanut Butter was enjoying the walks and now it will be another week or so to get back out there. We're supposed to have temps in the high 40's next week, so hopefully it will melt fast, though now we have to worry about flooding. I almost feel bad when I see out neighbor out there snow blowing our driveway, we share one. I did shovel off our back stairs twice and the front stairs and sidewalk once for the mailman. But its not like I can leave PB in the house by herself to snow blow the driveway. J works such goofy hours, he didn't get home til after 10 last night. The neighbor owns the snow blower anyway. We have an odd relationship with them, his wife is very nice, along with their daughter, who is away at college. He's a crank who likes to complain your ear off. I try to avoid him. His son seems very nice, but never says anything and our dog for some reason wants to attack him and has come very close to doing so which scares the bejesus out of me. It is one of the reasons I think about getting rid of the dog. He leaves for college in the fall, so the temptation to attack him may go away, at least his chances to will diminish.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thoughts for Thursday: Goals

I've never really been a goal setter. I've been a "if it gets done, it gets done" kind of person. Well maybe I'm not hard on myself if I don't make my goals, that may be a better way of putting it. But lately I've been thinking about getting back into running. I really liked to run in high school. Not in the i run track, I want to be faster than you, but in liking to run long periods of time and thinking. I'm on a quest to lose weight in which this can only help. I was talking to my brother, who is super athletic and crazy enough to do the Tough Guy thing in England. Next year he want to try and win the thing. I had heard that he was thinking about running a marathon, which I had been kicking around as a goal in the future. I asked him about it and said that I was thinking about it too, but it would have to be next year, there is no way I'd get enough miles built up by then. He said he wasn't sure he wanted to run the whole thing either, as running isn't his favorite thing, and was thinking of doing a relay. I put myself out there and said I'd be interested in that. He wants to get a competitive 5 miles and I can probably be able to run 5 with out dying before Aug. So now I have this goal to be able to run 5 miles by Aug. What have I talked myself into? I don't even have a jogging stroller yet, though when I was talking about it with my dad he said he'd pitch in for my birthday present. So now I'm really out there.
My question for you is are you a goal setter and reacher? If so what do you do to make yourself get it done, do you put yourself out there, set up a reward? Or are you a I'd like to do that and if you do it, fine, if not, oh well?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Looks like a whole new world of trouble. Peanut Butter is learning to jump off the arm of the couch.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Blaine, that's a major appliance that's not a name.

Let's Plow, Pretty in Pink was on last night. I love that movie. John Hughes, where have you gone. I was laying in bed quoting the whole thing when J walked in and said, "what is this?" My reply, "Andi, you've been replaced!" Since that was the point I was at in the movie. He wasn't amused. I probably should've told him, I hope they shrivel up and fall off. Because I know he would've said," what?" And you know what my reply would've been. I said, fine, fine turn MASH on. I can play the rest of the movie in my head and fall asleep in 80's prom heaven.

Peanut Butter does the weirdest things. Last night she's standing on the counter looking in the cabinet like she does, and must've spied the potatoes on the counter and thought yum. She started gnawing into one, when I'm not looking of course. She kept eating it like it was an apple. I was like, yuck, raw potatoes. But she does try to eat bananas through the peel. Just when I think she's got J's brains, she puts me in my place. She saw me go into the dishwasher for something and as I walk away she walks over and tries to unlock it like I did. Stinker. She loves the dishwasher. I'll have to let her help me unload it again today. She'll squeal with delight. She almost does a better job than the boy. He doesn't want to sit in it though. She has figured out how to get down the stairs now. I have given up on the gates, J still has hope. I just close all the doors upstairs that I don't want her to get into and let her at it. She goes up once and comes down and is content the rest of the day. I don't have to put the darn gates up and down for the freaking dog who wants a lick of water and then back in the living room, every five minutes.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Birthday & Scrapbooking

My birthday was yesterday. I went to A Scrap for A Cure in Bradley Il. I had a great time, met some girls from the message board I frequent and actually got some scrap booking done as you can see. I have 4 other partial ones. The one of PB sleeping was for a card stock challenge, I think I'm going to redo it. I don't know if I like it or not. The one is a little blurry, but I'm sure you get the gist of it. J didn't remember it was my birthday until he texted me at 2 pm. I was\am a little upset about it. I even hinted to him when I talked to him earlier in the day. Men. I was going to stop at Ikea today and check out their goodies. I'd never been in one, just perused the catalog, and me likey. But of course with all the fricken toll booths. I go from this side of the express way to another and then back to hit the exit I needed and I missed it. So I'm like I'll get off and get back on, nope, there isn't another exit in the next 10 or so miles, so I gave up on trying to get back. I was going to stop in Gurnee Mills too, and wasn't quick enough to hit that exit either, I thought it was the next one and said screw it I'll stop in Kenosha at their outlet. I made that exit and stopped at Old Navy, and can you believe I couldn't really find anything I liked. I got a shirt and some sandals for PB, like summer is in the next couple weeks:) I almost got her a dress, but I passed. I ended up getting home a lot earlier than I had expected, which was ok. I was tired from being up past midnight and got to nap with my Peanut Buttery Goodness.

Friday, March 14, 2008

fat camp friday

I'm going to copy Zoe, and give updates on Fridays. I realized I was slipping backwards, and stocked up on some good stuff on Wednesday at Whole Foods. I bought some plain yogurt, and realized yesterday that it tastes nasty, and had to mix it with some vanilla flavored, but I ate it with strawberries and granola. I am trying to stay away from mundane snacking after work before dinner, it is hard. I've been trying to just have a banana. But I have had a few animal crackers too. Peanut Butter, the dog, and I went for a walk yesterday it was great, except the girl hangs out of the stroller and the dog feels the need to pee on everything jerking me all the time. I also forgot how nasty the dog gets walking through water and mud. The girl and I went again today after work, to the grocery store, I needed diet coke. I know I should be trying to give up my diet coke habit, but I haven't hit rock bottom from my addiction yet. I do drink water during the day.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thoughts for Thursday: Birthday Milestones

Milestones, since I am coming up on my 34th birthday on Saturday, I have been thinking about milestones. There is this new show "The Big 4-0" about big parties for people 40th birthday. I think that's pretty neat, I'm not dreading turning 40, I wouldn't mind whooping it up when I do. I will have to say that turning 30 was very hard for me. I had grand dreams of what I should be when I grow up and I figured 30 was the age that many things should of been accomplished by. I hadn't finished college, I had a crappy job, no kids of my own, and no big house in the suburbs. Now, I still have the crappy job, though it pays well enough. I still haven't finished college, and I do struggle a bit with that, since I probably could have a better job, and I am only about 40 credits short. I have Peanut Butter. I realized, I don't necessarily want that house in the suburbs. I like living in the city, I like being able to walk places. I wish our house didn't need as much done to it as it does, but they are things that can be fixed, I wish the housing market wasn't crap because we can't even think about selling. But I have realized, that for the most part I'm pretty happy and the material things I want, are just that material. Yes, I'd probably be a little happier not dealing with convicted felons on a daily basis, so I check out the job listings every couple days and maybe something will come up. Yes, I'd like to have another child, but daycare would kill us, so I'll just have to spoil PB, but not in the spoiled brat sense, she won't get everything. I'm hoping the changes I have made and are making in my life will allow me to live for a very long time and enjoy many milestones.

Are there milestones you are dreading? Have you passed ones you were dreading? Are there any you are looking forward too?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wendsday Wonderings

Here's few things I've been wondering about lately:

Why does Peanut Butter seen to poop right after I change her? Seriously like 5 min and she's grunting.

Why is J taking everything personal this week and saying it's about me getting an attitude before I leave for a night? I'm going, get a grip and deal.

When you went away to camp or college it wasn't weird to room with a complete stranger, but when you room with someone you only know from the internet you're crazy?

When did I accumulate so much scrapbooking stuff? I really need to purge, but I'm sure I'll need something at sometime. If I ever get some mojo and make some pages.

Will my pages pass the muster this weekend? Am I horrible because I'm a one photo scrapper?

Why do I always forget something at the grocery store? I really wanted those cranberry oatmeal cookies. Maybe it's a good thing I forgot the, as Mary says, nasty little biatches.

Just in case you were wondering PB was on her best behavior today.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

For Jessica, My Monkey Girl

She used that car to get everywhere. I'm surprised she only had the thing roll out from underneath her her a couple times. She was so proud when she made it up on that sofa table, until I caught her, which is why she has the deer in headlights look on her.

One of Those Days

It was one of those days that I shouldn't be a mom. Peanut Butter was in full force today from 2:30 am screaming to come into our bed; we lasted an hour before we gave in. Who'd of thought she could give it her all for that long. I almost thought we had her for about 5 min but she was just regaining her voice. This morning I attempted to get some scrapping stuff packed but that was futile. After destroying my scrap room, and fighting through the first of many trying diaper changes, we went to wally world and it was "mom, mom, mom," with out stretched arms for everything and fury as we go by. Then she's trying eat the bananas peel and all. Screams as I put her in the car seat and proceeds to scream just about the the whole way home, because of course she doesn't have her nuk and if she doesn't have it in the car there is hell to pay. So I'm on my last nerve and all I can do is yell and I do, which is why I shouldn't be a mom on these days. The words "I'll give you something to cry about." crossed my lips at least once if not twice today. We lunched and then napped and all was good. Silence for 2.5 hrs. It was nice so we went for a walk and we got in the library picked out some dvds and I wheeled her over to the magazines to fuel my addiction, and the throwing of the dvds begins then screaming because she doesn't have them any more. I quickly load up and get to the check out and start putting her mittens and hat on. The very nice clerk come out from behind picked my pile off the floor and says are you ready, I see you have you're hands full. I get it, you want me and the screamer to hit the road. We check out and I have to put her mittens and hat back on since she had taken them all off already, which prompts her to throw a fit all the way out the door. Once we hit daylight it is a whole other girl. Half way home she takes off her mittens and hands them to me and then her hat. I am in such a state, I forgot how badly playing upstairs went this morning an attempt to pack some stuff for this weekend again. She gets into everything and I call it quits. I spend about 30 min just holding her in the kitchen trying to make dinner we hug and kiss and make up. But she doesn't believe she should be put down for any reason. And throws a tantrum after I lost the sink strainer in the garbage and need to retrieve it. I'm hoping its just hunger at this point, J gets home and I am like please take her so I can make garlic bread so we can eat. From dinner on she was pretty good. I must make a mean tomato sauce.

Monday, March 10, 2008

From the Weekend

From this weekend. I forgot to drop off our other film, hopefully I remember tomorrow.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Waterpark Weekend

We went to the water park for the boy's birthday. It was a pretty good time. We had a condo for the night. I thought Peanut Butter was going to have a blast. She was so scared, that we rode the lazy river for about an hour before she was ready to just go in the pool. She got a little better as the day went on, but for some reason she has issues will falling water. The boys had a blast after swimming and dinner we went across the street where they have a Field house. They played laser tag and hit balls in the batting cages; I had to see if I still had something and did two rounds of fast pitch softball 50-60 mph. By the end of round two I got it in my head that I should try the 70 mph one, but then I thought again. My hand was killing me, I guess that's why you're supposed to wear batting gloves. PB played on a Rainbow activity center she had fun til a girl pushed her down the slide and she tried slowing herself with her hands, I think they got a little burned. But she shook it off and played some more. I really want to get a set for her, but I know J is anti playsets. I was hoping she would have more fun at the water park today, but we took a couple rounds on the lazy river and she was ready for the pool. I'll have to upload those picture after I get them developed I didn't want to take a chance with my digital. It was a mice break from the Wisconsin Dells. It wasn't as packed, and we really enjoyed ourselves. I even talked with J's baby's momma more than usual.
Darn blogger isn't letting upload any photos, you all will just have to wait.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thoughts for Thursday: Looking Good

After reading Jessica's post about the woman who loves the dollar store because she doesn't have to dress up like she goes when she goes to Walmart. Got me thinking back to an episode of Oprah when she had Trinny and Susannah on from What Not to Wear on BBCAmerica. They said that women in the U.S. tend to dress much more casual than the rest of the world. Meaning, women in other countries don't run around in sweats unless they are actually running. From what I have seen it is true. In France and London, everyone looks so put together, but can be wearing jeans. After seeing the show, I actually made a conscious effort to try and look good when I left the house to be seen in public. I do admit on occasion you will find me in a pair of fleece pants, but usually because I wasn't planning to leave the house. I don't get dressed to the nines, but I will wear jeans/pants and a at least a nicer t-shirt. I very rarely even wear a sweatshirt anymore. I will shower, do my hair and put make up on. I do that even if I'm not leaving the house. I just feel better knowing I look at the very least decent, and like an actual woman. What's your take on Looking Good? Do you try, or say the heck with it, I'm a _____ gal?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My daughter will be surfing the internet before she is 2. She loves to sit in people's laps and watch the screen and listen to music. She will watch the video I made of her first year over and over again. She even likes that lame peanut butter jelly time banana. No, that is not where I got the name of my blog. The boy has her liking that darn soulja boy, crank that song, I hate it. Anywhoo, I'm sure you all are bored to tears with my rambling about the girl.

I snagged Harry Potter on CD today at the library between the girl's tantrums. I have read it, but I love the guy who reads Harry. Jim Dale, he is beyond words; a different voice for every character. Another really good book on cd is The Book Thief. I had a hard time getting into the book reading it, but the cds are superb. Great story!! It is considered young adult, but I thing I read somewhere that it wasn't meant to be young adult per se. I regret to say I couldn't finish the 3rd dark materials book, the amber spy glass. I couldn't get into it and I stopped reading it and could not get started again. I may try again at another time. I think I'm going to try Atonement by Ian McEwan. I picked up the Book Page at the library also, so I'm sure I'll be adding some more books to my to read list at good reads.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

In 60 Seconds Flat

The girl can make a mess. Somehow she decided to throw everything out of her toy basket, stuffed animal basket and toss all her books about. She was on a rampage. I probably should have made her clean it up, but I didn't. I just put her to bed. She more than likely would've thrown the stuff further across the room.

Not to jinx anything but she has slept in her own bed for the last 5 nights. I don't know it the whole making her cry it out on last Thursday was the trick or what. I now wake up a 2:30 am wondering where she is.

Say It Isn't So

My only reason for watching the Packers is retiring. Huge Sigh.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Dreading Tomorrow and Leave Time

It's back to work tomorrow after a wonderful five days off. Fortunately, I don't have to work a whole 7 day stretch since I took off next Sunday since we are going to the water park for the boy's birthday on Saturday and are staying over night. I'm supposed to go to a bridal shower that Sunday too, but I think it's just going to be too much driving and such. I don't really know her, so I may just send a gift. I have been using a lot of leave time this month, but I guess when you're busy you're busy. J gave me the greatest news, he has the schedule for traveling baseball already, yeah great. Of the 4 weekends of tournaments guess how many fall on my days off? None, zip, zero. So we're talking of possible 8 more days of leave I have to take off. Since he's not coaching this year, I may just make him suck it up and deal with the girl and watch the games. He's already got his undies in a bundle about next weekend when I'm going to a crop in IL for 2 days. The boy has a basketball tournament, so he doesn't know what on earth he'll do. Um, you have seen me do it every tournament, pay attention. Oh and find somewhere to change the girl, since schools frown upon having a diaper changer. I have learned to change her standing up. I wondered how they did it at daycare and I have caught on, great skill to learn. It is frustrating using all of my leave time for things not for myself. When I would like him to take a day I get a huge fight about it. I'm taking a freaking week of vacation in the middle of November to secure one day, so he can go deer hunting. I may have my mom come down again and maybe cancel that. We'll see. I'm really happy I made up my mind to go to this crop, I need some away time. But it is starting to come with guilt. Just let my have my birthday for crying out loud or beware the Ides of March.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Eat it up.

Not only did I get her hair in pony tails, she kept them in. J tried to ruin my glory by saying she looks like Tyrone from the backyardigans. He's the moose, if you didn't know. She was quite the eater today. She went to town on her mac and cheese and used the spoon pretty well. Her face was covered in cheese sauce, but that was expected. She gobbled up supper too. We pretty much had a girl's day since J and the boy went to baseball stuff all day. We napped a wonderful nap and did a little shopping. I need to find a swimsuit by Fri afternoon. Since we're going to the water park on Sat for the boy's birthday. I like one at lands end, but can I justify spending 80 dollars for a freaking swimsuit? Maybe I'll try my old one on again.

I just found out that all my comment replies that some of you have been writing me have ended up in my spam folder. So if I never responded to you, I'm sorry; I normally just trash my spam folder. I will be checking now.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Tagged #2

Jessica has tagged me on this one.
List 7 quirks about yourself.

1. I have this insane sense of smell. Once I quit smoking it went crazy. I smell everything and cologne and such drive me batty because it is so strong. I almost smell the girl the instant her diaper has something in it, from across the room. It sucks at work since B.O. is pretty prevalent there. Nasty.

2. I brush me teeth a lot. If I wake up in the middle of the night; I have to brush my teeth regardless if I have to use the bathroom or not.

3. I cry at stupid stuff. sappy moments on TV or Movies even reading junk. Sporting events get me a lot. I don't know if it is because I miss playing or what the deal is. I try my best to hide it. J always makes fun of me on this one.

4.Once I like something food wise I will eat it over and over again until I get sick of it. I think I went 2 months of the same turkey sandwich for lunch. I'm on pb & j's now.

5. I never go with out a bra unless you count a swimsuit which has a built in one. I just can't do it. Yes, I sleep in one.

6. I can listen to and enjoy just about any genre of music.

7. I hate stupid comedies, which is a problem because J loves them, ie tommy boy, ace ventura, beerfest, super troopers, and the like. Will Ferell and Steve Carrell can slip through on occasion.

I tag anyone who hasn't been tagged, because I think I've seen this in everyone's blog.


The boy a had Basketball tournament today; silly me thought we had to leave the house by 6am. No one corrected ne to that fact that it was 7 am, so I was up at 10 to 5 getting ready. At 5:35 I asked why no one was up. I had the car warming up and everything. J says you know we don't have to leave until 7. Argh I let PB crawl over to him in bed and go back to sleep and walk away saying then why am I up at 5 in the freaking morning. So I turn off the car after I remember I had it running and surfed the web a bit and then proceeded to get tired about 6:15 and went and laid back in bed fully dressed.
The tournament went really well the boy lost their first game by two. The boy had a great try at a last shot to tie it up, but it just didn't fall. He was heartbroken. They lost their second game too, but they played really well. The won the third, I can't believe these were the same boys I watched from the last tournament. They have improved so much; they played like a team today and it was quite a sight. I just need to figure out how to take photos in a gym, sometimes I get good ones and most of the time not so good. This is about the best one of the boy shooting today.
The day wore PB out. She loves playing with the boys and is all over the place. By the time we went for lunch and came back she was out. How she is able to sleep through all the noise is beyond me. Horns, whistles and yelling and she just snoozes. She is starting to become more aware of things pointing out her brother and her daddy when he was sitting across the room. It's neat to see things starting to click.