Monday, September 27, 2010

A Sweep Through September

I have been very bad in posting as of late, so prepare yourself for a run down of September. 

Peanut Butter started school.


She is going to 4K. It is two and a half hours in the afternoon, it is run through the school district, and our daycare is one of the sites that hold it. She gets to keep a lot of her daycare friends and seems to enjoy it. She was especially excited when I got her a Princess backpack. I was especially excited because I got it on clearance at Target for $2.50. 

My Mom got tickets from her friends to a Brewer game; Peanut Butter and I were more than happy to attend with her. Suprisingly, The Boy did not, even thought it was against the Cubs. Too bad for him since we had great seats. It was one of the quickest games I have been too, but the Brew Crew lost.


My Mom's birthday was also in September and she stopped over so we could take her to dinner. As I was getting PB ready, she asked if I cut her hair recently. I said no. Then as I was brushing PB's hair I noticed pieces cut out of the sides, when I asked her if she cut her hair, she went into full tantrum mode and I was worried we would not be able to step foot in the restaurant. PB calmed down after a bit and later admitted to me that she did indeed cut her hair while her brother was playing playstation in his room not watching her. It wasn't extremely noticeable so I let it go for a while.


But this past Friday night I decided it needed evened out and I was going to do it. Peanut Butter will sit perfect for the ladies who cut her hair, for me nope. It ended up a wee bit shorter than I had hoped, but it is growing on me,


The Boy's Mom got married this past weekend. They had a very informal reception at a park, the only bad thing was it was freezing out. PB didn't seem to care, she played like nobody's business.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Jackie vs Jillian vs J

I am still on my quest to drop the pounds. I have hit a plateau and it is really hard not to be pissed that my husband J is dropping it in 5-10 pound increments. I know I can't compare to him, but man it just seems so easy for him and he's still eating a lot. I have been for the most part really keeping track of calories thinking maybe I was eating too many, but I am around 1600 for a day and burning 600 of those at least 4 times a week plus 2 days of video workouts. Hopefully something happens soon.I do know I am back to fitting in all of my lowest weight clothes, except for a pair of work pants.
Anyway, I am now really liking Jackie Warner, I caught a few episodes of Workout, they were airing on Bravo to gear up for her new show Thintervention, which is pretty good. I found a dvd of hers pretty cheap called Power Circuit Training. I really like this one. It gives four, fifteen minute targeted(abs, lower body,  upper body, and full body), or a full forty minute workout. I did the 15 min full body one the day I got it in the evening of one of my off days since I was feeling guilty about not having exercised, it was easy to get through and I though well we'll see. I actually was sore the next day and thought hmmm, I've been doing a few of these moves on The Shred and haven't felt like this. I did the 40 min workout and pretty much breezed through upper and lower body, but had a hard time with the upper abs. Yeah, I could barely walk the next day, my glutes were so sore it hurt to sit down. This DVD is a keeper. It is easy to get through, the moves are not that hard, but when I can feel it 2-3 days after yet, it must be working. Jackie is a nice change of pace from Jillian since she is much more hmmm how do I put it, nice? encouraging? I love Jillian, but sometimes  she irritates me. Knowing they both started a gym together, I see the similarities in their work outs and they both must have used the same sets for their videos and just moved equipment around.
I have been struggling with the running. I am making myself run at least 3 miles, but I have been running them at a slower pace than I when I was alternating running and walking.  I don't know, but it took me for-evah to get to 3 miles and J is just cruising along after a month, I hate him. I am hitting 4 miles now and then and should really be happy with that and keep on keeping on and not get upset about J. A friend of mine posted this on facebook and I'm just going to think about that when I'm running.