Friday, March 26, 2010

Photo Story Friday: The Shoes

PhotoStory Friday

A few weeks ago I posted how I bought these lovely shoes for my Peanut Butter. I mentioned how they were Carrie Bradshaw shoes, ones that you don't know really where you will wear them, but you buy them because they are so pretty you can't pass them up. I know some of you were dying to know how Peanut Butter would wear them: with a pretty dress, maybe with one of her princess dresses, ah readers, she wore them where only she would.......

Initially it was for "soccer practice" as she calls it. We kick the soccer ball back and forth. I asked if she was sure she wanted to wear the pretty shoes for soccer and she adamantly said yes. They are oh so stylish with the windpants. She wore them to run the wagon up and down the driveway, she didn't blink an eye when a big scrape appeared, to my dismay, across the toes. No, she decided they needed to go in the sandbox with her. I had to end the fun just as she was going to pour wet, yucky sand all over them. I couldn't let them get overly sullied the first soccer practice they were worn to.  Sigh, why do I have to wear a size 11-12 and have an unbelievable time finding pretty shoes in my price range.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Touching Base Tuesday

I had a wonderful time this weekend. After an awful hour stuck going 5 mph through Chicago, I had dinner with my online friends on Friday at a Mexican place, the waiter we had was horrible, but it was still a good time. Saturday I helped set up some stuff and scrapped all day. I often get told I am very quiet in person. I have a hard time with small talk, but I am working on it. I didn't get a whole lot done, I was hoping to have some photos of the layouts I did, but my husband has my camera somewhere. I had a much better drive home, but I was really tired. I am not used to staying up past midnight. I didn't sleep very well either, I think I have become used to sleeping with Peanut Butter laying on half my body.
In honor of Biggest Loser being on tonight, I would like to say, "Hi, my name is Robyn and I am a sugar addict." I have had a few vices in my life: alcohol, cigarettes, diet coke, now that I have given all of them up, I have now turned to sugar. Cookies, peeps, licorice, ice cream, if  desperate enough, I am sure I would have no problem eating  plain brown sugar. This would be all well and good, sort of, if I would also get off my lazy ass. I have been putting in some miles walking, but Jillian would be so disappointed in the way I have been ignoring her. I am disappointed in how I've been ignoring her. I even overslept today and missed one of the classes I like at the Y. Sigh, I will get back on track one of these days.
I got a pair of contacts today and remember why I was wearing my glasses. We'll have to see how it goes. I also had my car's alignment done today. I hate bringing my car in to get fixed, since they usually find something else wrong with it, but thankfully there wasn't anything today.
Does anyone else have a chatterbox for a child. Peanut Butter does NOT stop talking. We are also in the wonderful "why?" and "what is _____ doing?" phase; it is driving me down the crazy stairs. Today I got my first taste of " I no love you Mama." Ah keep the good times rolling, though I can't complain she was all kissy this morning and kept shoving J away when he was trying to give me a good bye kiss.
Baseball has begun to suck every minute of my husbands time away and it is only March. It is going to be a long summer. 
I am looking at doing some sort of garden this summer, hopefully one PB and I can work at. I think I am going to get this book, Gardening with Children and see what we can do. I already have a very neat idea for a strawberry planter thing from another book. 
I think that catches me back up to an extent.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

I decided to give Friday Night Leftovers from Sippy Cups are Not for StarBucks  a whirl this week since I don't really have a PSF this week.

I am posting while I should be finishing up packing up my car and getting the heck out of dodge for the weekend. I am going to Scrap for a Cure

It has been a beautiful week this week. Peanut Butter and I got a lot of walking, playing in the sandbox, and soccer practice in.

I also cleaned up the mess that was our yard. I think there was 40 pounds of doggie nastiness out there, while cleaning it up I kept noticing that a lot of the piles had colored waxy specs in them. I asked Peanut Butter if she had been feeding the dog crayons and she said no. A day or so later, PB had her box of crayons on the floor and I saw the dog trying to pick up a crayon to eat. Why in the world would the dog want to eat crayons and so many of them?

Peanut Butter is now taking swim lessons. I think she prefers to smile and wave at me than swim.

At the end of last summer I decided just to wear glasses since I was sick of dealing with shopko to get my contacts. I am now sick of wearing my glasses and will begrudgingly be going to shopko next week. I wish I could just find my prescription some where so I could order them.

I am hoping my house is not a total disaster when I get home on Sunday and that McD's is not the food of choice for the whole weekend.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday

Even though it is my Birthday this is the best Peanut Butter would give. I don't know why she feels the need to do funny face all the time, but it is getting old.

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?
Hosted by Krystyn

Friday, March 12, 2010

Photo Story Friday: Giddy Up.

PhotoStory Friday

We became owners of a huge rocking horse a couple years ago when the guy that outbid  J at a charity auction for one the year before decided he felt bad for outbidding J the previous year and won this one.  It was made by one of the residents at another big house down the street from the one I work at, in case you are wondering where you can get your hands on one.  When I say huge, I mean huge. We had to take it out of Peanut Butter's room so she actually had room to play. I can ride this pony. It got placed out on our  front porch for a while and PB was begging to ride it everytime I went to get the mail. One day I brought it back in the living room and even though J was unhappy about it, it is still there and Peanut Butter does ride it. Yesterday she had to get into full riding gear and make sure the horse had what he needed, gloves on his ears.

I thought The Boy's old moon boots were a nice touch. For some reason her name tag sticker from the Y had to go on the poor horse's eye. That isn't all the horse has been through though.

He's also a "painted" horse, at least it isn't the walls.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

And So Are the Days

Tomorrow is day seven of a loooong week at work, and then begins my wonderful 5 day birthday weekend. J is celebrating by going up north with the fellas and I get to go to a basketball tournament and have Peanut Butter nickel and dime me at the concession stand all weekend. The Boy's birthday is on Friday and I haven't had any word from him on what he fancies, so he is getting some basketball shorts since he can never seem to find a pair at our house. His Mom is taking him to Black Eyed Peas, I am a little jealous.  I am fancying a wii or just cold hard cash to buy some pretty paper and embellies next weekend when I go to the Scrap for a Cure. I have been holding out on buying anything since every year when I go there is so much there that catches my eye.  
I excited to go next weekend since I desperately need some me time which is more than 5 hours. I got a great rate on a room and have decided to go to IL on Friday instead of waking up at the crack of dawn and driving the 4 hrs then. The only downer in that is I will probably get stuck in rush hour traffic in Chicago.
The discussion  is brewing between J and I about sending Peanut Butter to 4K next year. I would like to send her if she can go and J would like to hold her back because of her late birthday. J apparently talked with her speech therapist and she said PB could go, but she is behind in some areas. She said we could hold her back if she struggles should we send her. She is going to meet with me next Tues when they have parent conferences at day care.
I don't know if I mentioned this previously, but PB is dying to see Alice in Wonderland. Though when she says it, it sounds like Alice in my underwear. I heard through my Mom that she may not be ready for it, so I'm torn, since I have a free ticket to see it.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Photo Story Friday: Little Things

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Kelli

It had been one of those trips to the store that make you wish you had never stepped foot in the place. After a huge tantrum in the cart at Old Navy, we were ready to check out. As I placed the items from the cart on the counter, I had to laugh to myself when I saw a pair of shoes that honestly would probably not be worn anywhere, but were very pretty. They were a Carrie Bradshaw pair of shoes for a toddler, except that since they were from Old Navy they were not the price of my mortgage payment.  I said, "Let  me guess you wanted these and threw them in the cart when Mama wasn't looking." I got a sheepish nod, eyes still full of tears. I set them aside and said to my self,


"Daddy will just love these." Since he still doesn't know how to handle everything girly yet. Luckily they had her size on the rack since the pair she threw in the cart were two sizes too big.  Yep, I'm a sucker, but I'm sure they will get worn in all kinds of outlandish ways by my Princess. She also made sure to spit on a dress during her tantrum to claim that as hers too.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Paintings, Trips, and What Have You

I picked up a painting I had bought in Madrid and had stretched today from Michael's and it looks great. I have no idea where to put it since it is the weirdest color combo and I have no room in my house that matches in the least.
I have been thinking that this may not be the year I take Peanut Butter to Disneyland since I don't think I will be able to swing it financially. Maybe next year when my car is paid off and I will have some actual cash flow. I have been looking at some alternatives for us to do during deer season. I am considering Minneapolis since there seems to be quite a bit to do there and it won't break the bank. I took out a book from the library called 500 places to take your kids before they grow up it has some great ideas in it. I may buy a copy for myself so as PB grows I can keep a few of the places in mind. 
J and some of the other Dad's played The Boy's basketball team last night. It was interesting. They play to 100 and the youngsters won by 6 I think. The Dads seem to run out of steam. J was complaining how sore he was, I just had to laugh since I don't know why he didn't think he wouldn't be. Just because he was the youngest Dad out there, it didn't make him more fit over night.
Peanut Butter really wants to see Alice in Wonderland. I am not quite sure about taking her to this one, but she loves watching the trailers over and over and over.......