Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday Wonderings

Why is it the more tired they are the harder it is to get them to go to sleep?

If I have to hear about Jeremiah Wright one more day this week, I think I will cut my ears off.

Do you ever wonder if some psychologists/psychiatrists went in to their chosen field because they know they are a little wacky themselves?

Am I crazy for letting Peanut Butter just go to town at the playground. I don't put anything really off limits, I will let her try just about everything, but I stand there with her so she doesn't crack her skull.

I am wondering if you all are congratulating me on actually starting to like running or the fact that I worked at a prison for 12 years. If it is the prison part, you should be smacking me up side the head saying what were you thinking?


Law Student Hot Mama said...

ALL shrinkos are messed up themselves. That's why they go into it.

You worked at a prison for 12 years? Badass!

Amy said...

I didnt realize you worked in a prison. Wow!!!

jenny said...

i LOVE your banner. okay, just had to ge that out of the way.

i say let 'em run all over the playground - it wears 'em out! :)

Mary said...

EVERY person I know that has gone into the field of psychology has issues to some degree. I think they know it, and are trying to figure themselves out!