Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wendsday Wonderings

My Wonderings

  • Why are the dog dishes so fascinating to Peanut Butter? She plays in the dog food and tries to carry the water dish getting water everywhere, she even dips containers into the water it is so gross.
  • Why don't people vote? I understand that "they are all going to screw us over" as someone told me, but at least go vote for the one who will do the least damage. It only takes a few minutes. Pick up a paper before the election or go on line and see who's who. I voted yesterday. I've even been called for jury duty and I still vote in every election. Though I didn't have to report any of the days I was called for.
  • Why is it when you are really waiting for something to be delivered it takes the longest time of the estimated shipping? When you could care less it shows up before the earliest estimate.
  • Big Oil.
  • Is scratching and biting normal reactions from a angry toddler? She just grabs a hold of my face by the cheeks, and scratches, holy crap does it hurt.
  • I have been craving/needing sweets. It's killing me. I actually ate year old girl scout cookies, since that's all I had left in the house. They were really bad ones too, the coconut caramel ones. Shaking head in shame. No, I'm not pregnant either.
  • My sinuses are shockingly good today, without taking allegra w/ decongestant or Claritin. I did a sinus cleanse last night and am going to see how long I can go without meds for it. Usually it's running as soon as the medication wears off, but so far so good. It may change when I am around the dog for a period of time though.

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