Wednesday, April 16, 2008


It is friday and all I did at work today is watch other people work. It was nice. I came home and it was gorgeous out. I decided to get the dreaded run over with right away, so I loaded up Peanut Butter and headed out. It was so windy! It was really hard to get the stroller going and run against the wind, I ended up walking a lot more than I wanted to. What I did run must have got my insides moving and I had to hold on to get home. One thing that was nice is PB seemed to enjoy the ride today, or the music choices. She was clapping and babbling most of the trip.
I made mini quiches for dinner. I actually got them to turn out pretty good this time. I have been having issues with excess water from the broccoli, but I used asparagus tonite and I like that much better.
It pains me to write, I actually agreed with Elizabeth Hasselbeck on the view today, that so rarely happens. I have almost stopped watching because of her, but she surprised me today by saying they shouldn't ban tag on the playground, and that kids learn social skills there. I agree, I don't think games should be banned. I do think it is how kids work out their issues and get along. Yeah, yeah, I know the games can get out of hand, but I would hope there is some sort of supervision overseeing recess. I've been through the whole, "I hate you, therefore we all hate you and you can't be on the swings with us." You learn to kiss and make up and decide not to really be friends with to many girls as you get older. Am I condoning bullying, no, but I think the coddling of kids has almost gone too far, we are not all winners, life is not fair, you have to fight your own battles, and not everyone plays nice.


Amy said...

I can't agree with you more.=)

conniecl said...

Hey --- good for you for getting out there everyday and running !! I think it is super! You can do 5 miles -- lots of time between now and August to get yourself in shape and be able to do 5 miles with ease!

Michelle Leigh said...

I'm with ya on this. We played tag and all sorts of games as kids and we all turned into well functioning people. I don't think it's the game causing problems, it's the child. A child needs to be guided by adults and a game of tag, in my mind, is harmless. And, the kids would find an outlet for being mean regardless of the game.

Zoe said...

omg i can't stand that woman!!!! good job on the running!