Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cranky Pants goes to the Park

Miss Peanut Butter put on her cranky pants this morning and was not happy with anything until I took her to the park. J suggested Lakeshore park I totally forgot about that one and it is practically on my normal run/walk course. We ran/walked down there and she actually was happy and played. A grandmother had her 2 girls down there and they semi-played together. Suprisingly, PB did not want to go down any slide; she usually loves the slide. She was a monkey girl though she climbed up the stairs to the slide, she climbed this arch thing and would have probably gotten herself up on the connecting playset if she was a little more coordinated. All in all the park was fun, until the boundaries of the park were crossed. Peanut Butter discovered you could actually walk out of the sand area and toward the lake. This was fine, we walked along the shore a bit, even out on one of the docks. Our problem arose when she decided walking into the water was a good idea. She threw a pretty good tantrum and we headed back to the park. She played some more and then she was drawn back to the water. I literally had to carry her over my back to the play area while she howled in disappointment about now getting her shoes soaked with the nasty water of the lake. The grandma said she likes the water huh? Yep, today she does. I decided it was best we headed home and got her in the stroller and pushed our way up the giant hill and ran\walk our happyselves home for a total of 2.5 miles. We had mac and cheese for lunch and had a great nap. J is taking us gals for breakfast tomorrow it should be nice. I don't know if he sneaked a peek at my blog or what, but he has actually started being supportive, it is so nice not to have the sarcasm.


jessica said...

how was your breakfast:) i love that- she put her crabby pants on this morning. i think i did too! happy sunday.

Amy said...

These are cute pics. I hope you had a nice time at breakfast.

Michelle Leigh said...

It's about time! I wish someone would get my butt in gear! Sounds like a great day!