Tuesday, April 29, 2008

12 years

Today marked 12 years of walking the mile, walking the mile, walking the green mile. Well, we don't have a death row here in WI and only some of our hallways are green. But I would like to think I'm a bit like Brutal from the movie, pretty easy going until you piss me off. I still do not know how I ended up here. I don't know why I'm still here. Well, the fact that I finished college and I having scored as well on other service exams, would be a couple reasons.

I cannot believe I am actually going to admit this, but running is getting a little easier. I don't know if it was that while mental need to get over a mile barrier, but of the 1.7 miles I was out today, I think I ran at least 1.4 of it. I did stop in the library and grocery store, but I ran to and between and from them. I really only think I walked 4 blocks total and 2 of those where for my cool down.

I think Peanut Butter thinks that is her real name. I might have to start calling her by her real name for awhile.


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Michelle Leigh said...


I ran yesterday outside and sucked it up. It is so much harder outside than on the treadmill or elliptical. You are doing a great job, you should be proud of yourself.

jessica said...

all right robyn!

i think monkey girl thinks her name is "fats" these days, i just love her chubby tummy and started calling her that. i really call her whatever comes out of my mouth so she might have the same problem as PB. although daddy calls her her real name usually... so we have that :)