Friday, April 25, 2008

a wee bit o rain

So it was a fairly crappy day here. It thunder stormed most of the day, but when I got out of work things seemed to be looking up the sun was peaking out. I thought, ok there is no excuse not to go on a freaking run even though I walked almost 2 miles at work. I needed some reading materials from the library and something for dinner. After getting everything set, it is looking gloomy again, so I check the radar and it looks like I'm in the clear for the time being, maybe a sprinkle or two.
I get to the library and am perusing the books when the boy comes up. He said he was out and it started raining so he stopped in. I asked how hard is it raining. He says oh it's really coming down. You would think he was the child of the wicked witch of the west. Some girl comes up and gets his hormones going and he says he's going to stay for a while. Yeah, ok, you'd better wait out the downpour. I check out and get outside and it's barely sprinkling. I don't know what the son of Elphaba was thinking, really coming down, pfht.
I stroll on over to the grocery store and curse living in a semi small town with a small selection of healthy food. I know I must drive to Whole Foods tomorrow. I cannot pay 4.19 for a half gallon of organic milk or 4.39 for yogurt, when I can buy a gallon for 5 there and yogurt for 3. I buy more than enough when I am there to cover the price of gas. Any who, some lady says something about it looking nasty out, and I'm like wtf, I checked the radar. I had no intentions in taking Peanut Butter in the stroller in the rain. I quickly grab some stuff and check out. The checker says oh we aren't taking credit or debit cards, the satellite is down. I said well I only brought the debit card. They fill out the old fashioned carbons for me and we brave it out of there.
It is raining, but not too bad and incentive to run home, so I start and whammo torrential downpour. PB is screaming I'm doing all I can to get moving, and like that it is over. I'm waiting at the light completely drenched, trying to wipe all the water off of my face and PB is still screaming. I'm only 3 blocks from home at this point so I'm almost sprinting just to get home. I pull PB out and she is soaked, the poor thing. We get changed and all is well again. I don't know what that freaking radar is good for if it is going to trick me into thinking I have it made for at least an hour or so.


Law Student Hot Mama said...

Heh. I'm totally that parent in the park who gets like 2 miles from the car before my kid decides I WILL NOT STROLL NOW!!!! and then begins to scream. Then everybody stares.

Good times.

jessica said...

has it turned to snow yet?? ugh!

Amy said...

Hope you find the sun soon! Rain rain... go away!