Sunday, April 6, 2008


I was a beautiful day out yesterday. Peanut Butter and I went to the kids fair at the mall while J was doing baseball registration. She kept trying to steal everyone's toys. We then went to watch the boy play basketball. They lost the game we watched. We have some time before the boy's next game so J decided to run to this store about 25 min away from the tournament to order baseball uniforms for one of the leagues. PB and me went with him, since I figured it was perfect timing for a nap. I sat out in the car with her while he "ran" in. I put Harry Potter on and 30 min later I'm falling asleep. By the time he gets back out, we won't make the other game. Then he's trying to talk on his cell or look at the invoice while he's driving and we miss our exit. It drives me batty, just pay attention to driving for a minute, we will be on the expressway in 5 min can't it wait? His driving just plain drives me insane, but he seems to think he's the perfect driver. His favorite line is," I do this for a living." Yeah, well, transporting convicts in huge vans or a bus with star plates that people kind of move out of the way of doesn't translate to real life driving. Anyway we head home and get a few things done before we go to dinner. After dinner we hang out outside. J blows the leaves left over from the fall. PB runs up and down the block, up and down the block, up and down the block. J chases her with the blower, I pick up the some of the nastiness of dog poop in the back yard. I can't believe how much is back there. PB runs away, we go in and she watches 101 Dalmatians, the new have to watch over and over movie. I may have to buy it since this one is from the library. I was hoping she'd like Jungle Book because I like all the music in it. But she hasn't caught on to that one yet.


Law Student Hot Mama said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Heh - I also shop at Whole Foods. But sometimes I have to buy some "real food" at the "real" grocery store. You know, like heavy on the preservative nastiness type junk food. Healthy just isn't the same. But yes, I buy tons of stuff at Whole Food - chiefly their produce. Oh, and Mum Mums . . . my kid is obsessed with those things.

Hope you'll be back!

jessica said...

wow! you were busy this weekend! i didn't really even leave the house!

April said...

Sounds like MY hubby...I ALWAYS hear the "I drive for a living". Um, I thought you were an HVAC guy for a living? LOL