Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday Wonderings

Why do bad things happen to the nicest people? My heart is breaking for Nicole and her strength to post about. Send her some thoughts if you can.

What part of running is supposed to be fun? I pushed my self a bit today and almost completed a whole mile straight. I rewarded myself by cutting the walk off and playing at the park with Peanut Butter and walk/ran the the way home. Ok, I feel good that I did it, but dang I'm starting to doubt this whole 5 mile thing.

Monsanto, bad stuff here people. I don't want everyone of my TFTs to be tree hugging, but I may have to go into this one. Stay tuned.

Julia Roberts doesn't wear deodorant. How the !@#@! does she not offend, to steal a line from Pretty in Pink. Oprah was surprised and said she always smells so good. I'm rank if I forget after a half an hour. I am afraid to try the tree hugging deodorant for this reason.

To rummage or not to rummage? I know I can make some cold hard cash if I just get it together. I have half of the girl's stuff marked.


Law Student Hot Mama said...

Running sucks. And so does not wearing deodorant . . . especially when both of those things happen at the same time.

jessica said...

i have a hard time with doing a rummage sales... taking the time to mark my stuff and then setting it out and then having people snub their noses at nickels and quarters... ugh!

Jaime said...

ok, I don't know what's going on with the 5 mile thing. this is my first time on your blog.

but.... let me tell you about getting to 5 miles. do you have a friend who runs 5 miles who can get there with you?

a loooong time ago (6 years, hehe) i vowed that I could never run 3 miles. at the time, running 1.5 miles would not have happened. aunt-in-law begged to differ. she was a "runner" and i just loved volleyball. so, i started doing my "running" thing and all i would do is 2 miles. i was getting in good shape just doing 2 miles. so then, she asks me to come on a run and there we go, something like 4 miles. idk. and eventually, she'd take me on these 5 mile runs. maybe 1-2 times a week. and we didn't run fast, it'd take about an hour. maybe a little less.

and i never thought i'd run 3 miles.
ok, sorry if that is irrelevant to your 5 mile thing. just thought it'd share:)