Friday, April 4, 2008


I took the stroller out for a spin yesterday. Yeah, I'm not sure about this whole running thing. I'm doing the beginner stuff, run a couple blocks, walk, run, walk. What was I thinking? We'll see how it goes.

Peanut Butter is still playing in the @#$@ dog dishes. Yesterday she must have decided that her jacket needed a cleaning and thought, hey, the dog's water. I picked it off the floor and it was soaking wet. I go look at the water and it's full of kibble that she transferred over. She'll run through the living room, shirt soaked with a handful of dog food. I don't want to gate it off again, because the dog drives me crazy about it. And I hate going over the gates. I was so happy not to be putting them up anymore.

Day 3 of no allergy medication. Yesterday my nose ran a bit, today I have a sinus headache, but it is bearable.

I've had crazy dreams the last couple nights. I tend to dream about what happened or something I watched in a weird freaky way. I watched Bad Voodoo's War Wednesday, and dreamed I was in Iraq that night. J and I were discussing money last night and I dreamed that I was checking out at WallyWolrd and my total was $1250. I kept taking things off to get it under a thousand. I had a Brita water pitcher for $60? Must have been from my THT post, crazy stuff. I was almost in tears when I was just down to just food items and it was still over a grand. But I do feel like crying sometimes checking out, how did basic groceries get so expensive? The one good thing is the only brand of ice cream that I will buy has gone up $1.50 in the last 6 months, so I don't buy it anymore. I ate the last of what I had in the house last night. Though J seems to think we only spend $150 on groceries for 2 weeks, he's lost his mind.

If you get a chance try and catch Frontline's Bad Voodoo's War on PBS. It is really good. It is about a platoon of reservists in Iraq. For a few of them it is their 3rd and 4th tours. They are on convoy security which is something they are new too. I will let you watch before I go into more detail and I will probably use it for my Thoughts for Thursday next week.


conniecl said...

Hey, don't get discouraged on the running thing --- it takes a while to get into it. I've been riding my exercise bike -- it is always tough initially, but my resistance to it does calm down as I continue. Finding distractions to take away from thinking about how much work it is helps a lot. Small goals along the way --- one more block, then one more block (for me it is read one more page)-- we can do it!!!

jessica said...

i hate the grocery store. makes me tired thinking about it....

i love that pic!

and you are way more ambitious than me with your walk/run. it was about 60 here today and all i did was carry the baby to the mailbox.