Friday, April 18, 2008

She's headed for the WNBA

Peanut Butter was out playing B-ball with her brother last night. She was having so much fun. She really wanted to put it in the basket, but sadly neither me or the boy could lift her high enough. I didn't want to lower the hoop, since the boy was playing. I had though about getting one of those playschool ones, but I wasn't sure she'd play with it. Maybe she would. I wanted to get this sand box yesterday. I went to Menard's to see what they had, because secretly I want to buy some sort of play set for PB, but J doesn't want one. I just want a small one with a slide. She loves the slide. He wont notice a teeny play set out in the yard will he? Well, Menard's has all this stuff set up that the kids can play on, and PB did NOT want to leave. She screamed all the way to the door. The really bad thing was they didn't have the darn sandbox in stock. I may order it from Wally World since I can get free delivery to the store. My hopes is playing in the water and sand of her own will keep her out of the freaking dog dishes. She stuck her $20 teeny kathy kruse doll in there this morning. I was not happy.

So I'm playing hooky today. It is one of my weird days, I had yesterday off work today and have sat, sun, & mon off, it's called a split weekend at work. I really need to get this pit cleaned up with no one underfoot or dumping everything once I pick it up. So I'm taking a lovely five days off and hopefully get the house looking decent for 1 day.

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jessica said...

what! no play set? i'm looking for one already. monkey girl needs one. PB is so cute in those bball photos! i think she needs a little more height before the WNBA will pick her up but she might make it on cuteness alone! have a grrrrrrreat weekend.