Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting

I just wanted to use a catchy title.

My official last day of utility was today. I start my new post on Tues, so I have the next 2 days off. WHO HOO. Though it is only going to be in the 40's with rain.

Something is up with Peanut Butter, I think it is molars. She's drooling like crazy and has been running a bit of a fever. But she also has the nasty runny nose. There is nothing I hate more than the nasty runny nose. Especially when her hair gets stuck in it. Blech!
I ate horrible tonite, but I don't care. I've almost given up on losing weight. I have actually been exercising and I gain freaking weight. The boy and J try to be nice and say well, muscle weighs more than fat. Whatever, don't care, fed up. So we went to quaker steak and lube and had lots of awesome wings. After I bought a crap load of healthy stuff from whole foods. So, no I haven't completely given up. Just frustrated. I mean I've actually started to like plain yogurt in a sugar cutting effort.


Law Student Hot Mama said...

Plain yogurt totally makes me shudder. But I LOVE love love fat free cottage cheese. I'm not sure why - I don't like cottage cheese that has fat in it. But I love fat free cottage cheese with cut up fruit for breakfast!

Mary said...

Don't give up!
I always gain a little when I start working out. Give it a little more time :) You sound like you are doing the right things! And don't be hard on yourself for going out, you need treats!

I can't believe quaker steak and lube really is really the name of a restaurant! That cracks me up!

Enjoy your days off!

jessica said...

that's got to feel good, the last day of the job!

have a great weekend!

conniecl said...

Hang in there - You are doing great! You have been awesome in your quest to lose weight -- I had a number of people at the wedding say -- "Robyn has lost a LOT of weight, she looks really good." And they acknowledge the effort that it takes. So, hang in there -- I've had some of that same thought in regards to riding my exercise bike - as my legs don't look any more fit and trim, YET - but hey, it takes some time.

One thing I do, that I can see a big difference and takes only about 5 minutes a day to do, is sit-ups (scrunches as they are better for your back). I do 60 sit-ups (I worked up to that number) almost every morning before getting dressed (instituting it as a habit) and I know that it is the key to me not having that "old-lady" stomach! And I used to hate sit-ups more than anything -- now they are my friend!

conniecl said...

Oh -- and CONGRATULATIONS on the new job~!!!