Sunday, April 13, 2008

Photos from the Wedding

Here's a sampling of photos from the wedding last night.

Peanut Butter thought the salad was delicious.

The Cake was really good too.

She was a little upset she couldn't run around during the first dance.

So we took pictures of ourselves to occupy the time.

Nana and Aunt B. Had fun dancing with PB.

I can't believe my Brother's girlfriend got him to do the YMCA.

They did a candy toss for the kids.

She really wanted this little fella to dance with her. The flower girl whipped her around the floor. I can't believe I didn't get a shot of that.

Peanut Butter After a long night of running around and dancing like a fool. T-I-R-E-D!!


Anonymous said...
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Amy said...

Looks like you all had fun. She looks so adorable - what a little pary girl! =)

Law Student Hot Mama said...

Aww . . . looking at photos and videos like these make we totally wish that my mom had allowed kids at our wedding. My mom vetoed lots of stuff about my wedding . . . including how I wanted to get married by fat elvis in vegas. But hell, she was paying for it, so I couldn't refuse, right?

jessica said...

She is way too cute!! Love the plate lickin'.

Michelle Leigh said...

Looks like a fun time. She is so cute with those pig tails!

April said...

I love, love, LOVE those pigtails!!!!

Zoe said...

i love kids at weddings! she is so cute with her hair do!

Cassandra said...

OMG-- these pictures are adorable! The one of her licking the salad plate cracked me up!