Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thoughts for Thursday: Gas

There is all this talk about repealing the 18 cent federal gas tax. I don't get it. Is that 10 dollars at month one saves now, worth what it's paying for? I certainly don't want my income taxes to go up. But I'm sure by repealing the gas tax, all that money has to come from some where. The measly 10 a month for me and you multiplied across the nation I'm thinking is a bit of revenue. As our so humble oil man president said the other day we need to give him some real ideas. Since these companies seem to be making money hand over fist, including Haliburton's oil division, maybe we should take away any tax breaks they are receiving, I mean they are there to help them earn a profit and be sustainable, I'm thinking they are at this point and don't need anymore breaks. Maybe we should have them impose a gas cap. Since everyone is bracing for the $4.00 a gallon, or already seeing it let us hold it there for a while maybe a couple years. Maybe there won't be a flush of commodities trading to keep the barrel of oil prices going up.

At this point, I don't know who or what to believe anymore. One day gas consumption in the US is down, but we have a greater demand the next. I definitely know my gas consumption is way down. I'd be downsizing too if I didn't owe as much as I do on it. One day it is this catastrophe the next this rig, I don't believe that one event drives the market as much as it does. I think they eventually make up that down time. It is not like the oil they were drilling evaporated because the power went out. It will be there when the power goes back on. One day there is a surplus the next there isn't. It is kind of sad that I was actually checking into flights because it would be cheaper to fly than drive 8 hrs.

I also don't know if corn ethanol is the answer either. I wish it was, but that seems to be fo
rcing farmers to choose do I use corn for food or fuel, which in turn has raised prices on all food. I'm sure there is someway to start giving some real incentives to make nongas dependent cars. here isn't a documentary on "Who Killed the Electric Car?" for no reason.

I will also admit for the record, that yes, I have an SUV, but I do get about 20mpg hwy. And I live in Wisconsin people, they don't always have all the roads plowed at 5 am. If I lived in AZ I would be lovin' my prius.

I'm done with my rant about gas for now. I just don't think the 18 cents is the answer. If you have a real idea let me know, or if you want to complain too, go ahead.


April said...

I don't have any ideas but I just want to say gas prices SUCK. Ugh. We have a crew cab Chevy Colorado truck that we are in a lease with and can't get out of so we have no choice but to be in a gas-guzzler. Thank god i don't need to drive more than 20 min. one way (although even that is enough)!!

Michelle Leigh said...

I hate buying gas, it kills me. I wish I had a bright idea, I would be rich and wouldn't have to worry about spending my precious "budget" on gas. I drive a mini van and suprisingly it doesn't get great gas mileage.