Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Zoo Adventure

We went to the Henry Vilas Zoo this morning. It is a nice small zoo and best of all it is free. Parking isn't great, but I found a spot but it had a two hour limit. I wasn't sure it would be enough time, but it was. Peanut Butter was all excited pointing to all the animals. We saw giraffes, rhinos, seals, lions, penguins polar bears, emus, and monkeys. Being that it was by far the best weather we've had this year, everyone was there.
We went into the monkey house and everything was well and good until there was a back up at the chimp windows. PB being the little thing that she is wiggled her way through the crowd under the rope and was oohing at the windows when I snaked my way in. I tried to call for her over the 20 moms in from of me, you'd think someone would have given me some room to get her, but no. All of the sudden this chimp, must have been p.o.ed that PB was that much cuter than him and came charging at the window, banged on it and scared the begeesus out of Peanut Butter. She was so scared running with outstretched arms as I'm trying pushing my way through to her now. The day didn't get much better from there. I think she was scared of everything then. She ran from the emu that I pointed put to her. She didn't even want to look at the lions again which she loves. She even does a roar, when you ask her what a lion says.
We played a little at the park they have there. I couldn't believe she crawled up the whole cargo net to the slide. It was getting hot and Peanut Butter was getting beat and not really wanting to look at anything, so we went and had lunch.
I also splurged, spent the rest of my stimulus allotment on these bad boys. Yep, a pair of running shoes. I went to FleetFeet did the whole sizing, how do you run bit, and these were one of the one they picked out for me. They are so comfy. I know they ain't real purty, but they're men's since my huge size 11s don't fit into many pairs of ladies' shoes.


Michelle Leigh said...

Poor PB, but I have to say that story about the monkey is priceless. I had to laugh. I could picture it happening to one of mine! I can't believe she went all the way up too! Holy cow that's high. My kids would probably do it to and scare the crap out of me. Looks like a fun day though, too bad the monkey had to ruin it!

April said...

Great pictures! It looks like you guys had so much fun!!

Amy said...

Nice pics of PB - it looks like you had a nice day at the Zoo. I am digging those kicks that you got - happy running! happy feet!