Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thoughts for Thursday: Your Favorite Things

I'm sure most of you are familiar with Oprah and her favorite things. I'm sure we all have our own lists of things we love and cannot live without. I'm sure most of the things we love are not entirely out of most people's price ranges. I figure as much as I read feedback and reviews about stuff, why not here about what you all have to rave about. It can be something you use around the house, or this great purse you found, just share with us a few of your favorite things.

Besides Miss Peanut Butter, some of my favorites are:

My canon pixma photo printer, love it, it prints beautifully.

I love just about any scent of Burberry, I own Touch, Brit, and Weekend. I love the men's line too. I like a lot of Burberry stuff, but the perfume is about all I can afford. I'm a bit of Anglophile.

I love the Ecover stain remover. It is by far the best stain remover for greasy stains. Now I can't guarantee it for an all over oil splatter, but it will usually come out. It gets a lot of stuff out. I'm amazed.

Diet Coke, serious addict here.

Bell Chalet Pizza, if you are ever in gooberville, you must have the Bell's pizza. I almost want to drive 4 hours for it now. If you are there you'd might as well get a pasty from Manny's in Ironwood, the only ones without a ton of onions, unless they have changed their recipe.

The La Campagne Bakery's oatmeal cookies, all of them are awesome. I hate raisins, but I like their oatmeal raisin cookies and there are a lot of raisins in them cookies. They are huge too, so I break them into 4 pieces for my allotment for the day.

Wondertime magazine. I just like it, it has nice long articles. It doesn't seem bombarded by ads like parenting and parents or as preachy.

I'll leave it at that for now, and read about what you find to be a favorite thing.


jessica said...

that's a good list. i should try a few of them..

my favorite things include:

my canon 5D camera

levi's jeans

duncan hines butter chocolate cake mix

bath & body shower gel (discontinued :()

johnson & johnson baby lotion. LOVE THAT SMELL.

ultra fine point black sharpies :)

conniecl said...

I'm with ya on the Bell Chalet pizza -- not a pizza that matches this!!

Travel is one of my favorite things.

And chocolate, of course! Pepperidge Farm Milano Amaretto cookies! - open the bag and it will be empty in no time.

jenny said...

i love - my moo cards, flip flops, oil of olay daily moisturizer with self tanning magic (not real name but close), crest toothpaste, bath and body vanilla brown sugar anything, pink toenail polish, and a slew of other random things! :)