Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday's Failures

It's my pity party.
My goal for May was to be able to run a steady 2 miles, and sadly today I could barely kick out a measly mile. My knees are starting to feel the wrath. I also failed to sign up for the Race for the Cure, so just put loser after my name.
Stonybrook Farms, I'm glad you feel you don't have to answer my complaint about the 4 half gallons of your skanky milk I purchased. You do realize that I had to dump 4, I repeat, 4 half gallons of milk had I not bought on sale, would have been 17 dollars. Not to day the measly 12 dollars I did spend wasn't missed. I will never buy your nasty milk again and Organic Valley will be receiving my milk dollars.They have farms here in WI anyway. I wish my Peanut Butter didn't love your dang yogurt so much, because I'd be forgoing that since it's the most expensive freaking stuff on the shelf.
It was all I could do to boil water and heat up sauce for spaghetti for dinner. I had no motivation, except the fact I didn't want to pay to eat out. Thankfully the kids ate it up. I am getting heartburn as we speak.
Sex and the City is not playing in town, do they not know I need to see this and J has given me the ok to go tomorrow, I was not planning on driving to see it, I will have to debate this with myself tomorrow.
Peanut Butter managed to destroy the living room in 3 min after I had it all picked up. I felt especially great when the boy said, "she never does this when dad is home."


Amy said...

Some days are just bad. DON'T give up - you CAN do it! Give it another try.

Cassandra said...

Well-- I wish I could run 1 mile-- you are doing great, don't beat yourself up! And I use Stonybrook Organic Skim Milk-- do I even want to know why your milk was bad? UGHH! I often wonder if some nimrod puts the milk down in like the bread ailes and half a day or so later someone finds it and puts it back in the dairy case or something???

Zoe said...

oh i would be so pissed about the milk! bastards! 1 mile is great! i'm jealous of that!