Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thoughts for Thursday: A Letter To Boys

boy and girl.

I was having a hard time deciding what to pick this week, I was going to write about photographs, and their significance ala This American Life's episode on Showtime this week. I think I will save that one. The other thing on my mind
is a girl in the boy's class is pregnant. This is 6th grade people. I just cannot wrap my head around it. How does a 12 year old, well I know how, but how? Which brings me to my topic of a letter for boys. I read this article: A Word of Advice-Middle Aged Mother to surly Teen Boy, by Jenn Mattern, in Brain Child. Since they didn't post the article, it basically was about a letter a Mom wishes she could give the surly Boy who bags her groceries. She tells him to not be so surly, to be a good guy, to become the guy she wants her daughters to date. A guy that isn't just out to get in a girl's pants and then call her names to his friends. A guy that cares about the girls feelings and that sex can mean more than "sticking your boy parts into girl parts" and to be a guy who can look her in the eyes and she sees a future son in law. I want to give the article to the boy to read, since J's advice is "keep it in your pants." Is it too much to think that teen boys can be more than sex driven. I would hope so. I would like my daughter to meet a boy like the author described. The boy still gets pretty embarrassed when we ask about his girlfriends, but you and I both know a person can be one way with their parents and another with their friends. I would hope he isn't attempting to have sex for the sake of having saying hey I had sex. And I am hoping I will have taught my daughter enough to know when she is 12, she is so not ready to have sex.


Michelle Leigh said...

OMG, 12? That is crazy! I'm scared. Seriously scared. My girls are never, ever leaving the house. EVER! I don't have thoughts, just fears at this point!

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