Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Meltdown and Wednesday Wonderings

I was wondering how long I could put up with Peanut Butter's meltdown about losing her nuk on the way home from The Boy's baseball game. You would think something that is basically her precious would not be just tossed out of stroller while her Mama is trying to run and won't notice her precious being gone because she is more worried about just running one more block. She kept pointing to the counter and I had to break it to her about 5 times that we didn't have another precious hiding up there. I was hoping she would pull one out of a hiding spot somewheres, but no, just whining, spitting, and the cry for more. Luckily, I found a precious hidden under the computer desk, I made it about 15 min.

I wonder why I didn't sign up for biggest loser at work, well I didn't want to actually write down how much I weigh for everyone to see. It is just a group in the hospital unit I work on doing it. It is funny watching people try and sabotage each other. And I really didn't want to have to cough up a dollar any week my weight happened to go up, because I am the queen of fluctuation up and down the same freakin' five pounds. I am going to have to beat this cookie craving I've been having.

I wonder why I torture myself bring her to The Boy's games when she runs all over and I don't get to see much.

For those wondering about PB's fabulous pj's they are from old navy and are on sale for 10 bucks right now. I actually though I was buying a shorts set and was a wee surprised when I pulled them out of the package and they had long legs, I looked at the package agian and duh they were longged ones. It is more than I really like to pay for them, but the clearance ones were only a dollar cheaper right now in the store. I think I may have to get these ones.


Tranny Head said...

My mom told me that Nuk went to visit Santa Claus and tell him what I wanted for Christmas. And I was so stupid that I believed her and only asked about Nuk one other time - just to say, "I wonder if Nuk found Santa yet."

True story and proof that I'm even dumber than I look.

Motherhood for Dummies said...

always hard to deal with nuk. My daughter isn't hooked where she always has to have it, but when it is sleeping or nap time... she needs to have it

Zoe said...

when we broke peyton from his we luckily had a cat that kept stealing them. he just thought the cat ate it. i am struggling to get ava off hers. 20 minute meltdown this am. we are limiting her to having it only in bed and in the car. so if she wants it she has to go get in bed...but i'm pretty sure she has it right now. mark is week!