Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

You would've thought we were out partying til the break of dawn last night. Peanut Butter and I didn't get out of our p.j.s until 3:30. We slept in til 9 :30 and then needed a nap around one as the Badgers lost the outback bowl. I wasn't feeling to hot, I had a horrible sinus headache. We did go out for supper last night we had a gift certificate for this restaurant that will remain nameless. The food was horrible. J ordered a medium t bone and it was well done. Our baked potatoes seemed like they had been sitting cooked and buttered for hours and the veggies were drenched in oil and all wilty. It was by far one of the worst meals I've half eaten. PB's chicken strips and fries were the best thing we ordered. The funny thing is J called for reservations and they said we can do 5:30 but not 6 and we got there and there was only 2 other tables seated. Like they wanted us to think they were going to be busy. J and I stayed up until midnight; I actually scrapped last night, though I didn't finish a page. I'm off to my room after I finish this post. Maybe I'll accomplish something.

I still have some patches of skin that are unbelievably either chapped or something. J seems to think the shingles are back in a different spot. I don't know it that is possible. I may have to check out web md.

So I wish I could be as creative as Zoe, with her resolutions but mine are pretty simple, be better with my funds and get this house uncluttered. Wish me luck.

Here's some pictures of PB and what happens when you leave her alone for more than 5 min.

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Zoe said...

but as cute as she is how can you get mad at her???? ugg. i need to declutter too! post pics of your scrapin when you get done...i love to see what other people come up with!