Wednesday, January 16, 2008


The big to do around here is the Packers hosting the NFC championship. Tickets are going for outrageous prices. J is going, he paid around $400 for his ticket. He was mad that I didn't want to go. He couldn't believe I'd pass up seeing this game in person. When is it ever going to happen again? All I could think about was what that $400 could pay for. I got bills. He's like we'll use our tax refund. I said you go ahead and use your refund, but not touching mine. I want to go on a vacation and I want to go some where other than a cold ass field in the middle of January for one evening, regardless of if Favre quits if they go to the Super Bowl. He'll probably end up spending another hundred up there. Crazy. Though there is this one guy, his wife, and baby, from Australia, who sold everything to follow the Packers through out the season. She must be a saint, because there is no way. I'm just not that big of a fan.

Peanut Butter has seemed to have learned a new word, "Mine!" She was using it yesterday with zeal if you tried to take something from her. "Mine, mine, mine!" I didn't think that would've been one of her first words, but there you have it: Mama, Da, dog, hi, and mine. She also says something that sounds a lot like "crazy guy" but I haven't figured that one out yet.

Finished The Subtle Knife, it was pretty good, it really kept me reading. I hope the third one is in at the library.


Kristi S said...

No way! That IS crazy. $400 to freeze your booty off watching the Packers? No thanks!

Zoe said...

i'm sorry but i WORSHIP farve. mark cause him my "boyfriend" and the kids call him "step-daddy"..yeah i know. as much as I HATE snow and cold...if i could see him play i would stand out there in my panties!!!