Monday, January 28, 2008

A Warm Spell

It was actually pretty nice out this afternoon. Peanut Butter and I even went for a walk to the library. She enjoyed the walk part, but not so much the library. She wanted out of the stroller. It felt good to be outside walking. I actually burned some calories today. My friend and I walked up and down an incline at work today for 20 min. on our breaks, while we compared mommy notes.

The boy is sick with a sore throat. I think he might have gotten it from the girl. I have a feeling she had a sore throat last week.

I'm a little upset. I put in an order with on the 23rd and it's still processing. WTH. I really need my laundry detergent. It says 1-2 days processing 2-7 ship. But it hasn't even shipped yet. I will be so p.o.ed if I have to go buy some and it comes in the mail that day. I do have quite a bit of dreft left. But I don't think that really cleans anything.

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