Friday, January 25, 2008

8 Hours

It's just 8 hours right. I say that everyday when I walk into work, "Its just 8 hours, you can do 8 hours." Why am I killing myself going to work? It's like the commercial says, you have to be there 40 hours a week you should enjoy it. I wish I could do something else, but I'm stuck. I don't have a college degree and the credits I do have don't count for much these days. I don't have any skills anymore, other than being a babysitter for adult males who for the most part act like children. Taking an entry level job some where to climb back up the ladder is just not financially worth it. I'll admit it's the pay and benefits that keep me right where I'm at. I really need to look in to finishing my degree. I need to find a place where I can do the majority of it online. I only need about 40 credits. Today has just been a long 8 hours.

On a more positive note, Miss Peanut Butter is obsessed with the computer. I now have to play a DVD most of the afternoon so she isn't clicking away or pounding on the keys. She still pounds the keys, but they don't get her anywhere usually. She does find the start button now and then. But she's sit and watch, move the mouse and type. I bought this Blue's Clues DVD set on Tues. and each one plays forever. There must be 6 hours on it. She was so cute yesterday sitting at the desk with the keyboard tray pulled out and leaning on it as her tiny legs are hanging over the edge of the chair watching Blue. I so wish I would've caught a photo of it, but the camera is on the desk and I'm sure she would've moved if I went to get it.

The boy heads out on a date tonight, it's with a group, but gosh they seem too young. He tried to play it off with his dad telling him he was going with his "friends" but J started asking what friends and the girls came into play. Of course he needs money for the movie too, I told J why are you giving him money. He hasn’t done anything. His reply " I can't tell him he can't go." No I guess you can't. J said he's going to tell him he has do do some work, but of course he'll be gone this afternoon, so I'll have to tell him. In the immortal words of clueless "Whatever". It's a bit funny seeing the IM each other they have so-an-so loves so-an-so as their names with lots of hearts and such. Oh to be in Jr. High again.

I did happen to catch her today! It was p.j. day at daycare, apparently she went with bed head too. Unless that her after nap hairdo.

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Zoe said...

yeah for pj day! boo hiss for dating...