Friday, January 11, 2008


Friday numero dos. It was a long day. Peanut Butter was quite the character today. I had to give in and give her a nuk to calm the tantrum. We have been trying to break the nuk habit, only allowing it at bed time and nap time, but when she's in all out tantrum phase I and J usually will give in. We're enablers, I know. After that she hopped up on her chair and the girl who usually will not wear a hat decides she needs to wear a hat. At least it's the one I paid a lot for. I still really like it. Then she pulled it down over her eyes. I have a feeling she's getting into dress up play. She's been trying to wear our shoes, which is funny because she also hates to wear her shoes. She's been putting the boa on and walking around with the purse. She's also been talking away on her cell phone or her tv remote which she now seems to think is a phone.

The boy has basketball tomorrow, at least it's pretty close, about 20 miles. They went to the varsity game tonight, J did not want to go, but the boy's mom didn't want to take him either so he got stuck.

I finished reading the Golden Compass. I don't get what the hubbub is about. I've been cruising through the next one, The Subtle Knife, which is much better and has by far a lot more of the controversy themes going on in it.

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Zoe said...

i didn't see what the big deal was over compass either. is that the hat you got from etsy? so cute!