Saturday, January 26, 2008

Get Mortified

I found this site, get mortified, yesterday, well yahoo found it for me on my front page. Hilarious! Watching people read their old diaries. It's funny what was such life and death back then. I was going to post a video with me reading a page from one of my old ones, but I need to find a better way to do it, so it doesn't take 10 hrs to upload. So I'll leave you peeps with an excerpt to tease you.
March 9th 1991(my junior yr.)
Went over to M's watched TV, went to Copps and then out with Di and these geeks from Ashland. Dude spare me. I saw M and Amy & I was kinda pissed. I don't know why. Then he calls and asks why I didn't come over, coz Amy was there. I don't know I guess she really hates when I'm w/ him. Oh well b*tch. I guess he told her that I'm an awesome friend & he likes talking to me. I can't remember what she said & I guess Bill(s.t.) told Jody to tell me not to get mixed up w/ M. I don't know dude.

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Zoe said...

LMAO!!! i am sooo glad my diary got trashed. i was the queen of teen angst and big hair!