Sunday, January 20, 2008


So the Pack lost in overtime. Dang. Though I will probably be able to watch the Super Bowl now without having to either work 3rd shift the night before, work 2nd shift somewhere with a tv or by calling in sick. Though I have a feeling the game isn't going to be all that good. Unfortunately I think the Pats will smoke the Giants. I'm wondering how warm my hubby is feeling right now, I think I saw him on tv when Tynes missed the 2nd field goal. I tivoed the game so I'll have to ask him tomorrow, since I need to be off to bed in a few since I have to work tomorrow. Since Zoe said she'd stand in her panties to see Favre, I'll have to try and post some photos from the last game of the season in 2005 when they were so sure it was his last year. We happened to score 50 yard line tickets at face value. We were like 10 rows up. It was AWESOME. Got to keep my eye on him the whole game.
I just talked to J he's all depressed, it was him I saw on tv. He said that when the Giants score the field goal, it was the quietest he's ever heard the stadium. Poor guy, he's heartbroken.

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Amy said...

sorry for your loss. though i am psyched as i am a pats fan. would have been nice for them to play your packers. any hoo, always next year! take it easy!