Monday, January 14, 2008


Peanut Butter was running a fever today. I gave her some tylonol and she seemed to be feeling better. She has the runny nose and cough too. Poor girl. She's just so tired. I hope I don't get a call from daycare tomorrow.

The boy and his team played pretty well this weekend. They beat a team that crushed them a few weekends ago. I'm just to entirely frustrated with him, that I seriously am at my wits end. Maybe I take things too personally, I don't know. I specifically asked him if he had his uniform before he left on Friday night and he said yes. I asked him when he brought it home he said the night before. I said ok so we won't be getting a call tomorrow morning that you need your uniform? Nope. No, not the next morning, the same night, he forgot his shorts and his backpack. I don't know why I'm the only one who gets frustrated in this. The next morning he forgot his whole sports bag, but remembered the ipod. I'm glad he was with his mother. I don't know when or if he'll ever learn any responsibility. I took J I'm done doing his laundry. I should not have to turn all his clothes right side out and separate his underwear from his pants and the like. J just sighs. Vent, vent, vent. There I'll change topics.

What's up with Rock of Love? I don't understand these chicks. It's a train wreck I cannot keep my eyes off of. Celebrity Rehab is another one I'll probably be hooked on. I was like "wow" after the first one. Speechless. So if the writer's strike contiues I'm stuck with rock of love, celbrity detox, and american idol. Please, please settle!!!


Zoe said...

i'm watching rock of love too. i was addicted to season 1. those girls are straight up skank ho's!!!!

Anonymous said...

I watched about 5 minutes of Rock of Love the other night, and had to pry the remote out of my hand and force myself to go to bed! I cannot even imagine where they find those girls! Watching them made me feel like I needed a shower. And an HIV test.